Rare Freemasonry Book Masonic Occult Knight Templar Antique Illuminati Freemason

Rare Freemasonry Book Masonic Occult Knight Templar Antique Illuminati Freemason

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Rare Freemasonry Book Masonic Occult Knight Templar Antique Illuminati Freemason:


Masonic Handbook ~ First Edition (1893)

Compiled by

Alfred A. Hall, Marsh O. Perkins & Daniel N. Nicholson

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Here is theoriginal 1893 FIRST EDITIONof "Masonic Handbook for Vermont," compiled byAlfred A. Hall. Published by Grand Lodge of Vermont, F. and A.M..

Condition is overall VERY GOOD. Very good clean, unmarked condition. Pages clean and bright. Binding tight and straight. Cloth covers very nice.

Is there more to Masonic ritual than what meets the blindfolded eye?

For as long as Freemasonry has been around, conspiracy theories have shrouded the clandestine organization. Find out what happens behind the closed doors of the lodge amongst the brethren in this first edition Masonic Handbook. Masonic Handbook for Vermont encompasses the first three degrees of Masonic work: Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. There are even sections on funeral ceremonies and Masonic law.

What happens to a Mason who breaks his oath?

This is a fascinating book! There is so much to read and learn. For example, you've heard rumors of what happens to a 'Benedict Arnold' Freemason. But is it so? Discover what really happens when a Freemason breaks his oath of 'proper Masonic conduct.'


Symbolism * Secret Rituals & Code * Ceremony

The book's b/w illustrations, scattered quite generously throughout--as well an array of Masonic symbolism, dueguard signs, passwords, working tools, secret rituals & handshakes, ceremonies, architecture, secret code and more--may give the reader the impression of knowing 'all things Masonic," but in a clandestine brotherhood such as the Freemasons, there is always more to explore and learn.

Yet, perhaps, the reader may discover secret clues within the text or key words with possible cryptic meanings. Or maybe the reader may see mysterious configurations within the illustrations. Regardless, this rare gem is an excellent place to start digging for anyone wanting to know how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

Below you will find a complete table of contents, book features, a sampling of several of the pictures/pages in the book and a short biography/summary of the author or subject.


  • Masonic Calendar
  • Order of Exercises
  • Preface
  • Introductory
  • Freemasonry
  • Ancient Landmarks
  • Ancient Charges
  • Explanatory Notes
  • Opening and Closing
  • Entered Apprentice Degree (Introductory)
  • Form of Application
  • Preliminary interrogations
  • Charge to Candidate Before Being Prepared
  • First Section (Introductory) and Prayer at Initiation
  • The Lambskin or White Leather Apron
  • Working Tools
  • Second Section
  • Third Section
  • Cardinal Virtues
  • Symbolism of the Degree
  • Charge to the Candidate
  • Fellow Craft Degree (Introductory)
  • First Section
  • Prayers at Passing
  • Scripture Lesson
  • Second Section
  • Middle Chamber
  • Peace, Unity and Plenty
  • Orders of Architecture
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Symbolism of the Degree
  • Charge to Candidate
  • Master Mason Degree (Introductory)
  • Prayer at Raising (First Section)
  • Scripture Lesson
  • Working Tools
  • Second Section
  • Prayers at Rasing (second section)
  • Third Section
  • The Temple
  • Masters' Emblems
  • Symbolism of the Degree
  • Charge to the Candidate
  • Funeral Ceremony
  • Lodge of Sorrow
  • Installation Ceremony
  • Constituting a New Lodge
  • Dedication of Masonic Halls
  • Laying Corner Stones
  • Installation Cermony for Grand Officers
  • Synopsis of Masonic Law
  • Masonic Trials
  • Restoration
  • Forms for Masonic Trials, Appeals, etc.
  • Form for By-Laws


  • Gilded text block edges
  • 265 pages
  • Measures 5 3/4" x 4"
  • Fascinating illustrations throughout!

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A Little Freemasonry History

The Freemasons have been the subject of much intrigue, speculation and discussion for centuries.The true origins of Freemasonry are not known. The knowledge has been lost to history, which leaves room only for speculation.

Some researchers believe that the origins go as far back as either the Ancient Mysteries, the Crusades, the Jewish religion, the Rosicrucian’s or the Knights Templar. Although all of these theories have been considered, no firm conclusions have ever been reached.

According to some legends the brotherhood dates back to the construction of King Solomon’s Temple. These legends appeared to be substantiated when the British Archaeologist and Egyptologist, Sir William Petrie, towards the end of the 19th century, unearthed papyrus records in the Liberian desert describing meetings of these guilds. Some scholars however do not feel that there is sufficient data to fully substantiate the claims.

Along with speculation on the origins of Freemasonry, there have also been hundreds of conspiracy theories that have plagued Freemasons from as early as the late 1700’s. Generally these theories fall into just a couple of categories: Political Domination and Anti-Christian or Devil Worship.

Likely these are a result of the esoteric nature of the Masonic rituals and symbols, misinterpretations of Masonic doctrines and the repetition of false claims. In fact, in the late 1890’s author Leo Taxil, decided to mock not only Freemasonry but also the Roman Catholic Church for their opposition to Freemasonry.

He wrote 4 volumes filled with ‘damning eyewitness accounts’ from people who allegedly participated in demonic worship as Freemasons. Prior to writing his books, he had undergone a ‘fake’ conversion to Catholicism.

One of the eyewitnesses in his book was a woman by the name of Diana Vaughn who claimed to have been involved with Satanic Freemason rituals. His book even received the praise from the Pope.

Taxil called a press conference in late 1897 where he promised to introduce Diana Vaughn to the world. Instead he announced that all of his writing was fictitious and a hoax and he thanked the Clergy for giving press to his wild claims.

Yet, still to this day his fictitious writings are used against Freemasons.. Some of the other theories are that Freemasons are secretly working towards a New World Order where one world Government controlled by a secret elite will govern the entire world.

There have been suggestions that Freemasons were behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Others have claimed that they secretly back a Jewish front for world domination. In fact, because of this theory Adolph Hitler outlawed Freemasonry.

Some believe that Freemasons secretly control the United States and United Kingdom governments.

This may come from the fact that many prominent politicians—Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and thirteen other United States Presidents--in the history of the United States were indeed Freemasons.

Also there is much speculation about ‘hidden symbols and numerology in our National Seals, architecture, dollar bill and even streets in Washington, D.C. Many prominent men throughout history have been Freemasons. This may have led to the mistaken theory that Freemasons ‘control’ governments, etc.

Yet, these famous Masons have come from all walks of life. With so many powerful members how is rank decided upon in a Freemason Lodge?

It matters not what a man’s religion (except no atheists are permitted), wealth, or station in life is behind the Lodge doors. In fact, the only significant rank in a Masonic lodge is Masonic rank, and that is conferred by vote of the members.

A sergeant in the army can be master of and preside over a lodge that includes generals and other high-ranking officers among its membership, which has often happened.

It has been reported that when Theodore Roosevelt became a Mason he discovered his gardener was serving as master of the lodge—the presiding officer. Men of high station outside Masonry evidence no resentment when men of lower outside station occupy positions of greater Masonic authority.

Prominent Freemasons have included the likes of Benedict Arnold, Four of Napoleon Bonaparte’s brothers, though not the great Emperor himself, Sir Winston Churchill, Joseph Smith, fourteen American Presidents, Buffalo Bill, Davey Crocket, Henry Ford, Jack Dempsey, Clark Gable, King George VI, John Hancock, Harry Houdini, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Norman Vincent Peale, Mozart, Albert, Richard Pryor, Paul Revere, Mark Twain, John Wayne and Steve Wozniak to name just a few.


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Rare Freemasonry Book Masonic Occult Knight Templar Antique Illuminati Freemason:

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