Pure Power Hho Hydrogen Generator Efie Cc Pwm Dry Cell Kit

Pure Power Hho Hydrogen Generator Efie Cc Pwm Dry Cell Kit

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Pure Power Hho Hydrogen Generator Efie Cc Pwm Dry Cell Kit:

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From 's Oldest and Most TrustedSeller of "Customer Approved & Proven"
"Worlds Best" HHO Equipment And The Undisputed "King of Efficiency" 82+ Yrs old, ButStill Decades Ahead of All The Competition The Pure Power "Y" Tee MiteNOW HAS






When YOU PURCHASETHIS COMPLETE SYSTEM, WE WILL GUARANTEE, IN WRITING, THAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE {SIGNIFICANT} FUELMILEAGE GAINS or we will buy back your complete system*** No Other Seller Will Give You {This Guarantee } We Introduced This Model September 1st, 2011 and it's 100% Success Rate Has Been Absolutely Phoenomenal
5+ Years of Proven Mileage Gains Contact us for complete details

BEFORE "Y"Tee Mite After "Y"Tee Mite Introducing the NEW "Y" Tee Mite With Our Own Totally Exclusive "Grid Plate" Technology This New Amazing "24" Cell Generator ( Electrolyzer ) is capable of Producing 159 Milliliters of HHO ( Browns Gas ) Per AMP of Current Used. This Translates to 1.59 DLPM @ 10 amps of Current and Over 3.2 DLPM @ 20 amps of Current. I have had to use a slight bit more voltage, Which caused me to give up a tiny tiny bit of Efficiency but this unit is still Well OVER UNITY. To the Best of my Knowledge, NO ONE else has even been able to get close to Unity yet, and they definately have not achieved OVER UNITY. ***We Are So Positive That This Is The Finest System In the World That We Will Guarantee in Writing That It Will Produce Mileage Gains, Or We Will Buy Back Your System. See details at the end of this ad. If you feel that this system does not fit into your budget. We have 3 other "Complete Systems" for less money. Click on the Links Below
This Just in Lab Report on Gas Produced ( for all you techies out there, @ 120 F. Operating Temp) 2.84 Parts Hydrogen To 1 Part Oxygen ( Normal is 2 to 1 ) Hydrogen Content Breakdown 88.21% Orthohydrogen 11.79% Parahydrogen
All Of Our Output Measurements Are ScientificallyMeasured By Electronic Flow Meter "Pictured Below." NOT A Plastic Bottle in Water. *DLPM ( Delivered Liters Per Minute To Engine)
I used to advertise Liters per minute, but no longer do.The main reason being, that 99.5% of you do not have access to an accurate measuring device to verify the published data. Plus, bench test measurements do not reflect the amount of HHO ( Brown's Gas ) actually being delivered to your engine. I use aVery Expensive and Extremely Accurate--IN LINE--MassFlow Meter for final testing of output. (This is the same type of meter used by the IHHOI ( Iternational HHO Institute ) the only recognized authority for certification of HHO Generators)Their logo is pictured above, please visit their website if you are interested in becoming a member. We use an inexpensive air flow meter while bench testing. For comparative purposes only. Final testing is done. with the generator installed, in full operation, with engine running at operating temperature@ 1500 to 1800 RPM, when taking published measurements. In other words I want you to know exactly how muchHHO (BG)is being delivered to your engine under operating conditions. Not how fast I can raise a plastic bottle out of the water. This submerged bottle test creates a positive back pressure effect on the generator, instead of the negative pressure present when the engine is running. The readings on a submerged bottle test are at best crude, and for the most part, extremely inaccurate and do not reflect the quality of the gas produced. But many of you out there have been watching too many you tube videos, and see the back yard mechanic using this technique to measure production. So if you tried the bottle method and if it did not indicate my published data, you thought that I was lying or at best exaggerating. That is why I discontinued listing Lpm. This will be a Very Limited Production Model. We Currently have a "2" week Waiting list for this item. Check for a guaranteed shipping date before ordering Due to the Complexity of this interior design, and my Increasing Age (82 ) and ( I just can't move that fast anymore. ) I Will Only Be Building 1 Unit Per Week. You will be placed on our Waiting list on a first come first serve basis. This Unit Operates Over Unity in the 15-16 MMW Range. The "Y" Tee Mite has 100% adjustable output of HHO From 100 Milliliters Per Minute to 3.2 DLPM Which means It will performSo Well that it willAchieve Maximum Mileage Gains on any EFI engine from 1.0 liter up to 10.0 liters. This Generator will only be sold in a CompleteSystem to Assure 100% Complete Performance if installed correctly. The Items Included are 100% ESSENTIAL To Achieve Huge Mileage Gains. There Are No Workable Shortcuts. You will receive the following in your COMPLETE SYSTEM. "Y" Tee Mite Generator The World Famous Black Box Controller #3 Deluxe Amp Meter The World Famous Tuning 101 AFR Control Center ( Choice of Narrow or Wideband model or our NEW DIESEL MODULE) 1Pack of World Famous E-22 Electrolyte No Freeze up Good to -40 F below Zero *Complete Install Kit. (does not includea Scan tool ) At my age, this may be my last New introduction. This is why I made certain that it is at Least 10 years Ahead of any other system available on the Market. The Generator carries our 5 year or **100,000 Mile Warranty New 2017 Models ( Buyer Supplied OBD II Scan Program Required for Tuning ) This Package Includes the Tuning 101 AFR Control Centers. TheyAre the Most Advanced and Sophisticated Devices in the World For Adjusting Your Air Fuel Ratio To Achive Maximum Mileage Gains, Your Choice of Narrow Band, Wide Band or The New Diesel AFR Module These Device'sHave AlreadyProduced100%+ Gains In Fuel Mileage For172 People That I know of. Diesel Module Now Available with the Mini Mite II,
The Model
4.9 and 6.0 RT
and the Pure Power "Y"Tee Mite Systems. This Package also Includes The World Famous New Totally Automated "Black Box Controller 3" With Built in CCPWM ( Constant Current Pulse Width Modulator ) Which gives you Complete Control overYour Generators HHO Output, Amperage Draw, and Temperature The most Stable Contol unit available anywhere An Unbelievable +/- .025% Stability Rating Pulse Rate Frequency Adjustment Range 350Hz to 10 Khz This Is The Absolute Best System Available Anywhere !!! If You Are an Average Driver, It can Pay for itself in Less Than 7 months. It is the only System That Not Only Gives "YOU" Total Control Over Your Entire HHO System But also Total Control over Your Vehicles Air Fuel Ratio And this is the Only Way You Will Be Able to GET & KEEP Substantial Mileage Gains I Can Not Emphasize Strongly Enough Just How Important That it is For you To Make ALL of these Modifications. Please contact me through messagingto obtain your FREE copy of our 26 Chapter Tuning 101 eBook. It will expose all of the frauds and misinformation that is prevalent here on . It will explain, in simple laymans terms, what "MUST" be done if you want to acheive Large Fuel Mileage Gains. Not the tiny 0% to 20% gains offered by others. You will get The Truth, and an HonestEducation about HHO ( Browns Gas ) New We now have a New Dealer Program for the Pure Power "Y"Tee Mite. I have spent the better part of 6 months constructing the Detailed Fabrication and Assembly instructions for building this Pure Power "Y"Tee Mite. Thisis your opportunity to build and sell the greatest Browns Gas ( HHO ) system in the World. You will automatically be eligible with your purchase of this system. All others should contact us through messaging. We are the Oldest and Most Trusted Seller Of HHO ( Browns Gas ) Equipment On , ( And Darn Proud of it ) I would Like to Take This Opportunity To Say Thank You To "George Wiseman", { The God Father of Browns Gas } HisER-HyZor Technology Has Inspired and Made All of My Work and Accomplishments Possible. God Bless eagle-research(dot)com I Just purchased a New Vehicle Last Week and will be installing This System on it Next Week. I will Post the Photo's and Results For all of you To See. I will Personally Guarantee I will Get Better Than A 100% Improvement in Fuel Mileage 8/26/2011 We Did It As Promised 18.4 mpg to 41.0 mpg See photos of install and results in the photo array above. 9/10/2011 God Bless and May the Blessings Be Darol Mason D&N Automotive Enginering * 18 AWG wire for AFR must be purchased separately ** 5 year warranty covers Generator Only *** System must be returned in Saleable condition. Proof of vehicle condition by a certified diagnostic check prior to install is required. D&N reserves the right to examine and refuse buy back of any system that has been subject to misuse or abuse or has not been installed properly as determined by D&N Automotive Engineering. Guarantee buy back period is good for45 Days after receipt of your system. For complete details contact us through messaging.

Pure Power Hho Hydrogen Generator Efie Cc Pwm Dry Cell Kit:

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