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January 19th, 2015
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Princess Diana - Rare 1st Edition Pvc No Space No Number Mwmt For Sale

Princess Diana - Rare 1st Edition Pvc No Space No Number Mwmt

The Princess Comes With A Swing Tag Protector.. The pictures as shown although they are my stock Photos are accurate, Because she is in Mint condition the Swing Tag is perfect and Of course the Tush Tag is PVC Pellets made in China.. and none of the PVC Versions had a inside Stamp... THIS IS THE VERY FIRST PRINCESS BEANIE BABY BEAR... and easy to learn that is the following. Quick Education for you is the following..Version #1 China PVC No Space No Inside Stamp
Version #2 China PE No Space No Inside Stamp
Version #3 Indonesia PVC No Space No Inside Stamp
Version #4 Indonesia PE No Space No Inside Stamp
Version #5 China PE with Space No Inside Stamp
Version #6 and Beyond Inside Stamp made in China.. (These are worthless). Any Princess with a inside stamp is a Dog Toy.. and I do not sell Dog Toys.. you want those look elsewhere :)From Now On you are going to see my Products Very Often.. They are the Real Deal and they are ALWAYS AS DESCRIBED. I KNOW THE PRINCESS BEARS AND WOULD NEVER EVER CHEAT ANYONE.. SO WHAT I DESCRIBE YOU ARE GETTING! Always with Swing Tag Protectors.. Because the Swing Tag is value and that must stay in the state that the product is advertised... OH.. BTW Free Shipping Too... Enjoy :)
Thank You and keep me on your Buyers Peace!
SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE THE FOLLOWING DETAILS* Beautiful Royal Purple Polyester lush & plush fur with matching Purple Ribbon.
* Bright Green Stem White Rose
* Red & White PVC Tush Tag with Red Star
IMPORTANT: PVC pellets were the first pellets! They were replaced with PE pellets. Verified through Ty. Therefore the PVC Tush Tags were created first & were the first Princess Beanie Babies made. Sellers with PE tush tags are incorrect. DO NOT BE MISLED. Please read the Princess Beanie History below for all the correct information on every detail including photo proof.
* Made In China indicated on the Swing Tag
* Size 9" ~ Top of the ears to bottom of feet
* Retired December 1997 ~ That's Correct...
* Extremely Limited Edition ~ The China PVC issue is the very first Princess Beanie Edition. Not like the several hundred PE 5th & 6th Editions as seen today on the Internet & claiming to be the First Edition.
* Minty Mint Condition For Top Dollar InvestmentMESSAGE INSIDE SWING TAG
Like an angel, she came from heaven above
She shared her compassion, her pain, her love
She only stayed with us long enough to teach
The world to share, to give, to reach.

TY© PRINCESS BEANIE BABY BEARS®* Ty Beanie Baby 'Princess' the bear was announced on October 1997 & issued in December 1997 as a charity release for the Princess Diana of Wales Memorial Fund. All of Ty Inc's profits from the bear were donated to the fund. The Princess Beanie Baby was retired on April 13, 1999.PVC PELLETS VS PE PELLETS* The pellet issue helps to define which came first. P.V.C. stands for Polyvinylchloride & P.E. stands for Polyethylene. Ty stopped using PVC pellets in favor of using PE pellets as these were considered to be more environmentally friendly. Beanies with PVC pellets tend to be more rare & therefore more valuable. Know the facts!PVC WAS INVENTED FIRST ~ DUH!* Please read all the PD Beanie Baby History information on this post. The information is vital to the truth about the extreme rarity of the real #1 PVC's. There would never be PE Beanies of any kind if Ty wasn't forced by Green Peace to change over from PVC to PE!!! The only thing that matter's is what is on the Tush Tag, not some bogus CIA/FBI test to see what the Beanies are filled with. LOL!!!BRIGHT GREEN STEM VS PALE GREEN STEM* The bright green stems are on the first two editions. The pale green stems are on the later editions of the Princess Beanie Babies.

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Princess Diana - Rare 1st Edition Pvc No Space No Number Mwmt

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Princess Diana - Rare 1st Edition Pvc No Space No Number Mwmt:

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