Quad 303 33 405 Amplifier Preamplifier Repair & Restoration Service

Quad 303 33 405 Amplifier Preamplifier Repair & Restoration Service

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Quad 303 33 405 Amplifier Preamplifier Repair & Restoration Service:

QUAD II, 303, 306, 405, 405-2, 33 and 22


Upgrade +Restoration +Repair Service for any ONE of the above units

This Upgrade / Repair and Restoration service will ensure that your QUADor NAIM amplifier will last another 30+ years and also make your unit soundbetter thanNEW. Whether you use a Turntable, CD Player, Digital TV or IPOD as your main audio source,you will notice a significantimprovement in sound post-restoration(see customer response below).

Please note that this service is for ONE UNIT from the above list.

What's the difference between a Repair and an Upgrade? Typically,a repair shop maybill you $200 for a repair to replaceonly one defectivecomponent. This results in an audio imbalance, where the repaired audio channel will now sound different. By sendingyour unit to us, you can restassured thatboth channels are properlyupgraded usingmatched components (forboth audio channels).Our service includes a replacementofALL varied and aged components at no extra cost (no hidden charges). What you get backis an "Ethically-Restored" unit. Our customer response below is a testification to that.

Please see the listed pictures, they show the "Before" and "After"picturesof typical restorations.

List of work done:

1. Complete replacement ofPower Capacitors,usingNew Audio Grade Capacitors

2. New Output capacitors (using a matched pair) of NichiconAudio MUSE series or equivalent for your QUAD 303

3. New Signal path capacitors and Board Capacitors for both channels using matched AUDIO grade Nichicon MUSE capacitors (please see pictures)

4. New higher definition OP-AMP's for your Quad 405 / 405-2 Amplifier (TI Burr-Brown OPA604 or OPA134)

5. Replacement of all varied signal & zener diodes with better quality and ulra-low noise replacements

6. New high quality100% Silver-Plated TEFLON wirefor Power and Speaker outputs if current wire set is oxidized

7. Strategic signal Resistors replaced with High Quality and High Precision Vishay/Daleequivalents (create a MUCH better soundstage)

8. All Biasing and idle voltage adjustmentsto exact manufacturer specifications (we replace the old pots withhigh precision pots)

9. General cleaning internally and externally using a professional cleaning cloth and brush. We also clean the Speaker outputs and DIN Sockets with Alcohol to produce a clean Contact. If theRubber feet are worn out, we can put in a new setat no extra charge.

10. New thermoplastic feet for the 405 only. We do not have feet for other QUAD Models.

Altogether we replace over 20 components of yourunitwith High Qualitycomponents.

What is excluded in this service? The Main Power transformerand power output transistors

We see this asthe World's BEST value Quad& NAIM Amplifierrestoration.

We do NOT deviate from the original Amplifier circuits (no experimentation, unless requested)and replace components with a verified and tested Component configuration especially catered to make your Amplifier sound GREAT.All replacedComponentsare of aHigher Audio Quality (there have been huge improvements in Audio Component quality since the 1960's).

We are honored to be the highest ratedand probably the BEST Quad restoration team in the USA.

What if you are unsure as to whether your unit can be repaired or not? Ship the unit to our Surgery and we will performa FREE analysis. If theunit is restorable, we will let you know and you can thenproceed with thistransaction.

Extra optional work we can do includes:

1. Gold-platedRCA input sockets (in addition tothe DIN inputs) into your303 or 405 Amplifier(See picture 7)

2.NewMotorola ON Audio Power Output Transistors of your QUAD 303 or 405 (See picture 4)

3. Replacement of all board Ceramic Capacitors with Polypropylene Capacitors

4. Rewiring of Power Supply and Audio Output sections with Silver-plated 18 AWG strand wire

If you'd likeany of the above options, we can open a custom listing for you or bill via Paypal.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have regarding this service. Your Amplifier will be worked on with extreme care (treated likea precious jewel). We are professional Electronics Engineers and audiophiles who work on these amplifiersas ahobby. Therefore this is a labor of love and not a commercial proposition. We work on just one unit perweek at a relaxed pace. Our customer response below says it all.

The Surgery we perform is of extremely highquality, using the best repair equipmentin the world (Metcal, HP, FLUKE, TEKTRONICS, HAKKOequipment) and Silver Solder. If you have another QUAD Amplifier (34, 44, 606, 909) you would like repaired or upgraded, please ask for a quote and we can open a custom listing for you. This offer is for Amplifierowners in the USA (contiguous states), CANADA and Europe only. Overseascustomers will pay actualshipping costs + actual packaging cost.

Now you may wonder whyupgrading your QUAD is a good idea, why not just sell it on ? You would have to spend well over $2000to get anequivalentsound.If you enjoy their superbsound, then the cost of thisupgrade is insignificant compared to the value you already have in your QUAD equipment today. To put things into perspective, for what it coststo get aminor Auto repair, you are getting a complete restorationof your classic QUAD Amplifier with audio quality components. After restoration, your QUAD should be good for another 30+ years of service.

For QUAD 34, 44, 606, 909 and other models, please ask for a quote and we can complete the transaction as per guidelines. Here is arestored QUAD 303 playing Toure/Diabate: http://youtu.be/pdSWnSTy_-k You can view many moreof our QUAD 33/303/405/44 restorations on our Youtube Channel.

Latest response:

My Quad 303 arrived safe and sound and I'm listening to it right now. It sounds darn good with my Quads; of course it was designed for just this purpose. It's basic character is different from my EL-84 tube amp, but I'm enjoying it. It has more and tighter bass, extended highs and surprising depth and transparency.I'm a happy camper.Thanks for your great work. (R. Wasserstrom MD)
Thank you for repairing my equipment. I appreciate the work done as the amp sounds excellent and I missed it very much.I would not hesitate to use your services again should the need arise. The work and communication were done professionally in a timely manner.It was a pleasure doing business with you. (Gord Canada)

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I am enjoying my hi-fi system with the [Amplifier Surgery] restored Quad 33 & 303 in it. The sound is absolutely amazing! I bought my Quad ESL’s new back in 1974 and have driven them with Harmon Kardon Citation 11 & 12, Marantz 7c & 8b and the original (unrestored) Quad 33 & 303. They have never sounded as good as they do now, not even close. I am using Pandora One as my primary source right now which seems to be pretty good source material. Anyway, thank you for your outstanding work; it is providing a lot of listening pleasure. Steve C (California)

Wow, I'm amazed! The Quad units [ 33 & 405 ] that you restored sound better than ever. The upgraded details and imaging are captivating. If I project future returns and reflect upon the expenditure, I have to consider this to be a most satisfying and rewarding transaction in numerous regards. Again, let me say it...WOW! What a difference! I have no hesitation in recommending the professional and attentive services of the_amplifier_surgery.Kim L. (Canada)

Hooked up the 33.... last night VERY QUIET :-). Sounds great, makes my not so good recordings more listenable on the Tannoys. All in all FANTASTIC! Hanif H. (California)

Thanks for the 303 restoration. No more hum. The bass is tight and vocal are clear. Running well with my Tannoys. Hanif H. (California)

I just put the system together and it really is an amazing upgrade. They sound better than I remember when I first bought them.Thank you for everything. J. Bonhomme (Canada)

The QUAD 405 sounds excellent (It's going to replace the existing tube amp with the 405 as my primary power amplifier) and the McIntosh MX110 difference is like chalk and cheese. Thanks! Marlin (Illinois) QUAD 405 + McIntosh MX-110

Wow! They sound great. It might interest you to know that I'm driving a pair of Martin Logan SL-3's. They sound better than with my 200 watt B&K monoblocks. Thanks so much for a great job. Tom (New York) QUAD 303 and 33

All hooked-up and sounds divine ! G. Brown (QUAD 303 + QUAD 33 setup with Meridian Speakers MN)

Daniel (NE): I enjoyed a weekend of great music through the upgraded units. Well done sir! No more static, fantastic clarity, and no issues what so ever. Positive response has been given on : WOW! An upgrade you can SEE and HEAR. Excellent work and fast shipping. A+ (QUAD 303 + QUAD 33)

Tom: I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the upgrade you did on my QUAD 303. Thereis a clarity and openness that I know wasn't there before.Thanks again for the great job and professional transaction.Best, --Tom (QUAD 303)

David (WA): Wanted to let you know that the QUAD 303 Unit 1 is performing muchbetter than beforeits upgrade.Iplayed one of my favorite old LP's yesterday (It'sa Beautiful Day-WhiteBird) and I heard instruments and passages never present inthe past. TheQuad Amp is much improved in providing solid reproductionacross the dynamicrange. The volume is not impacted that much but that'sfine because myoriginal intent was not increased volume but improvementsin the full audiorange and that has been accomplished. (QUAD 303 + RCA DIN4 Cable)

Anek (NY): Thanks for the Upgrade, I was expecting a dramatic improvement in the sound. I heard the improvement immediately. My 303 sounds much moredetailed, theBass is tight and has very good definition. My analogy would be that I sent in my old classic car for an upgrade and you upgraded it into a New Classic. Thanks again for the Upgrade! I'll be listening to the Amp for another week and would like to get my other QUAD and McIntosh Amplifiers upgraded too. I'll contact you for that soon. (QUAD 303)

The NAD 314, which you repaired/refurbished last month, is just wonderful, now. As it burns in, the soundstage has opened and deepened, and much more detail is audible. I am pleased and grateful, and would recommend your service to anyone. Thanks!

Quad 303 33 405 Amplifier Preamplifier Repair & Restoration Service:

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