Rare Orig Paint Antique Vtg Hubley Dachshund Doxie Weiner Dog Cast Iron Doorstop

Rare Orig Paint Antique Vtg Hubley Dachshund Doxie Weiner Dog Cast Iron Doorstop

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Rare Orig Paint Antique Vtg Hubley Dachshund Doxie Weiner Dog Cast Iron Doorstop:

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Item Specific: Sometimes when I list something an actual tear falls, thisis one of those items. Today I offer youa Hubley Antique Cast Cast Iron Doorstop Dachshund Puppy Dog. He is what is called a 'Black & Tan' and is the most desirable amongst cast iron collector's and still a favorite color in the real live breed today.(There are 72 Thousand Cast Iron items on - and not a single one of them is this special Doorstop!) I feel it is in amazing collector'scondition, be sure to look close at all10 pictures since photos are any item's best description.

This isfrom the cast iron/metalsheyday era lasting from 1880's into the early 1940's. Thereisno structure damagethat I see but please use thezoom tool to bedouble sureIhave not overlooked anything important or unimportant in my meaning, no parts are missing or have ever been glued back on and there is no evidence of repair.Finish isappropriate as well astexture fora makers typicalmaterials; Paint or patina is guaranteed to be original and untouched. Please use the photo's as the most important part of the description for size, maker and marks, as well as all aspects of condition. Item or like item is in Collector's Guides. Weight is shown in photos. Asoda can is 5" tall.USA. I stand by the authenticity of all my items.

Remember that is worldwide so 'rare' means that there actually may be only a few or less listed on or even left in the world. How lucky would you be to have a chance at owning 'a one in a million' type of investment collectible?! Go You!

All my listings are basically the same from here down:

How can something so 'durable' be so 'rare'? Many victorian and turn of the century cast iron and metal figural items are rare or completely lost because of wartime efforts that took place for nearly half of the last century. During the Great War, World War II and beyond, there were constant neighborhood drives to collect all non-essential cast iron and metal goods. These items were then melted down for their materials to help with the manufacturing for our wars necessities and armament. In regards to toys, well, toys were just that, toys. They got used hard and thrown away. So that's why if you find one, you should consider it a prize, and if you are a serious collector, you probably consider it priceless.

To Collector's these figural are basically time capsules of a bygone era, wearing their beautiful battered and worn paint proudly, and have intense historical value as authentic artistic creations of this counties industrial age pioneer heroes. That said, items that or broken, missing parts, or repainted, even beautifully, can ruin an items investment value. Also, having no investment value at all are the current pieces being recreated overseas. There are 'guides' written to help you buy authentic antique cast iron and metal collectibles, check them out, it is really useful and accurate tool for both new and seasoned collector's.

The Business: Since I find these little treasures everywhere from thrift stores to estate sales and everyplace in between, I can not verify the origin of many pieces. Also, although I am a known antiques dealer in my area you still need to be your own best expert. Also, I will not buy, therefore do not sell, smoke smelly items. All of my items will come to you in fresh, clean and safe packaging. More than likely, I will not have cleaned the items; Antiques Roadshow cautions not to clean so many different things therefore I will leave that up to you. Please pay for what you purchase sale style within 3 days so it compliments my shipping schedule and buy it now customers please pay upon purchase. Ask any doubting or other questions before offerding so there is no need for any returns on my items, these are all older things so they are "as seen, as is" obviously. Yes, I combine shipping whenever possible at shipping weight cost, no add-on fees. If there is significant overage in postal fees after postage and confirmation charges I will add the difference within your package or back to your paypal.

Susie The Dutchess of Arkansas: I am a third generation Boston Terrier lover and feel like I have spent my life collecting anything and everything dog. My mission is to sell the things I have more than one of and other knick-knacks I discovered along my way, even tearfully part with the rarest of rare pieces to fund life's ongoing adventures. Thank you for shopping my , and in advance, I appreciate your purchase and I hope to earn your positive 5 star across the board seller rating. I always leave response once I have received yours, this way I know your product made it into your waiting happy hands. I also have a brick and mortar location of The Dutchess of Arkansas inside The Rose Antique Mall should you ever visit the NWArkansas area and just opened a location by the same name on Etsy for my quirky vintage jewelery creations.

I am not happy asyour seller unless you are happy as my buyer.

If a submitted best offer is acceptable you will know immediately.

Rare Orig Paint Antique Vtg Hubley Dachshund Doxie Weiner Dog Cast Iron Doorstop:

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