R.d. Field * 1988 Ashton Magnum Brindle "parrot" Pipe & Cane * Coopersark N/r

R.d. Field * 1988 Ashton Magnum Brindle

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R.d. Field * 1988 Ashton Magnum Brindle "parrot" Pipe & Cane * Coopersark N/r:



It is with great sadness, and true dense of loss that we, the pipe collecting community have lost another great pipe maker. William Ashton Taylor has passed away September, 2009.
I am saleing the world renowned R.D. Field Ashton pipe collection. David Field was the original importer/distributor/partner with William Ashton Taylor who was a former master pipe carver for Alfred Dunhill, LTD. Since the beginning of their relationship, David culled several pipes from Bill Taylor's production each and every year in order to keep representative examples of the brand as it progressed and/or changed from year to year. What started in 1983, ended in 2002. This fantastic and extensive collection spans all of these years. These special and highly coveted pipes, totaling 213 in number, will be listed for sale on a weekly basis, but randomly selected within the same production era time frame, working from the most recent (2000-2002) back in time to the beginning (1983 - the first Ashton pipe ever made.) There will be many "first of" pipes (finish, style, stamping, etc.) , including the very last pipe to be saleed - the first Ashton pipe ever carved! Taken as a collection, this represents a both a serious and important opportunity for the advanced collector of Aston pipes, English high grade pipes, and pipes in general! This is the modern day equivalent of having the opportunity to own Alfred Dunhill's very own pipes that he had culled from the very first years of his company's production!

These pipes have been in storage from day one and have not seen the light of day after they were produced. With the exception of a very few pipes, which Dave had personally enjoyed, these pipes remain in their pristine, brand new, and unsmoked condition.


I strongly recommend that you read and study the information contained in the two links below, so that you not only have an appreciation of Ashton pipes, but an appreciation for the substance and specialness of this unique and extremely important Ashton pipe collection.

1.)The Ashton Pipe story:

Click here!

2.)The R.D. Field Ashton Pipe Collection:

Click here!

THIS PIPE IS THE ONLY ASHTON PIPE THAT WAS EVER CRAFTED WITH THE CARVING OF A PARROT HEAD. ACTUALLY, DAVE FIELD HAD OWNED A COCKATOO IN THOSE DAYS AND THAT BIRD WAS THE INSPIRATION FOR BILL TAYLOR TO CRAFT THIS PIPE. THIS PIPE COMES WITH A MATCHING CANE OR WALKING STICK WITH THE SAME PARROT HEAD DESIGN. THIS CANE WAS NOT CRAFTED BY BILL TAYLOR, BUT RATHER, A FRIEND OF HIS. BOTH THE PIPE AND THE CANE ARE UP FOR sale TOGETHER! THIS VERY PIPE HAS BEEN DESIRED BY SEVERAL SERIOUS "IN THE KNOW" ASHTON PIPE COLLECTORS FOR MANY YEARS. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST DESIRABLE AND COLLECTABLE ASHTON PIPES THAT WERE EVER CRAFTED, AND CERTAINLY ONE OF THE MOST DESIRABLE FROM THE FIELD ASHTON PIPE COLLECTION!You are offerding on an UNSMOKED Ashton "Brindle" series rich dark brown stained sandblasted, over hand rusticated finish "MAGNUM" size graded, "Apple" shaped pipe, with beautiful, smooth, raised "Parrot Head" carvings on both sides of the bowl, that was hand crafted by Bill Taylor in 1989. This is a one of a kind Ashton and an absolute "must" for the serious collector of Ashton pipes, or magnum sized pipes! The stem was crafted from rod stock two tone Cumberland vulcanite.This is pipe number 66 out of the series of 213 pipes.
I am of the opinion that these first decade Ashton pipes represented the very best of Bill Taylor's work. He had left his former employ at Dunhill and started competing directly with them. He wanted to prove that he was capable of crafting a superior pipe than Dunhill's strict standards. He attacked his muse with a passion! I can tell you that I have handled and restored a lot of pipes and a lot of Ashton pipes over the years. From that first hand experience, I can tell you that this first decade of Ashton pipes are amazingly well crafted. More time, caring, and attention to detail was lavished on each pipe. Bill was putting his name on the pipe and he wanted to prove his ability as the finest craftsman of traditionally shaped pipes in England.
This first decade series represents the passion of of a talented and highly experienced, classically trained pipe maker of English pipes, turning out some of the very best hand crafted briars that were ever produced in the United Kingdom! Who knows if there will ever be another traditional English pipe maker to craft pipes on the level of the first decade of Ashtons? These first years Ashtons will never be repeated. These are the very first pipes that Dave Field had started adding to his collection. I'm telling you - these Ashtons are on an entirely different level than not only the the later Ashtons, but all pipe being crafted in England.These special pipes will never be repeated again. I can assure you that if you add one of these early Ashton pipes to your collection, not only will you own an extremely well made pipe, but also a piece of pipe history. Investing in one of these early Ashton pipes that come from the R.D. Field (Remember that Dave Field was the original Ashton importer who in essence gave Bill Taylor the audience and customer base for his pipes.) pipe collection is analogous to investing in the earliest Dunhill pipes that were owned by Alfred Dunhill himself. Think about that. You have printable provenance from both Dave Field's Ashton site, as well as these sales themselves. Due to the global demand for these early Ashton pipes from this special collection, you will have to pay more than for other Ashton pipes, but these special Ashton pipes are like no other!Here are the dimensions - it's GOOD-SIZED : The overall length is about 8.95". The bowl height is 3.10". The bowl measures about 2.55" in diameter at its widest. The Tobacco chamber is 1.20" in diameter and tapers down the bowl's 2.70" inner depth. Capacity is extremely generous. This important and very substantial English hand crafted pipe weighs 22 grams. The original black leather Ashton pipe bag is included, as well as the hand crafted matching cane.

Please note that due to the age of this pipe, it no longer carries an Ashton warranty.

I am running this as a Private sale so that you can offer on this Ashton pipe (and matching cane) without worrying about stepping over your fellow pipe collector friends' offers, as well as keeping the winning buyer's name private. This very special and extremely desirable Ashton pipe deserves the highest of discretion. I know that there will be extensive interest in this gorgeous pipe! If requested, I will send an e-mail to the winning buyer, showing all of the offerding action at the close of this sale. I want you to offer with the highest of confidence and know that the winning buyer will get to see the list of the other buyers.

Once again, this is a (10)TEN-DAY(10) pipe sale. I do not believe in "Reserve" or "Buy it Now" prices. I want the lucky high buyer to own and enjoy smoking this pipe and not have him frustrate himself with offerding on a pipe that is not attainable on a price basis! Just be the high buyer at the close of this sale, and you will win what could again prove to be the best pipe in your collection!

Please read and review my ratings and comments. Check out the "ME" section after my name "coopersark". I think that you will find this information very informative and telling! Please feel free to send me an e-mail with any questions that you may have about this pipe. I want you to offer with the highest of confidence!

I use only the best of packaging materials. The pipes that I ship have too much time and labor lavished on their restoration and presentations as well as the many of these pipes are irreplaceable works of art. I am not going to risk damage by using lesser packing. (In my twelve years of selling pipes on and shipping thousands of pipes around the world, not a single pipe has been damaged!) I also try my utmost to ship your pipe the same day that I receive your payment, even if this means making a special trip to the Post Office just for you alone. The Registered parcels that ship overseas take extensive time with both the packaging and four forms of documentation that must be filled out. Unfortunately, this all has to be reflected in my shipping costs, so please offer accordingly.

The winning buyer will include an additional $70.00 for UPS ground shipping, tracking, and insurance. (Foreign buyers will remit payment by Pay Pal ONLY and will include an additional $250.00 for International Insured UPS GLOBAL shipping. I had checked out the dimensions of the packaging, weight, and potential value of this pipe and cane. These are accurate shipping rates!!! Also please note that due to how this is packed, shipping will not be combined with any other of my sales. As per both and Pay Pal rules, this pipe will ship both fully insured, with the full value declared for customs. You may have to pay additional duty. No exceptions.) Thank you for your interest. Please do not forget to check out my other sales! Good Luck and Happy offerding!!!

R.d. Field * 1988 Ashton Magnum Brindle "parrot" Pipe & Cane * Coopersark N/r:

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