Rare & Unusual Eastman Kodak Clinical View Camera 5x7 3x4 Wood & Brass W/ Lens

Rare & Unusual Eastman Kodak Clinical View Camera 5x7 3x4 Wood & Brass W/ Lens

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Rare & Unusual Eastman Kodak Clinical View Camera 5x7 3x4 Wood & Brass W/ Lens:

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Rare & Unusual 5x7 Eastman Clinical Camera made by Eastman Kodak Co. Folmer & Schwing Corporation Rochester, N.Y. USA. ca. 1920’s. Wood 7 Brass. Looks to be cherry wood. This camera originally came with two backs, one was a 5x7 the other was a 3 ¼ x 4 ¼ Quarter Plate adjustable back. This camera comes with only the 3x4 back. This is a very interesting back as it can be adjusted to different orientations by loosening the fasteners that keep it in place. This is to allow the item being photographed to stay still and the back adjusted. The camera would make an ideal conversion for wet plate collodion tintype photohgrahy and would be well suited for portraiture. A wet plate holder can be made by adapting a 3x4 film or plate holder but Chamonix makes nice ones:


This camera has only front rise and no other movements. It is quite rigid making it ideal for portraits or still life. This camera comes with a Gundlach Rapid Rectilinear 8” f8 Convertible Brass lens in shutter. Glass is clean but shutter doesn’t work. Better to find a more suitable lens for this camera like a Petzval Portrait lens

The bellows are intact with no tears but lots of pinholes. I wouldn’t replace them until shooting them with a dark cloth thrown over them. It is possible to patch the bellows by glueing a strip of tape along the corners of the bellows. This was routinely done on European view cameras like this:

The photos show the condition. All movements work. There is some damage to the back of the rail where an extension rail would go. Camera weighs 5.5 lbs. Max bellows draw is 14.5 inches. The original lacquer finish is mostly intact and this camera displays nicely as can be seen in the pictures.

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Rare & Unusual Eastman Kodak Clinical View Camera 5x7 3x4 Wood & Brass W/ Lens:

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