Rawlings Pro302-6p Heart Of The Hide Glove 12.75" Rh

Rawlings Pro302-6p Heart Of The Hide Glove 12.75

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Rawlings Pro302-6p Heart Of The Hide Glove 12.75" Rh :

BRAND of the Hide (HOH)PRO302-6P BaseballGlove- 12.75" RH (Right Hand Throw)

This glove is absolutely flawless and theburgundy leather coloring is extremely SHARP!!!!!

Retails at: $199.99

Heart Of The Hide Gold Glove Series

This Heart of the Hide 12 3/4” model features a Fastback and the PRO H Web pattern, which was designed so that outfielders could see through the web to make catches and shield their eyes from the sun or lights at the same time. With its deep pocket and open web, this glove is primarily for outfielders. Handcrafted from the top 5% of steer hides and the best pro grade lace, Heart of the Hide glove durability remains unmatched. The leather has been injected with oil for a smooth finish and it is lined with deer skin for a soft feel. This is the same pattern worn by Jaque Jones and Gary Matthews Jr.

    PRO302-6P Features:

  • 12.75"Pattern
  • RH -Right Hand Throw
  • Outfieldersmodel
  • Reinforced Dual Post H-Web
  • Deer Tanned Cowhide Palm
  • Shell: Burgundy, Heart of the Hide leather
  • Glove Forming/Break-in: 40% Factory/60% Player


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TIP: Many of the higher-end premium gloves produced by Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno, etc. have inner pockets that are pre-oiled at the factory. There is a tendency for the oil to bleed through (particularly on the lighter tan and brown colored gloves) and it is not uncommon to see what appears to be an oil stain of varying degree in thepalm areaof these gloves. I have received gloves in the past that arrived without any evidence of oil and within months, the oil bleeds through into the palm. Personally, I would not let this condition deter one from buying a glove. Many of the gloves ordered off of "stock"pictures on the internet will end up having this condition.

TIP:Many of the premium gloves including Rawlings Pro Preferred &Heart of the Hide, Wilson'sA2000 & A3000, Mizuno's Classic Pro and Pro Limited, etc. are somewhat stiff when brand new. Aquality glove conditioner will do much to reduce the break-in period for any stiffnewglove . Almost allglove conditioners will generally darken the leather andappearance of lighter colored gloves. If you buy a new glove and don't like the look of the pre-oiled palm area, condition the glove with a premium product such as Wilson's Pro Stock Glove Conditioner and the pocket/palm areawill darken and blend in more with the rest of the glove.

TIP: Regardless of whether you preferthe naturalmethod of breaking in a glove, sooner or later you will have to recondition your glove! Personally, I recommend cleaning and conditioning a glove each and every year after a good season of use. All leather gloves willstart todry outand laces will become brittle when subjected to regular use.Prolonged exposure to sand and dirt, wind, rain, hot sun, etc. will take its toll on even the very best glove.PLEASEstay away from those cheapoils, foams or other liquidproducts out there on the market. The foams don't work and liquids such as oils are absorbed deep into the glove, add a tremendous amount of weight, and are nothing more than a magnet for attractingdirt anddebris. Also,PLEASE don't everbake your baseball glove in the oven or microwave orsoak it in the tub to aid in the break-inprocess. You will invariably destroya very fine piece of leather and take years offa gloves life!

Personally, I neveruse anything but a paste typeglove conditioner. Although Iprefer Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner, there are comparable products on the market from manufacturers such as Easton, Nokona, etc.Regardless of whatbrand of paste type conditioner you choose touse, do yourself a favor and make sure it containslanolin and vitamin E. Nothing is betterat restoring and revitalizing the leather on your glove! With a little care,yourgloveshould last for many years andmost likely outliveyour baseball career.


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Good luck!

Coach Tim

Rawlings Pro302-6p Heart Of The Hide Glove 12.75" Rh :

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