Rare 1855 Revolutionary War Pictorial Field-book Lossing History Battles

Rare 1855 Revolutionary War Pictorial Field-book Lossing History Battles

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Rare 1855 Revolutionary War Pictorial Field-book Lossing History Battles :

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Pictorial Field-Book of The American Revolution

158 Year Old Book!

Description & Condition:

Lossing's classic illustrated history of the Revolutionary War. The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution; or Illustrations, by Pen and Pencil, of the History, Biography, Scenery, Relics, and Traditions of the War for Independence. By Benson J. Lossing. Volume II. With several Hundred Engravings on Wood, by Lossing and Barritt, Chiefly from Original Sketches by the Author. Published by Harper & Brothers, Franklin Square, New York, 1855. Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1850, by Harper & Brothers, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Southern District of New York. THIS IS A HUGE VOLUME with over 772 pages and more than 571 Engravings & Illustrations.

Blue hardcover. Leather spine with some decorations on it. Decorated end pages. Shelf wear. Book is in fair to good condition for its age. Binding is tight and the covers are solid with only slightly bumping and with a little fraying of the corners. The pages are toned from age and have very little light foxing throughout which is amazing for a book its age. All pages are present. Hinges broken but still in secure condition. Decorated page edges. Wood engravings have a fine, excellent detail and paper quality for the age. With 772 wonderful pages and with numerous fine wood engravings. Don't miss the chance of owning this great piece of History. It measures approx. 10" tall by 6 1/2"wide 2 1/2" thick. We have also compiled just a small sample of the amazing Wood Engravings in the book as they are too many to show in this listing. The pictures are on the bottom of the page. Pictures are a part of the description.

This book is so scarce, that the only copies available are reprints of the originals which were published in the 1970s which are quite scarce in their own right since were not many printed. These copies, when you can find them, sell for $185 and up. If you are a true aficionado of rare books on the revolutionary war, you cannot pass up this chance to offer on such a wonderful piece of American history for your collection.

The courageous story of the American Revolution of 1776 has been told and retold in hundreds of books. However it is to Benson John Lossing's The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution that many writers turn for facts. In this vast and unique source-reference work, based on five years of patient travel in the mid-nineteenth century through the thirteen original states and Canada, the events of the Revolution are intimately explored. Lossing was a skillful writer who knew his trade. He was also an accurate sketcher of sites or anything of Revolutionary interest. His drawings were later converted into woodblocks by his own hand with all the delicacy of that almost lost art. With graceful tact he questioned thousands of people on the spot in places w the older folk could recall exact events in relation to places. Younger informants were able to recall the stories they had heard from their parents and grandparents as well as local traditions of what had happened in that fateful time.

The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution, will become a household treasure to any American family that realizes the significance of the stirring times that gave birth to the United States of America. Not many will have the time to read all of the over 772 pages in this volume, yet anyone can enjoy browsing, searching for the facts they want, and studying the delightful wood engravings, of which are over 571 in this volume alone. The cumulative index alone has 10,000 entries serving as ready references to specific facts. For anyone who needs the detailed story of the American Revolution of 1776, this is indeed an indispensable book. Original edition dated 1859. I have included a list of Illustrations below. Please allow time for the pictures to load above. You can also click on the picture for a close-up view. If you have trouble seeing them you can email me and I will be happy to email them to you.


Initial Letter*Friends' Meeting-house*Great Bridge at M'Conkey's Ferry*White's Tavern*Portrait of Charles Lee*Plan of the Battle of Trenton*Rail's Headquarters*Facsimile of Signatures of Hessian Officers*Washington's Visit to Colonel Rall*Trenton Bridge and Vicinity*Friends' Meeting-house, near Princeton*Plan of the Battle of Princeton*View of the Battle-ground, near Princeton*Monument to General Mercer*Nassau Hall, Princeton College*Bride at Worth's Mills*Signature of John Fitzgerald*Signature of John Morgan*Signature of James Craik*Morven*Peale's Washington*Portrait of General Mercer*White Hall*Initial Letter*Christ Church, Philadelphia*Portrait of William Penn*Treaty Monument*Penn's Seal and Signature*Facsimile of the Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser in 1765*Portrait of James Pemberton*Carpenters' Hall*Congress Hall*Portrait of Peyton Randolph*Portrait of Charles Thomson*Thomson's Residence*Signature of Joseph Galloway*Initial Letter*Antique Chair*The State House as it appeared in 1776*Liberty Bell*Allegorical Picture - tinted*Facsimile of Draft of Declaration Of Independence*Facsimile of the Signatures to the Declaration*Walnut Street Front of the State House in 1776*Localities at Red Bank*Donop's Grave*Whitall's House*Old Cannon at Red Bank*Chevaux de frise*Signature of General Varnum*Monument at Red Bank*Portrait of Lieutenant-colonel Smith*Plan of Fort Mifflin*Map of Operations on the Delaware*Initial Letter*Penn's House*Loxley's House*Howe's Quarters*Likeness of Sir John Wrottlesly*Mischianza Ticket*Portrait of Captain Catheart*Head-dress for the Mischianza*The Walnut Street Prison*Signature of Du Ponceau*Portrait of Mrs. Esther Reed*Portrait of Mrs. Sarah Bache*Chew's House*Signature of John Armstrong*Map of the Battle of Germantown*Signature of General Agnew*Washington's Headquarters, near Whitemarsh*St Peter's Church, Barren Hill*Portrait of La Fayette*Devices for La Fayette's Sword-guard*La Fayette's Tomb*Devices on his Sword Handle*Map of Barren Hill*Signature of Brigadier-general Poor*Signature of Baron De Woedtke*Initial Letter*Washington's Head-quarters*Observatory at Valley Forge*Plan of Encampment at Valley Forge*Redoubt*Signature of General Conway*Portrait of Baron De Steuben*Steuben's Log House*Steuben's rural Monument*Signature of General North*Steuben's rural Monument*Plan of Affair at Quintan's Bridge*Hancock's House*Plan of Affair at Hancock's Bridge*Chatham's Monument, Westminster Abbey*Signature of Dr Adam Ferguson*Signatures of Commissioners to Congress*Portrait of General Joseph Reed*Facsimile of Oath of Allegiance of Lord Stirling*Signature of Brigadier-general Scott*Plan of the Battle of Monmouth*Signature of Colonel Eleazer Oswald*Signature of James Wesson*Signature of William Maxwell*Freehold Meeting-house*The Field of Monmouth*Battle-ground at Monmouth*Colonel Monckton's Monument*Signature of William Woodford*Woodhull's Monument*Buddy's Residence*Initial Letter*Portrait of Reverend David Jones*Paoli Monument*Wayne's Residence*View at Jefferis's Ford*Stone House at Jefferis's Ford*Birmingham Meeting-house*Signature of General Thomas Proctor*Plan of the Battle of Brandywine*Howe's Head-quarters*La Fayette's Quarters*View at Chad's Ford*Signature of Colonel Moses Hazen*Signature of Colonel Theodore Bland*Signature of General Muhlenberg*Signature of Du Coudray*Chad's House*Washington's Head-quarters*Map of the Region of Military Operations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey*Initial Letter*Washington Monument at Baltimore*Pulaski's Banner*The Congress House*Portrait of Lord Baltimore*Portrait of Lord Camden*The State House at Annapolis*Initial Letter*Portrait of Mrs. Hamilton*Washington's Camp Chest*Washington's Writing-case*Sword and Staff*Franklin's Press*Signature of Charles Wilson Peale*Greenough's Statue of Washington*Medallion of Washington and La Fayette*View of the two Sides of the Hessian Flag*Washington's Bier*Mount Vernon*Key of the Bastile*Washington's old Family Vault*Washington's new Family Vault*The Sarcophagus of Washington*The Lid*Mount Vernon, West Front*Silver Plate on first Coffin*Pohick Church*Portrait of Reverend Mason L. Weems*The Communion-table*Signatures of Mason and Fairfax Page*The Pulpit*Ruins of Potomac Church*Site of Washington's Birth-place*Arms of the Washington Family*Residence of the Washington Family*Tomb of the Mother of Washington*The Obelisk*Hanover Court-house*Henry Clay's Birth-place*Virginia Market-wagon*Initial Letter*Scene on the James River, at Richmond*Plan of the Skirmish at Richmond*Old City Tavern*Statue of Washington*St John's Church*The Stone House*Portrait of Patrick Henry*Seat of Patrick Henry*Old Court-house*Berkeley*Charles City Court-house*Signature of John Tyler*Signature of Mrs. Jefferson*Jefferson's Marriage License-bond*O W Tavern at Charles City Court-house*Distant View of Jamestown Island*Ruins at Jamestown*Form of Raleigh's Ships*Portrait of Captain John Smith*Portrait of Pocahontas*J Signature of Berkeley*Initial Letter*Action at Spencer's Ordinary*Signature of Armand*Remains of Dunmore's Palace*Brenton Church*The old Magazine*The old Capitol*Signature of Braddock*Signature of London'*Signature of Forbes*Initial Letter*The Apollo Boom*Seal and Signature of Dunmore*SOS Raleigh Tavern*The Shawnee Towns*Portrait of Daniel Boone*Boone's Fort*Portrait of George Rogers Clarke*Portrait of Simon Kenton*Great Seal of Virginia*Culpepper Flag*S, Initial Letter*The Nelson Tombs*Cornwallis's Cave*Present Appearance of British Works at Yorktown*Portrait of Cornwallis*Portrait of Count De Barras*Portrait of Count De Grasse*Portrait of St Simon*Plan of Naval Engagement*Portrait of M De Choise*Portrait of De Chastellux*Portrait of Count Fersen*Portrait of De Lauzun*Place where Scammell was killed*Signature of Seammell*Portrait of Viscount Viomenil*Portrait of Montmorenci*Portrait of Deuxponts*Signature of Colonel Stevens*Portrait of Count Custine*Plan of the Siege of Yorktown*Portrait of Baron Viomenil*View from the site of Redoubt on the River*Portrait of Count Dumas*The Nelson Mansion*Signature of De Noailles*Fae simile of the Capitulation at Yorktown*Surrender of British Standards at Yorktown*Portrait of Rochambeau*The British Flag*Moore's House*St John's Church, Hampton*St Paul's Church, Norfolk*View at the Great Bridge*Wind-mill*Signature of General Stevens*Signature of General Lewis*Arnold's Head-quarters at Portsmouth*Initial Letter*Blandford Church*Plan of the Skirmish at Petersburg*Bollingbrook*Plan of the Action at Osborne's*Signature of General Phillips*Monticello*Jefferson's Seal*Signatures of three Hessian Officers*Encampment of Convention Troops at Charlottesville*Pocahontas's Wash-basin*Gee's Bridge*Tobacco Press*Signature of John Locke*Initial Letter*Tryon's Seal and Signature*Signature of Moses J. De Rosset*Ruins of St Philip's Church*Front View of Tryon's Palace*Signature of Judge Moore*Autograph of Colonel Fanning*Autograph of a Regulator*Portrait of Colonel Fanning*Signature of Joseph Leech*Signature of Christopher Neale*Regulator Battle-ground*Signature of James Hasell*Signature of John Harvey*Signature of Thomas Rispess*Signature of L De Rosset*Harnett's House*Signature of Harnett*Signature of Colonel Moore*Signature of Governor Caswell*Lillington Hall*Silver Crescent*Signature of Colonel Lillington*Signature of Governor Martin*Seal of North Carolina*Signature of Thomas Person*Cornwallis's Office*Cornwallis's Head-quarters*Portrait of Major Henry Lee*Pyle's Pond*Initial Letter*Portrait of General Greene*Signature of General Rutherford*Cowan's Ford*Signature of General Davidson*Trading Ford*Portrait of Colonel O H Williams*Signature of Captain Armstrong*Signature of Colonel Carrington*Portrait of Tarleton*Plan of the Battle at Guilford*View of Guilford Battle-ground*New Garden Meeting-house*Autographs of twenty-three of the Mecklenburg Patriots*Portrait of General W R Davie*Signature of General Gates*Signature of Isaac Huger*Signature of Alien Jones*Signature of John Butler*Initial Letter*View at Tuckesege Ford*View at King's fountain Battle-ground*Portrait of Colonel Shelby*Signature of Major Winston*Signature of Captain Depeyster*Signature of Colonel Cleaveland*Signature of Colonel Shelby*Signature of Colonel Campbell*Monument on King's Mountain*Scene at the Cowpens*Portrait of General Morgan*Flag of Morgan's Rifle Corps*Gold Medal awarded to Morgan*Portrait of Colonel Howard*Silver Medal awarded to Colonel Howard*Portrait of Colonel Washington*Silver Medal awarded to Colonel Washington*Portrait of General Sumter*Initial Letter*View at the Cherokee Ford*Mountain Gorge near the Cherokee Ford*Great Falls of the Catawba*View at Rocky Mount*Road near the Catawba*Anvil Rock*Hanging Rock*Signature of Buford*View at the Site of Rugeley's Mill*View at Rugeley's*View at Gum Swamp*View at Sander's Creek*Portrait of De Kalb*Signature of William Clajon*De Kalb's Monument*Portrait of General Gates*Portrait of General Gist*Plan of Battle near Camden*Portrait of General Smallwood*Signature of Governor Nash*General Nash's Monument*Signature of Colonel Buncombe*View at the Spring on Hobkirk's Hill*Parole and Countersign*Portrait of Lord Rawdon*Plan of Battle on Hobkirk's Hill*Initial Letter*Scene in a Southern Swamp*View at Fort Motte*Vestige of a Battery*Portrait of General Marion*Portrait of Rebecca Motte*Fort Granby*Plan of the Siege of Ninety-Six*Arrest of Emily Geiger*Old Court-house at Orangeburg*Signature of General Sumner*A Southern School-house*Eutaw Spring*Signature of Colonel Malmedy*Portrait of Colonel William Polk*Signature of Captain Rudolph*Gold Medal awarded to Greene*View at Nelson's Ferry*Site of Fort Watson*Marion's Residence*Initial Letter*Signature of Colonel Few*Signature of General Ashe*View from the Site of Fort Cornwallis*Portrait of General Pickens*Signature of Captain Finley*Greene and Pulaski Monument*Portrait of General Oglethorpe*Ruins of Oglethorpe's Barracks at Frederica*Map of Savannah and Vicinity*Portrait of Joseph Habersham*Portrait of General M'Intosh*Portrait of Robert Howe*Signature of Governor Houston*Portrait of General Lincoln*Portrait of Count Pulaski*Pulaski's Seal*Plan of the Siege of Savannah*Remains of the French Works*Portrait of Governor Jackson*Signature of General Clarke*Dwelling of General M'Intosh*Initial Letter*View at Jasper Spring*Map of Charleston Harbor*Signature of Christopher Gadsden*Portrait of General Moultrie*South Carolina Flag*Fort Sullivan*Plan of Fort Sullivan*Portrait of Governor Rutledge*Portrait of Sir Peter Parker*Sullivan's Island and British Fleet*View at Fort Moultrie*Portrait of Thomas Pinckney*Charleston in*Initial Letter*Portrait of Sir Henry Clinton*Portrait of C. C. Pinckney*Plan of the Siege of Charleston*Portrait of Admiral Arbuthnot*Signature of Governor Burke*The Council Tree*Signature of Major Craig*Church at Wilmington*Cornwallis's Head-quarters at Wilmington*Initial Letter*Portrait of Governor Stuyvesant*Stuyvesant's Pear-tree*Signature of Leisler*Portrait of Governor Colden*Fort George, from the Bay*Remains of Pitt's Statue*Caricature of Pitt*Portrait of John Lamb*View at Turtle Bay*Old Store-house, Turtle Bay*Newspaper Vignette*Portrait of Rivington*Signature of Sears*View at the foot of Broadway*Fort George*Independent Battery*Washington's Head-quarters*Rose and Crown Tavern*Kip's House*Initial Letter*View at Gravesend Bay*Putnam's Tomb*Signature of John Morin Scott*Portrait of General Putnam*Plan of Fortifications at Brooklyn*Drawing by Lord Stirling*Portrait of Lord Stirling*Plan of Battle near Brooklyn*Cortelyou's House*Brower's Mill*Signature of General Woodhull*Woodhull's Grave*Church at Jamaica*House in which Woodhull died*Howe's Quarters, Newtown*Portrait of Lord Howe*Signature of General Howe*Signature of Colonel Glover*Billop's House*Beekman's Green house*Morris's House*Fort Washington*Beekman's Mansion*Harlem Plains*Portrait of Earl Percy*Ruins of Trinity Church*View at Bauffet's Point*Signature of Colonel Prescott*Howe's Head-quarters*Signature of William Heath*Washington's Head-quarters, White Plains*Signature of Sir William Erskine*Place where the British crossed the Bronx*Signature of Ritzema*Howitzer*Chatterton's Hill, from the Rail-way Station*Map of Operations in West Chester County*Signature of Knyphausen*Signature of Colonel Cadwalader*View at Fort Washington*Flag-staff, Fort Washington*Portrait of John Battin*Works at Paulus's Hook*View at King's Bridge*Medal awarded to Lee*Van Cortlandt's House*Van Cortlandt's Vault*Signature of Colonel Waterbery*Phillipse Manor-house*Portrait of Mary Phillipse*Portrait of Major Tallmadge*Townsend's House, Oyster Bay*Fortifications at Oyster Bay*Signature of Major Trescott*Fort George, Mastic*Middle Dutch Church, New York*French Church*Hessian Hospital*Counterfeit Continental Bill*Signature of Deborre*Washington's Quarters, Rocky Hill*Signature of Guy Carleton*Portrait of Governor Clinton*Fraunce's Tavern*Portrait of General Knox*Signature of Luzerne*Portrait of Washington*Portrait of Mrs. Washington*Portrait of General Mifflin*Washington resigning his Commission*Autograph of John Brown*Admiralty Seal*Portrait of Commodore Hopkins*First Naval Flags*Portrait of Commodore offerdle*Autographs of Manley and M'Neil*Hinman's Monument*Portrait of Commodore Barry*Autograph of Landais*Portrait of Commodore Dale*Autograph of Paul Jones*Gold Medal awarded to Jones*Portrait of Commodore Talbot*Portrait of Commodore Barney*Autograph of Captain Nicholson*Autograph of Colonel Simcoe*Judge Jones's Mansion*Ancient House*Portrait of Thomas Paine*Paine's Monument*Autographs of American Commissioners*Portrait of Vergennes*Autograph of R Izard*Portrait of Louis XVI*Medallion Likeness of Dr. Benjamin Franklin*Portrait of Gerard*Portrait of John Jay*John Jay's Frank*Portrait of Henry Laurens*Autograph of George III*Autograph of Marbois*Portrait of R B Livingston*The Foreign Office*Portrait of Gouverneur Morris*Portrait of Alexander Hamilton*The Federal Hall*Van Cortlandt's Sugar-house*Autograph of Freneau*The Provost Jail*Liberty Street Sugar-house*The Jersey Prison Ship*Antechamber to Martyr's Tomb*Seal of the Board of War*Autograph of Richard Peters*Residence of John Adams*Philip Livingston's Monument*Hooper's Residence*Reception of the Loyalists in England*Autograph of General Mercer*Portrait of Colonel Hugh Mercer*Autographs of Washington's Life Guard*Continental Lottery Ticket*Two English Stamps*Two English Stamps cont.*Major Andre's Autograph-Cow-chase.

Within couple years of experience in selling Rare & Antique books specialized in 18th and 19th Century, We are looking forward to meet Your Expectations. The description of Our items are on their high value, including the condition and content of the books. We want Our customers to be highly satisfied with their purchase. Our response is positive so offer with CONFIDENCE.


158 Years Old!!

This amazing book would be a wonderful addition to any collection. This book will continue to increase in value as it rests in your library! Old books in this kind of condition are becoming harder to find each day. Add this book to your collection today while you can.


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Benson Lossing

Benson Lossing was an American wood-engraver, author, and editor, whose Dutch ancestors settled in Albany, N.Y. The only formal education he received was three years in the district schools in New York. At age twenty-two he was joint editor and proprietor of the Poughkeepsie Telegraph. He learned the art of engraving on wood, and in 1838 moved to New York City where he established himself as a wood-engraver. From June 1839 to May 1841 he edited and illustrated the weekly Family Magazine. In 1848 Lossing conceived the idea of writing a narrative sketchbook of scenes and objects associated with the American Revolution. Harper & Brothers advanced him the funds to carry out the project, which ultimately took the form of the Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution in two large volumes. In gathering material for this work Lossing traveled more than eight thousand miles in the United States and Canada. The book was published in parts between 1850 and 1852, and gave Lossing a wide reputation. For the next thirty-five years he was a prolific writer and editor of books mostly on popular subjects in American history, including Our Countrymen; or, Brief Memoirs of Eminent Americans (1855), The Hudson, from the Wilderness to the Sea (1866), and A Memorial of Alexander Anderson, M.D., the First Engraver on Wood in America (1872).

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Rare 1855 Revolutionary War Pictorial Field-book Lossing History Battles :

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