Rare Eda Tricorner Floral Sunburst Blue Carnival Glass Vase

Rare Eda Tricorner  Floral Sunburst  Blue Carnival Glass Vase

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Rare Eda Tricorner Floral Sunburst Blue Carnival Glass Vase:

Rare tricorner shape Eda blue Floral Sunburst 6-1/2" carnival glass vase.

Circa.. Early 1900's.


Very seldom seen with this shape top. For that fact this pattern does not come up for sale very often.

Nice tri top app 4-1/4" x 4-1/4".

App. 6-1/2" tall.

Base size is app. 3-1/8".

No chips, cracks or internal stress fractures.

Blue base color.

Base is good with only normal shelf wear.

You see reflection on the top scalloped rim.. There are no chips.

The only comment I have is from manufacturing.

2seams either expanded while cooling and there is a loss of iridescence on seam.

Not Damage..

I have black lighted this it is original.

I have a close up picture.

Nice piece with nice color.

I have a Excellent buy it now price on this.

You can research these in this shape and see it is app. half of typical.

I have reduced the value due to the seams.. Which I might add is not damage and made that way.

You can see this is not a big deal.

All pictures taken outdoors in natural light out of direct sun.

Ask if you have any questions.


Those of you that have bought from me before know I like to show my glass with different color backgrounds when ever time allows for me to do this.Sometimes carnival can look spectacular with one background and not so with another color.

I feel this gives you a true example of the color of the piece.

Please check out my other carnival glass I have listed.

As you read my description. Please note.I do my best to tellallthere is to tell no matter how minor. I also use large close up size pictures. Sometimes they can make a tiny minor flaw look bigger or worse than it really is..

Keep in mind antique carnival glass was made as inexpensive glass often sold in the Dime stores, given away as promotional freebie's such as carnivals . Hence the name carnival glass and is not often perfect.

Antique carnival glass will commonly have manufacturing faults such as air bubbles, mold, tool marks, straw marks ash, dye runs inside glass, wear on the base very slight minor wear to the iridescent finish and flea bites,pin heads, webbing, sand like grit dimples etc

If an item has faults like damage beyond normal age wear or manufacturing faults, I will explain this in the item description. I consider myself to be overly picky in my descriptions, and perhaps making something sound worse than it is. I want to be as complete as I can. I want you to be happy with your purchase..

PLease send any e-mails thru . Not on paypal message. I don't always read these until I print a shipping label.

Disclaimer..Please Read


Pleasedon't hesitate to ask any questionsBEFOREthe end of the sale.

I will answer all questions as honestly as I can. I AMNOTAN EXPERT, and can sometimes make mistakes in identifying the pattern, color or mfg.IT IS UP TO YOU TO ASKIF YOU AGREE . BEFORE THE END OF THE sale. I usually include several photos so you can seeALLof the itemI do not alter colors. I usually will explain inside or outside pictures as we know that can make a big difference in the colors¦Please be aware that vintage items that have been displayed or used for long periods of time willseldom, if ever, be in mint condition

Due to s new policy of not allowing sellers to include insurance in our listing. The insurance will be listed as a handling charge on your invoice..So it is included in the shipping charge you see. That will be depending on the value of the item be why your shipping charge look's higher. Also we are required by sellers safe policy to have signature conformation on glass over $200.

************************** RETURN POLICY ******************************

I do not refund for buyers remorse or approval service.

No returns with out written approval.Insurance is listed in the handling charge due to s new policy .
Returns accepted only if item does not match my description.
Must be returned 7 days after delivery confirmation.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL !!!!..., as in all sales.UNLESSI have accidentally misrepresented the item in damage.

I Do Not negotiate a piece of glass after you have received it. If I messed up I will give you a full refund including shipping.

This has only happened to me TWICE out of app. 2300 pieces over a 9 year time frame.

Payment to be received within 3 days after close of the sale or item can be canceled and relisted. Method of payment is PAY PALIF THAT IS A PROBLEM LET ME KNOW before the dead line. I will work with you.

International sales. please be aware I ship priority insured only.

IWILL ship anywhere that can be shipped by the United States Post Office Insured. It must be able to be insured. This is why my shipping quotes are higher.

Yes I know it can be shipped cheaper without insurance., but what happens if your item gets broke or lost?? I will not change declared values.

If you are set on first class uninsured. You must e-mail first at least 24 hours before the end of the sale and state you will not hold me responsible for lost or broke uninsured glass.

I ship out twice a week. Please allow 7-10 business days after payment to receive your item.

Thank you. I appreciate your business

Rare Eda Tricorner Floral Sunburst Blue Carnival Glass Vase:

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