Rare 1891 Receipt Cookbook Medical Drugs Mechanics Household Cures Herbs

Rare 1891 Receipt Cookbook Medical Drugs Mechanics Household Cures Herbs

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Rare 1891 Receipt Cookbook Medical Drugs Mechanics Household Cures Herbs:

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MEMORIAL EDITION. Dr. Chase's Third, Last and Complete Receipt book and Household Physician, or practical knowledge for the people, from The Life-Long Observations of the Author, Embracing the Choicest, Most Valuable and Entirely New Receipts in Every Department of Medicine, Mechanics, and Household Economy; including a Treatise on The Diseases of Women and Children, in fact, The book for the million, With Remarks and Explanations which adapt it to the Every-Day Wants of the People, Arranged in Departments and most Copiously Indexed By A. W. Chase, M. D. Published by F. B. Dickerson & Company, Detroit, Mich. and Windsor, Ont. To whom all correspondence should be addressed. 1891.

Book is in fair condition for its age. The binding is little shaking and the covers are solid with only slightly bumping of the corner. The back & front covers are faded. All pages are present. No missing or loose pages. Both hinges broken but are in secure condition. All pages have some foxing, no marks are present. Book also contains Household Memoranda which some of the pages have previous owners pencil writings on it as you can see on one of the pictures. Owners name on the first empty page. Some writhing on empty pages on the back of the book. The book contains a dictionary of medical terms. With 865 wonderful pages, measures 8 1/2" x 6 1/2". Pictures are a part of the description.


Dr. Alvin Wood Chase, physician, and author of the celebrated Dr. Chase's Receipt Book, was born in Cayuga County, New York, in 1817. He was a son of Benjamin Chase, a native of the State of Massachusetts. When Alvin was eleven years of age his parents located near Buffalo, N. Y., where he grew to manhood, receiving a very limited education, in a log school-house. His desire for knowledge was so strong, coupled with an ambition peculiar to his naturally energetic disposition, that he far outstripped his more dilatory companions of that humble institute of learning. When seventeen years old he left New York and found employment on the Maumee River, in the meantime devoting his spare moments to study. In 1840 he located at Dresden, Ohio, where in the spring of 1841 he married Martha Shutts, daughter of Henry and Martha Shutts, natives of New York. To this noble and gifted wife, and mother of his children, may be justly attributed much of the success that followed the doctor during his long and eventful career. From the days of his boyhood he entertained a wish to study medicine, and awaited with impatience the time when he might become a member of the fraternity. After many wanderings he settled in Ann Arbor, Mich., in 1856, where, to his intense delight, he was enabled vigorously to prosecute his studies in what was to be his future life-work. He attended lectures in the medical department of the State University during 1857 and 1858, and graduated from the Eclectic Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio, in the meantime. Prior to 1869 he traveled over a large part of the United States, acquiring valuable knowledge, only gained by practical experience, which proved a good foundation for the wonderful book which afterward gained such great celebrity. The first edition of the work, like all subsequent ones, proved a great success, and soon placed the author on the high road to fortune. In 1864 he built the first part of that magnificent structure that still bears his name. It stands on the corner of Main Street and Miller Avenue, and is an ornament to our city. The building was completed in 1868. The business had so increase that at this time fifty persons found constant and remunerative employment within the walls of the building; and the hospitality and liberality of the Doctor to the employes of the institution, as well as to the needy ones of the city, were always subjects of admiring comment. In 1873 he published his second book, of which many thousand copies were sold, and it is safe to say that fully one million and half have found their way into the homes of this and foreign countries. A few years only have elapsed since Dr. Chase was considered one of the most prosperous and well-to-do citizens of Ann Arbor; losses by thousands and tens of thousands dollars greatly reduced his accumulations so honestly acquired. It is seldom the case that so much wealth is secured in so short a time by honest endeavor. He entered into no speculating schemes, but industriously pursued a very useful calling, bringing large profits without detriment to any but on the contrary, of great value to all. But, not with standing his losses, hi did not lose his native energy and manliness of purpose, and stood before the community a conspicuous example of what energy, perseverance, and an indomitable will may accomplish. He was long connected with the Methodist church at Ann Arbor, to which, from time to time, he donated large sums of money. His liberality in this direction was remarkable, considering his income, though large. Many men, whose means were quadruple those of the Doctor, did not give one quarter as much for the advancement of this and other benevolent enterprises. He was once nominated for mayor of the city, but his business compelled him to decline the proffered honor. But the storms of life finally overtook him and swept with almost resistless fury around the now aged physician, and a few of the prejudices that characterize the human family found a resting place in the heart of this noble man; yet, when the last chapter shall have been entered in the book of life, the account will probably be balanced. The last earthly rites have been performed, and the aged veteran laid peacefully away beneath the shadow of the silent tomb. It may truthfully be said that he lived with malice toward none and charity to all. A beautiful monument marks the place where his earthly remains are laid away, but his real and ever enduring monument is seen in his life, devotion and usefulness to his fellow man.


Secretary of the Washtenaw County Pioneer Society.

Ann Arbor, Nov. 28, 1886.

CONTENTS: Dedication*publishers preface*author's preface*"In Memoriam"*Symptoms of Diseases*Medical Receipts*Nursing and Midwifery*Food for the Sick*Culinary or Cooking Department*Miscellaneous Department*Household Memoranda*Toilet Department*Dairy Department*Domestic Animals*Agricultural Department*Mechanical Department*Bee-Keeping*Dictionary of Medical Terms*Publishers Notice*Index to Medical Department*General Index.



Abdomen, enlargement of, in pregnancy*ABORTION: Causes and treatment*Precautions after*Abscess -What it is, and how to treat*Symptoms*ACCIDENT: Falling into deep water*From chloroform, to prevent*Poisoning by—what to do*How to manage*ACID: Chromic, for cancer*Drinks, for the sick*Citric, for cancer*Gallic, in consumption*Hydrochloric, in croup*In stomach*Acute inflammation of eyes, water for*Sulphurous, for scarlet fever*AGUE: Chinoidine, how to give for*Acute rheumatism, new remedy for*German cure for*How to prevent and avoid*Symptoms*Various remedies for*Alabama, resorts in, for consumptives*ALCOHOLIC LIQUORS: Cure for love of*ALTERATIVE: For female debility*Use of, leaves permanent injury*For stomach*For syphilis, successful*Or blood purifiers*Relaxing anodyne, for asthma*Pill for neuralgia*Rheumatic*Ammonia, Giles' Liniment of Iodide of*Ammonia-Saline treatment for diabetes*Syrup for boils*Animals, Dr. Mason's Liniment for*Anodyne for asthma*ANTIDOTE: For poisoning by mix vomica or strychnine*For poisoning by various causes*For Tobacco chewers' weak stomach*Anti-fat medicine*Milk as, for lead poisoning*APOPLEXY: Howtooure*Appetite, to increase or restore*Symptoms*Arrowroot jelly for the sick*ASTHMA: Quick relief and remedies for*ATROPHY: Cause and treatment of*Symptoms*Ayers Cherry Pectoral for colds, etc*Symptoms*


BABIES: Receipts*Back-ache, liniment for*Babies. (See Children)*BALM OF GILEAD BUDS: Forsore lungs*Balm, Oriental*Tincture of, for cuts, etc*BALSAM: Blackberry, for children*For wounds, cracks, etc*Peckham's Genuine, for coughs, etc*BARBER'S ITCH: Ointment for*Symptoms*BATHING: Of new-born child*Of patient after child-birth*BATTERY ELECTRIC: Faradic, in sciatica*Simple and cheap, how to make and use*Beans, a cure for Bright's disease*Bearing down of the womb*BEEF: Broth for the sick*Essence of*Tea, how to make*Beefsteak for the sick*Beer, alterative, for purfying the blood*Belly-aches*Best Liniment, the*BIG NECK: (See Goitre)*tc Symptoms*Birth. (See Labor.)*BITES: Frost, remedies for*Of mad dogs, to cure*Of poisonous insects, etc*BITTERS: Alterative*Hop, without spirits*Mrs. Chase's magic tonic*Stomach*Blackberry balsam and cordial for children*BLADDER: Inflammation of*Symptoms*State of, in child labor*BLEEDING: Of lungs, womb, rectum &c.*Styptic for*Blistering in diphtheria*Blisters, blood, to prevent*blood: blisters, to prevent* Purifying the, safest way*Purifiers, or alteratives*Spitting, valuable remedy for*bloodY FLUX: Treatment of (See Dysentery).*Symptoms*BOILS: Head, salve for*Poultice for*Symptoms*Treatment for*To scatter*BONE LINIMENT*White's Nerve and* BORAX: For erysipelas*For nervous headache* Its value in catarrh, inflamed eyes, dandruff, etc*For washing clothes* BOWELS: Action of, during pregnancy*Action of after child-birth*Blackberry tea for difficulties of*Griping of. Golden Oil for*Inflammation of* Inflammation of, poultice for*Inflammation of, symptoms*Loose, remedy for*Of children, to keep regular (See also Diarrhoea: Dysentery).*BRAIN: Inflammation and concussion of*Inflammation of, symptoms*BREASTS: Cold in, remedy for*Gathered, salve for*Sore, to avoid and cure*Swelling of, in newly-born child*Bright's disease of the Kidneys, cure for*Brister's Spanish Corn Destroyer*Broken breast, to avoid*BRONCHITIS: Chronic, remedy for*Symptoms*Treatment for*BRONCHOCELE*Alterative pill for*Alterative syrup for*Dr. Mason's remedy*Symptoms*BROTH: For the sick, Liniment for*Salve for*To prevent lockjaw after*Buchan's Dr.. Preventive for Ague*Bugle-weed; its value in consumption, etc.*Bunions, remedies for*BURNS: Artificial skin for*Remedies for*Salvefor*Butternut pills*


California Cure for cancer*Calomel, substitute for*Camphor Liniment, strong*CANCER: Esmarch's or German treatment*Green ointment for*In ear*Liniment for*New painless remedy for*Of the womb*Poultice for*Relief of pain In*Salve for*Symptoms*Wild parsnip nip root in*Carbolic Salve*CARBUNCLE: Painless treatment for*Specific for*Symptoms*CASTOR OIL: Custard, to make*To overcome nauseous taste*CATARRH: Borax in, value of*Garble for*Nasal, common sense treatment for*Ointment for*Ophthalmia caused by, wash for*Snuff for*Symptoms*CATHARTIC: Pills, compound*Pill, Dr. Chare's*Catnip Tea, to make*Chafing, ointment for*Chamomile Tea, a good tonic*Changeof Life*CHAPPED HANDS, Etc. , Cold cream of glycerine and rose for*Salve for*CHICKEN: Broth for the sick*Panada*Water* CHICKEN POX: Treatment for*Symptoms*CHILBLAINS: Remedies for*Symptoms*CHILDREN: Cholera infantum*Colds of, onion syrup for*Convulsions in*Diarrhoea*Diseases of*French remedy for hiccoughs in*Fretful*Food for*Jaundice in*Having dyspeptic tendency*Liquid physic for, in constipation*Management of*Mild eye-water for*Newly-born, management of*Pap for diarrhoea of*Nursing, colic*Sore mouth of*Urinary diseases of*Summer complaint*Weakly, food for*Weakly, rice coffee for*CHILLS AND FEVER: Prevention and avoidance*Remedies for (See Ague.)*Chlorine Water in Diphtheria*CHLOROFORM: Liniment*Poisoning by, symptoms*To prevent accident from*CHOLERA: Drops and powder for*Infallible cure for*Incipient, milk in treatment of*Other remedies*Vomiting in, to check*Symptoms*CHOLERA INFANTUM: Causes and treatment*Symptoms*CHOLERA MORBUS: Causes and treatment*Symptoms*Chromic Acid, valuable for cancer*Chromium, Chloride of, to remove cancer*Cinders in the eve. to remove*Citric Acid for relief of cancer*Claret Punch for the sick*CLEANLINESS: Importance of in children*In the sick room*Climate, changes of, in consumption*Clothing of children*Cod-liver oil. substitutes for*COFFEE: Corn, for the sick*Cause of sick headache*Rice, for tne sick*Value of in typhoid fever*COLD FEET: Ointment for*Remedy for*Cold, suspended animation from*COLDS: General Washington's cure*Onion syrup for, in children*To break up, remedies (See also Coughs, also Influenza.)*COLIC: Drops and powder for*German remedy for*Of babies*Pain-killer for*Painters treatment*Quick relief for*Quinine cure for*RoHnson's liniment for*Symptoms*Collodion, pliable, for burns, etc*CONCUSSION: Of brain*Symptoms*Confinement, probable date of in pregnancy*Congestion of lungs*CONSTIPATION: During pregnancy*Hot-water cure*Newer remedies*Of weakly women and children*Symptoms*Syrup for*Valuable pills for*CONSUMPTION: Ayer's Cherry Pectoral for*Crude petroleum for*Effect of climatic changes on*Gallic acid in*Hot water cure for*New French remedy for*Ointment for cold feet in*Pulmonary, prevention of*Simple home cure*Substitute for cod liver oil*Symptoms*Troublesome cough in, to ease*Valuable remedy for*Where to go to cure*Contagious diseases, Disinfection for*Contracted cords, liniment for*Convalescence, raw egg and inilk In*CONVULSIONS: In children*Symptoms*Copperas, Solution of, as disinfectant *CORDIAL: Blackberry*For children*Cords, Contracted, liniment for*Corn coffee for the sick*Corn tea for the sick*Corn meal gruel for the sick*CORNS: Brister's Spanish Destroyer*Remedies for*Salve for*Costiveness, (see Constipation).*COUGH: Attending slight hemorrhage of hemorrhage of lungs*Ayer's Cherry Pectoral for*In consumption—remedies*Peckham's Balsam for*Remedies for*Various remedies for*Whooping, remedies for (See also, Colds; Consumption).*Counter-irritant, Croton Oil as*Cow's teats, warts on, hand remedy for*Cracks, salve for*CRAMPS: During child labor*In the stomach*Creosote, solidified, for toothache*Croton Oil. for counter-irritation*CROUP: Emetic for*Instantaneous, internal remedy*External remedy*Onions a sure cure for*Preventive of*Cure All liniment*Symptoms*Currant Shrub for the Sick*Custard, Castor oil, to make*CUTS: balm of gileadfor*Bleeding from, remedy for*Hot water poultice for*Salve for*Remedie for*


Dance, St. Vitus cure for*Dandruff, value of borax for.*Davis, Perry, Pain-killer*Deafness, and Earache, valuable remedy for*Debilitaiing Diseases, milk treatment of*DELIKIUM TREMENS: Treatment of*Symptoms*DIABETES: Ammonia—Saline treatment for*Ergotin*Incontinence and dribbling of urine*Other remedies*Symptoms*Valuable diet for* Valuable remedy for*DIARRHCEA: Gruel for*Chronic, remedies for*Cordial for*Compound for*Milk in treatment of*Muscovite, or raw beef cure for*Of children, pap for*Of children, drink for*Of infants*Powder for*Remedies for*Symptoms*DIET: For patient after child-birth*For the sick*Milk, for indigestion*Toavoid diphtheria*Valuable, for diabetes*Dilation of strictures*DIPHTHERIA: Blistering in*Chlorine water for*Cure for*Dr. Scott's treatment for*French remedy*Ice a remedy for*Homeopathic remedy*Latest Allopathic treatment for*Successful remedies*Specific and preventive for*Sulphur treatment*Symptoms*To avoid (See Disinfectants)*Diseases of Children*Diseases of Women*DISINFECTANTS: For contagious diseases, how to use, etc*Diuretics, valuable*Nitrate of lead, in small-pox*Donahue's Rheumatic Liniment*Draft in sick room*DRINKS: Acid for the sick*Pectoral*For thirst of fever patients*DROPS: Cholera*Raw egg, for invalids*DROPSY: Hepatic, substitute for calomel in*Remedy for*Symptoms*Drowned Persons, resuscitation of*Syrup for*Duties of nurse during pregnancy, etc.*Dust in the eyes, to remove*DYSENTERY: Milk in treatment of*In children*Successful remedy for*Symptoms*DYSPEPSIA; Gaseous, effectual remedy*Hot water for*Hot water poultice for*Liquid remedy for*Lime water and milk for*Other foods for...*Tamarind waiter for*Symptoms*Various simple remedies for*Voltaire's food for*Dysuria (see Children, Urinary Diseases of).


EAR: Ache, remedies for*Ulcerations in*Fungous growth in*Earth Cure for tumors, etc*Eclectic Vermifuge*Eczema (see Salt Rheum).*EGG: Raw, and milk for the sick*Raw, drinks for invalids*Toast for the sick*Egguog, for toe sick*With milk punch, for the sick*Electricity, use of in sciatica*Elixir for cure of Ague, etc*Ely's Magic Remedy, for headache and toothache*EMETIC: Best in use*Quick, for accidental poisoning*Croup*English Shrub, for the sick*Enlarged prostate, suppository for*ENLARGED VEINS: Treatment of*Symptoms*Enuresis (see Children, Urinary Diseases of).*EPILEPSY: Of long standing, German cure for*Successful remedies*Ergot, in diabetes*Symptoms*ERYSIPELAS: Borax a remedy for*Dr. Chase's treatment of*In nose, certain cure for*Facial, (of face)*New and successful remedy*Esmareh's Treatment for Cancer*Symptoms*Essence of beef for the sick*EYES: Acute inflammation of*Exercise, importance of*Catarrhal ophthalmia, water for*Cinders and dust in, to remove*Films of, cure for*Granulation of*Stye upon, to remove*To remove iron and steel from*Washes for*Eye Waters, to make*Weak, mild remedy for.


FACE: Chapped, ointments for*Erysipelas of*Neuralgiain*Toilet wash for*Worms, to remove*Fainting, treatment for*Falling Sickness. (See Epilepsy).*Fatigue, milk as a restorative*Fat People; food to reduce their fleshiness*Female Complaints*FELON: Hot water poultice for*Remedies for*Symptoms*FEVER: Attending hemorrhage of womb*Symptoms*Bilious*Drinks for thirst In*Hay, treatment*Scarlet, milk treatment*Scarlet, preventive and specific for*Scarlet, remedies for*Sores*Tamarind water for*Typhoid, treatment in*Typhoid, milk treatment*Films on the Eye, to remove*Yellow, treatment*Fingers. Printer's sore, to cure*Fitch's Dr. S. S., rules to prevent consumption*FITS: Epileptic, German cure for*Epileptic, successful remedies*In children*Flaxseed: Lemonade, for coughs*FLOODING: After labor, treatment*FLORIDA: Raising oranges in*Toprevent*Fluor Albus (See Leucorrhea.)*Resorts in, for Consumptives lift Flux, bloody, treatment of*Foetus, movement of, in pregnancy*FOMENTATIONS: Hop*Hot, for many diseases*FOOD: For dyspeptics*For newly-born child*Forthesick*For patient in child-labor*Of babies*In diabetes, to use and avoid*Onions for, their value (See also Dyspepsia.)*Fowler's Solution, use of in cure of cancer*To reduce fleshiness of fat people*Freckles, to remove*FRENCH: Ointment for scald-head*Remedy for consumption*Remedy for hiccoughs*Fresh air, importance of, for the sick*Remedy for gonorrhea*Frost bites, remedies for*Fungous Growth in the Ear*G. Gallic Acid, In consumption*GALL STONES: Remedy for*GANGRENE: Treatment of*Symptoms*GARGLE: Common, for sore throat*Symptoms*For tonsilitis*Grandmother's, for sore throat*New, for sore throat*Garlic, to cure Gout*Strong tea, a speedy remedy*Gaseous Dyspepsia, remedy for*Gathered Breast, salve for*Genital Organs, external, itching of*Gentian root, tea of, to make*GERMAN: Cure for ague, etc*Remedy for neuralgia*Remedy for epilepsy*Treatment for cancer*Gilead buds. Balm of, for cuts, etc*Giles Liniment of Iodide of Ammonia*Gleet, remedies for Hiccoughs and nose bleed, remedies for (See Gonorrhea).*GLYCERINE: and rose, cold cream of*Ointment for chapped hands, etc*GOLDEN OIL: for griping of bowels*In sciatica*GOITRE: Alterative pill for*Recipe for*Alterative syrup for*Symptoms*Mason's remedy*To cure without coloring skin or clothing*GONORRHEA: Remedies for*GOUT: Cured by garlic*Symptoms*Graham pudding for the Sick*Grandmother's Gargle for Sore Throat*Granulation of Eyelids—remedy*GRAVEL: Remedy for*Green ointment, for old sores, etc*Symptoms*Griping of bowels, Golden Oil for (See also Colic; Cramps)*GRUEL: Cornmeal*Milk and rice*Milk, with raisins*Gums, sore, remedy for*Oatmeal for invalids*Gunpowder, burns from; remedy


Hamlin's Wizard Oil, recipe for*Hacking cough, remedy for*HANDS: Chapped, remedies for*To soften, remove tan, etc*Hard corns; to prevent and cure*HAY FEVER: Treatment of*Symptoms*HEADACHE: Ely's Magic Remedy for*Liniment for*Simple home remedy*Nervous, remedy for*Tea and coffee, the cause of*Symptoms*To cure*HEALTH: Average beat of pulse in*Ill, Indicated by neuralgia*Rules for winter*Ill, how brought on in many cases*The true way to*HEART; Burn, remedies for*Burn, symptoms of*Disease, value of buttermilk in*Diseases of*Disease, symptoms of*Palpitation of—remedy*Heat in the sick room*Shrinking of, cause and remedy*HEMORRHAGE: From kidneys*Of cuts, wounds, &c.*Of females, pill for*Of largest blood vessels, styptic for*Slight, of lungs, with cough*Of lungs, womb, rectum, &c.*Uterine, during pregnancy*Symptoms*Hemorrhoids. (See Piles).*Uterine, specifies in*Henbane, poisoning by—remedy*HERNIA: Of children, to cure*Symptoms*Treatment of*Hiccoughs and nose bleed, remedies for*HOARSENESS: Hop Bitters, without spirits, to make (See also Coughs). Hop fomentations*Hot Vapor Baths for Hydrophobia*HOT WATER: cure*Cure for consumption*Poulticefor cuts, etc*For dyspepsia*Humphrey's Dr., Pills*Husking, cracks made in, salve for*HYDROPHOBIA: Hot vapor baths for*Portuguese cure for*Remedy for*HYPOCHONDRIOSIS: Substitute for calomel in*Symptoms*HYSTERICS: Treatment of* Symptoms*Ice, as a remedy for diphtheria


IMPOTENCY: Special tonics for* Incontinence of urine, remedy for* Symptoms*INDIAN: Syrup for cough*Indigestion. (See Dyspepsia)*Inflammation: Acute, of eyes, valuable Vegetable syrup*Health rules for whiter*Remedy*Hot water poultice for*Of bladder*Of bowels*Of brain*Of eyes, value of borax in*Of kidneys*Of lungs*Of stomach*Of throat*Of womb*INFLAMMATORY RHEUMATISM: Liniment for* Salt wash ing for* Remedy for* New remedy*INFLUENZA: (A cold) symptoms* Treatment (See also La Grippe).*INJECTION: For Gonorrhea*tc Ingrowing toe nails, to cure*Insomnia (Sue Sleeplessness).*Intermittent Fever (Bee Ague)*For leucorrhea*Iodide of Ammonia, Giles Liniment of*Internal Rheumatism, remedy for*Iron, to remove from eyes*ITCH: Barber's, ointment for*In leucorrhea*Magical cure for*Ointment for*Itching of genital organs*Winter, certain remedy for


Jalap, Powder of, In Gonorrhea*Jelly for the sick*JAUNDICE: Substitute for calomel in*Successful Remedies*Symptoms


KIDNEYS: Affections of, Red Drops for*Bright's disease of, remedies for*Inflammation of*Hemorrhage from, remedy*Inflammation of, symptoms*Peckhara's Balsam for troubles of*Kings evil (See Scrofula).*King's, Dr. T. B., Remedy for diarrhoea


LABOR— CHILD-BIRTH: Pains*The "Bag of Waters"*FTRST STAGE: — The three stages*Articles needed*Attention to state of bladder*Clothing of patient*Cramps during*Food for patient*SECOND STAGE*Assisting at birth*Preparation of bed*Duties of nurse during*Tying the cord*THIRD STAGE: Convulsions and Fainting*Management of child*Management of mother after*LADIES: Mrs. Chase's Liniment for*Management, if child is still born*LA GRIPPE (or Russian Influenza)*Cure for neuralgia*Symptoms*Receipts for*Lamb Chops for the Sick*Laxative for Piles*LEAD: Nitrate of, as disinfectant in small-pox*Ointment, for piles*LEMONADE: Flaxseed, for coughs*Poison, milk an antidote for*LEMONS: As medicine, etc*Warm, for scarlet fever*Length of Life*LEUCORRHEA: Injection for*Itching in, ointment for*Ked Drops for*LIFE: How to lengthen*Remedy for*Turn of*Table of expectation of*Light in the Sick Room*Lightning Liniment*LIME WATER: As a preventive of boils*For indigestion, etc*LINIMENT: Anti-periodic, for liver, etc.*Camphor and soap to dry up milk*With milk for indigestion*Chloroform*Cure-all*For ague, etc.*Dr. Mason's*For inflammatory rheumatism*Giles*For sciatica, lumbago, stiff joints, etc.*German, for colic, etc.*Golden Oil, Dr. Chase's*Mrs. Chase's, for ladies*Lightning*Mustang*Nerve and Bone*Opodeldoc*Robinson's*Magnetic ointment*Malignant Scarlet Fever*Management of Children*Marriage chances of women for


MASON'S DR. A. B.: Liniment*Remedy for ulcerating teeth*MEASLES: Herbal treatment for*Malignant*Striking in*Symptoms*To bring them out*To ditinguish*Meat tea for the sick*Menorrhagia, remedy for*Menses. (See Menstruation)*MENSTRUATION: Cessation of, or turn of life*Deficient and painful*First signs of*Profuse*Retension of*Suppression*To restore*Menthol, in sciatica*Mercury, substitute for*Midwifery*MILK: And rice gruel*Antidote and preventive for lead poison*As a medicine*As food*Diet, with lime water, for indigestion*Hot, as restorative after fatigue*In diarrhoea, dysentery, etc*Punch for the sick*Porridge with raisins*Suppression of while nursing*To dry up, while nursing*With raw egg for the sick*Milk-Scab of Children, to cure*Mint tea to make*MISCARRIAGE: Causes and treatment*Symptoms*Treatment after*Moles, to remove*Monsel's Salts, for hemorrhages*Monthly Turns, or Menses (see Menstruation)*Mortification (see Gangrene)*Mother, management of, after child-birth*Mrs. Chase's Liniment for Ladies*Mrs. Chase's Magic Tonic Bitters*MUMPS: Treatment for*Symptoms*Muriatic Acid, in croup*Muscovite Remedy for Diarrhoea*Mustang Liniment*MUSTARD: Plaster, substitute for*Hot, foot bath*Mutton broth for the sick*Mutton for the sick


NAUSEA: Corn coffee for*Mint tea for*Spiced plaster for*Neck, swelled*Negus for the Sick*NERVE LINIMENT: White's*Nervous Headache, remedy for*NERVOUSNESS: Remedies for (See also Nervous Headache)*NEURALGIA: A warning of poor health*English remedy for*German curefor*Ladies' cure*Of face, latest cure for*Tonic pill for*Simple remedy*Night Sweats, remedies for*Symptoms*Night Sweats, remedies for*NIPPLES: Hardening of, in pregnancy*Sore, remedy for*Norton's Salve, for general purposes*NOSE: Bleeding of, remedies*Polypus in, remedy for*Sore, certain cure for*NURSE: Duties of, in pregnancy, etc*What constitutes a good one*NURSING: During pregnancy and labor*Suppression of milk during*NUX VOMICA: For constipation*Remedy for poisoning by


OATMEAL GRUEL: For the sick*For invalids and children*Obesity, to reduce*OIL: Castor, to overcome taste*Cod liver, substitute for*Croton, for counter-irritation*Dr. Chase's Golden, in sciatica*Golden, recipe for*Hamlin's Wizard*Of eggs, for hernia of children*OINTMENT: Barber's itch*Catarrh*Chilblains and frost bites*French, for scald head?*Glycerine, for chapped hands*Green, for old sores, etc &c*Itch*Lead, for piles*Leucorrhea, itching In*Magnetic*Norton's*Stimulating, for cold feet*Tumors, bruises, etc*ONIONS: A sure remedy for croup*As poultice, and for food*In whooping cough*Ophthalmia, Catarrhal, wash for*Oriental Balm*Oyster essence, for the sick


PAIN: In back, from gonorrhea*In the stomach, liniment for*Internal, or colic, German remedy (See also Pain-Killer; Cramps; Stomach)*PAIN-KILLER: Dr.Chase's Golden Oil*In place of mustard plaster*Internal for diarrhoea, &c*Truly magical for all purposes*Perry Davis*PAINTERS' COLIC: Treatment of*Symptoms*PALSY: Causes and treatment*Shaking, cure for*Symptoms*Palpitation of the heart—remedy*Panada, recipes for*Paralysis. (See Palsy)*Pap, for diarrhoea of children*Parsnips, wild, root of, in cancer*Peckham's Genuine Balsam, for coughs, etc*Pennyroyal tea, to make*Petroleum, crude, for consumption*PILE'S: After child-birth*Bleeding, remedies for*During pregnancy*Curefor*Glycerine ointment for*Laxatives for*Lead ointment for*Substitute for calomel in*Symptoms* Tumors in, simple remedy for*PILL: Alterative*Butternut*Compound Cathartic arid Liver*For ague, chills, etc*Dr. Humphrey's*For constipation*For epileptic fits*For female debility*For hemorrhage of women*Tonic, for sexual debility*For neuralgia*Pin-worms, remedies for*Pimples, remedies for*Pitting of small-pox, to prevent*PLASTER: Mustard, substitute for*Weakback (See also Poultice, Salve)*Spiced, for nausea and vomiting*PLEURISY: Remedy for*Symptoms*PNEUMONIA: Typhoid, treatment for*Symptoms*POISONING: By nux vomica or strychnine remedy for*From various causes*From wild vines, earth cure for*Lead, milk an antidote*Poison Ivy, antidote*Quick emetics in case of*Poison Oak, antidote*POLYPUS: In nose, remedy for*In womb*Pork, exciting cause of diphtheria*Porridge. (See Gruel)*Portuguese Cure for Hydrophobia*POULTICE: Crotonoil, as*For cancer*For neuralgia*Hot*Hot water for cuts, etc*Onion, for boils, etc*Onion, for diarrhoea, etc*Pumpkin*Robinson's, for inflammation, etc*Slippery elm*Yeast*Spiced, for nausea and vomiting*POWDER: Cholera*Compound, of jalap, in gonorrhea*Dyspepsia, or diarrhoea*For use in cancer*PREGNANCY: Act ion of bowels in*Management of*Probable date of confinement*Natural labor*Uterine hemorrhage during*Symptoms of*Vomiting during*(See also Labor)*PREVENTION: Of blood blisters*Of chills and fever, ague, etc*Of consumption*Of croup, diphtheria, etc*Of hemorrhage from wounds*Of diphtheria by diet*Of pitting in small-pox*Prickly heat in children, remedy for*Of scarlet fever and diphtheria*Printer's sore fingers, to cure*Proud flesh*Prurigo. (See Itch)*Public speakers, loss of voice*Pulse, in health, average beat of*Puddings for the sick*Pumpkin poultice for inflammations, etc*Pyrosis, or Waterbrash*Pus. (See Abscess)


Quiet in the sick room*QUININE: How to dissolve*In ague, chills, etc*To cure colic*In whooping cough*QUINSY: Newremedyfor*Salve for*Symptoms


RADWAY'S READY RELIEF: Recipe for*Raspberry Vinegar for the sick*In whooping cough*RECIPE: Alterative syrup*Baby's*Blackberry balsam and cordial*Brister's Spanish Corn Destroyer*Castor oil custard*Chloroform liniment*Compound Cathartic Pills*Cure-all liniment*Dr. Chase's Golden Oil*Dr. Humphrey's Pills*Gile's Liniment*Golden Oil Liniment*Hamlin'B Wizard Oil*Liver regulator*Magnetic Ointment*Mustang Liniment*Oil of eggs for rupture of children*Opodeldoc liniment*Oriental Balm*Patent liniments*Perry Davis' Pain-killer*R.R. R*Donohue's Rheumatic Liniment*Toothache Drops, Dr. Chase's*Syrup for dropsy*Teas and broths for the sick*Wheys*White's Nerve and Bone Liniment*RECTUM; Hemorrhage of*Strictures of*REMEDY: Ague, chills and fever, etc*Asthma*Bleeding of cuts, wounds, etc*Bed-wetting*Bright's disease of kidneys*Burns and scalds*Cancer*Carbuncles and boils*Catarrh*Certain, for winter itch*Cholera*Chilblains, and frost bites*Constipation*Consumption*Corns, bunions, warts, etc*Coughs and colds*Delirium tremens*Croup*Diabetes*Diarrhoea, etc*Dropsy*Diphtheria*Dr Scott's for diphtheria* Dyspepsia, etc*Earache, etc*Epilepsy*Erysipelas*Felon*General Washington's, for colds*German, for colic*Gravel*Hand, for warts on cow's teats*Headache*Hemorrhages, etc*Hiccoughs and nose bleed*Homeopathic, for sore throat*Inflammatory rheumatism*Indicated by condition of tongue*Internal rheumatism*Itching*Liver complaint, constipation, etc*Measles*Neuralgia*Painful menstruation*Piles*Pimples and skin diseases*Poisoning by mix vomica or strychnine*Polypus in fever*Sciatic and nervousness*Slight hemorrhage of lungs, with cough*Sore nose*Sore fingers of printers*Sore throat*Sunstroke and apoplexy*Spinal affections*Syphilis and teeth*Typhoid fever*Vomiting, in cholera*Whooping -cough*Worms*Resuscitation of drowned persons*Rheumatic Liniment*RHEUMATISM: Alterative for*Cure for*External remedies for*Golden Oil for*Inflammatory, liniment for*Internal remedy for*Robinson's Liniment for*Liniment for*Sciatic, successful remedies for*Rice Pudding for the sick*Symptoms*RICKETS: Remedy for* Symptoms*RING-WORM: Remedies Rose. (See Erysipelas)*Symptoms*Robinson's Liniment*RULES: For health*Management of accidents*Resuscitating the drowned*Poisoning, for*R. R. R. Liniment*RUPTURE: Of children, to cure*Symptoms*Treatment of


Sage tea, to make*SALYCILATE OF SODA: Inflammatory rheumatism, for*Nervous headache, for*Tonsilitis, for*Salicylic Acid in inflammatory rheumatism*SALT RHEUM: Salve for*Symptoms*Treatment for*Salt Washings important in disease*SALVE: Barber's Itch, etc*Black, or healing ointment*Carbolic*Cancer, for*Chaps, cracks, &c., for*Corns, for*Cold feet, in exhausting diseases, for*Felon, for*Green, for old sores, etc*Gathered breasts, for*Healing, for hernia*Itch, for*Inflamed wounds, for*Magnetic Ointment*Norton's*Robinson's, for inflammation, etc*Quinsy, for*Tumors and bruises, for*Weak back, for*White swelling, for*Scab, Milk, of children*Scald-head treatment*Scalds, instantaneous relief for*Scarlatina. (See Scarlet Fever)*SCARLET FEVER: Malignant, with putrid sore throat*Milk in treatment of*Remedies for*Remedy and preventive for*Symptoms*To distinguish measles from*When dangerous to others*To prevent spread of*SCIATICA: Cured by electricity*Linimentfor*Sciatic Rheumatism, successful remedies*Scirrhus. (see Cancer)*Simple home remedy*Scott's, Dr., remedy for diphtheria*SCROFULA: Remedies for*Scurvy, salve for*Symptoms*SEASICKNESS: Cure for*English remedy*SEXUAL DEBILITY: Tonics and remedies for (See alo Impotency)*Shaking Palsy—cure for*Shampoo, borax*SHINGLES: Treatment for*Symptoms*SHRUB: Currant, recipe* Sick, Food for the*English recipe*SICK HEADACHE: Remedies*Robinson's Liniment for*Tea and coffee cause of*SICK-ROOM: Its location, etc*Temperature of*Ventilation of*Singers, loss of voice, etc*Skin, artificial, for burns, etc*Skin diseases—remedies for*SLEEP: Amount needed*As a medicine*For children*Of new-born child*Sleeplessness, remedies for*Slippery Elm poultice*SMALL-POX. Cures for*Disinfectants in*Pitting, to prevent*Successful remedy*Symptoms*Vaccination in*Snakes, bites of, antidote*Snuff, for nasal catarrh*SODA: Salicylateof, in inflammatory rheumatism*Salicylate of, for nervous headache*Soft Corns, to prevent and cure*Salicylate of, for tonsilitis*Solidified Creosote for Toothache*SOLUTION: Copperas, as disinfectant*Forague*Of quinine*Fowler's, for cancer*Zinc, as disinfectant*SORE BREASTS: In pregnancy*To avoid and cure*Sore Chest, Peckham's Balsam for*Sore Eyes, remedies for*Sire Gums, remedy for*Sore Nipples, remedy for*Sore Nose, certain cure for*SORES: Bad, to cure*Collodion for*Fever*Salve for*SORE THROAT: Good old grandmother's*Homeopathic remedy*gargle for*Peckham's Balsam for*Prevention of*Putrid, with scarlet fever*Robinson's Liniment for*Remedies for*Sage tea for*Sour Milk Whey, to make*SPASM: Of ston.ach*(See also Convulsions)*SPECIFICS: For diphtheria*Spermatorrhea. (See Sexual Debility)*For hemorrhages*Spiced plaster for nausea, etc*Spleen difficulties, liniment for*Spinal affections, liniment for*SPRAINS: Capital remedy for*Liniment for*St. Anthony's Fire. (See Erysipelas)*Remedy for*Stiff joints, liniment for*Still-born child, treatment of mother after birth of*Stimulant for sexual debility*Stitch in the side*Stings, of wasps, bees, etc*St. John's Wort and Stramonium, ointment of*STOMACH: Acid in*Bitters, alterative for*Cramps in the, remedy*Inflammation of*Inflammation of, symptoms*Pain in, liniment for Stone. (See Gravel)*Weak, Tobacco chewer's, cure*Stones, gall, remedy for*Strains, liniment for*STRAMONIUM: Poisoning by, remedy*St. John's Wort and ointment of*Strictures of the rectum*Strychnine, remedy for poisoning by*Strong drink, cure for love of*ST. VITUS DANCE: Cure for*Stye on eye to remove*Symptoms*Styptic Colloid, bleeding of wounds*Styptic, for bleeding of largest vessels*Suffocation*SULPHUR: As disinfectant*SUMMER COMPLAINT OF CHILDREN: Treatment with, for diphtheria*Gruel for*Remedy for*Sunburn, to remove*SUNSTROKE: How to cure*Suppository, for piles*Symptoms*Suppressed menstruation. (See Menstruation)*Suspended Animation from Cold*Sweating at night*SWELLED NECK: Alterative pill for*Alterative syrup for*Mason's remedy*SWELLING: Liniment to reduce*Of breasts in new-born child*Remedy for*White, salve for*SYPHILIS: Successful remedy for*Symptoms*SWOLLEN TONSILS: Homeopathic remedy* Salicylateof soda for* Salve for*SYRUP: Alterative*Alterative, for boils*Cough*For cough, in consumption*For dropsy*Indian, for coughs*Liver, in place of pills*Onion, for colds of children*Whooping cough


Tamarind, use of, in fever*Tan to remove*Tape Worm, remedies for*Tapioca Pudding for the sick*Tar Plaster, for scald head*TEA: Blackberry, to make*Beef and meat*Catnip, to make*Cause of sick headache*Corn, for the sick*Gentian and chamomile*For neuralgia*Herb, for the sick room*Mint, to make*Pennyroyal, to make*Strawberry leaf, to make*Sage, to make*Strong, as a remedy for sore threat*Teething of children, summer complaint from*Teeth, ulcerating, remedy for*Temperature of sick rooms*Tetanus, or lockjaw, remedies and preventives*Tetter, remedy for*Texas, resorts In, for consumption*Thompson's Improved Liniment*THROAT: Inflammation of*Sore, grandmother's gargle for*Sore, homeopathic remedy for*Sore, prevention of*Sore, Robinson's Liniment for*Sore, several gargles and remedies*Sore, value of borax in*THRUSH: In new-born child*Symptoms*Treatment for*TINCTURE: Alterative for rheumatism*Cough, for consumptives*Tonic, for sexual debility*Of Balm of Gilead, for cuts, etc*Toast, egg, for the sick*Whooping cough*Tobacco: Chewer's weak stomach, antidote*Poisoning by, remedy for*Toe-nails, ingrowing, to cure*Injurious effects of its use*Toilet Wash for face*TONGUE: The condition of system shown by it*Tied, treatment of*Whatit tells*TONIC: For female debility*Gentian and chamomile*For impotency, or sexual debility*Mrs. Chase's Magic for female debility*Stimulating, for nervous debility, etc*TONSILITIS: Remedy for*Symptoms*TONSILS, SWOLLEN: Homeopathic remedy for*Salicylate of soda for*TOOTHACHE: Drops, Dr. Chase's*Remedies for*TREMENS, DELIRIUM: Treatment for*Symptoms*True way to health*TUMOR: Cancerous (See Cancer)*Earth cure for*In womb*Salve for*Turn of Life*Symptoms*TYPHOID FEVER: Milk treatment*More malignant form, treatment in*Use of water in*Symptoms*Value of coffee in*TYPHOID-PNEUMONIA.: Treatment*Typhus (See Typhoid Fever)*Symptoms*U. ULCERS: Indolent*Ulcerating teeth, remedy for*Ointment for*Bandaging for*Simple*Urinary diseases of children, remedies for Symptoms*URINE: Difficulty in passing, in pregnancy*Offensive, of women*UTERINE HEMORRHAGE: During pregnancy*Uterus, diseases of*Specifics in


Vaccination, origin and object of*Vagina, tumors in*VARICOSE VEINS: In pregnancy*Symptoms*Treatment*Veal broth, for the sick*Veins, varicose or enlarged*Vegetable broth, for the sick*Vermicide (See also Vermifuge: Worms)*VERMIFUGES: Various*Ventilation in sick-room (See also Worms)*Voice, loss of, by singers, etc*Voltaire's food for dyspeptics*VOMITING: During labor*In cholera, to check*During pregnancy*Peculiar case*Spiced plaster for*Warmth of sickroom


WARTS: On cow's teats, the hand cure*Remedies for*Wash for the face*WATERBRASH: Remedy*Symptoms*WATER: Barley, to make*Chicken, to make*Hot, cure*Eye*Hot, for cuts, etc*Hot, for dyspepsia*Lime for dyspepsia, etc*Value of in fevers*Weak Babies, food for*WEAK BACK: Liniment for*From gonorhea*Weak Eyes, remedies for*Valuable plaster for*WEAK STOMACH: Milk and lime waterfor*Tobacco chewers', antidote for (See also Dyspepsia)*Wet nurse, importance of*Wen (See Tumor)*Wetting the bed*WHEY: Suurumk tc remedy*Tamarind*Wine*White Swelling, salve for*Whites (See Leucorrhea)*WHITE'S Dr.: remedy for spinal affections*Nerv and Bone Liniment*WHOOPING COUGH: Relief of*Remedies for*Symptoms*Wild Parsnip, root in cancer*Quinine for*Wine Jelly for the Sick*WINTER: Cough, or chronic bronchitis*Health, rules for*Witch-hazel, for hemorrhages*Itch, certain remedy for*Wizard Oil, Hamlin'x*WOMB: Bearing down*Cancer of*Diseases of*Falling forward of, after child birth*Inflammation of*Hemorrhage of*WOMEN: chances of, for marriage*Diseases of*WORMS: Eclectic vermifuge*Face, to remove*Pin, remedies for*Genera I discussion of subject*Tape remedie for*Symptoms*WOUNDS: Hot water poultice for*Peckham's Balsam for*Poisom-d, Earth cure fur*Punctured, and other, to avoid lockjaw*Salve for*Remedy for bleeding from


YEAST: In scarlet fever and small-pox*Poultice for gangrene*Poultice, to make*YELLOW FEVER: Treatment for*Symptoms


Zinc, Solution of, as disinfectant*


A. Aconite, to cure soup in poultry*Acre, quantity of onions to*Advice, poetical, to boys and men*Age of horse, to judge*Agricultural Department*Alabaster, cement for*Alcohol, vinegar from*Alice's Gingerbread*Allen's Excelsior Axle Grease*ALMOND: Blanching, for cake*Icing for cake*ALPACA: Care of, and doing over*Pudding, or Chester*Dresses, to remove wrinkles and restore luster*AMERICAN: Bologna Sausage*AMMONIA: Cookies with*Green pea soup*For bee and wasp stings*Its use in washing, etc*An Acre in Onions*ANIMALS: Domestic, carrots as food for*Fleas on, to drive away (See Domestic Animals)*An Old Lady's only Cosmetic*Ants, to destroy*Apus, or cake without eggs or yeast*Apparatus, steel, to keep polished*APPLE: And other fruit puddings*Bird's-nest pudding*Bread, to make*Butter*Charlotte*Cider jelly*Compote*Corer, to make*Custard*Custard pie*Custard pudding*Fritters*Dumplings*Fruit cake*Jelly*Jelly, with pure apple flavor*Omelet*Pie Grandmother's*Pickles, spiced or sweet*Preserve for present use*Pudding, Dutch style*Shortcake*Shortcake pudding*Snow*Trees, borers in, remedy*Sweet, pudding*Turnover pudding*Turnovers, fried or baked*APPLES: Canning of*Cheese and, fritters*Dried*Dried and evaporated, to cook*Good for hogs*Pork chops fried with*Mock Minced pies with*Sour, to cook nicely*Sweet, Indian pudding with*Sweet, delicious dish with*Tapioca, pudding with*Tart, bread pudding with*To bake and can*To keep fresh*Valuable for horses*"Arf and Arf " Buckwheat cakes*Artichokes, Values of, for hogs*Artificial Honey*ASHES: Asmanure*For stock off their feed*Value of in orchard, etc*Wood and coal for currants*Asparagus, soup, of India*Wood, as manure for onions*A Temperance Pledge*Aunt Lucy's Spice Cake*Aunt Rachel's Bread Pudding*Author's Favorite Sauce for Puddings*Average weight of sheep

B. BAKED: Apple Dumplings*Apples*Batter puddings*Beans, Boston*Beef's heart with dressing*Beets*Blackberry pudding*Boston brown bread*Cabbage, very nice*Cabbage with grated cheese*Fish, sauce for*Ham cakes, for breakfast or tea*Indian bread, for tea*Hominy or " grits *Indian puddings*Meat and rusk pudding*Or cottage pudding*Peaches*Or steamed graham bread*Potato balls*Potato pudding*Quick pudding*Rice merange*Rye and Indian, or brown bread*Sliced potatoes with pork*Suet pudding*Squash*White-fish and shad*Baking, heating oven for, etc*BAKING POWDER: How to use in making cake*Biscuit with*BALLS: Biscuit*Receipts*Bread crust for*Bread, or croquettes*Duck and Oyster*Fish*Ham*Meat*Bandoline, as used in India for the hair*Potato*Barbers' bay rum, to make*Barbers' Luster, for the hair*Bark-lice, remedy*Bark Shanty Soap, or washing made easy*Barley soup*Baron Brisse's rice pudding*Barren trees, remedy*BATTER: Buckwheat to keep sweet*Puddings*Bay rum, barbers' recipe*To fry bread in*BEANS: Baked, currant catsup for*Bean soup*Boston baked*Old to Cook properly*Pork and, Kansas plan*Porridge or broth*Should be cooked in soft water*Winter Succotash*String, for winter use*BEEF: Balls, with uncooked meat*Balls, with left over meat*Cold roast, broiled*Corned, to boil with cabbage*Cold, to economize*Curing of, Pennsylvania method*Dr. Warner's recipe for curing*Dried, with eggs*Flank of, rolled and corned*Fresh, to cook to eat cold*For farmers, fresh in hot weather*Head Cheese, from bony pieces*Heart, to bake with dressing*Liver, to fry*Loaf*Pot Roast, or stew*Pickle for*Pressed*Roast, or baked*Savory, or mock tongue*Soup*Steaks, to keep fresh a long time*BEEFSTEAK: And salt pork with onions*Tongue, potted*Broiler, to make*Broiling in spider*Fried, in cracker crumbs*How to cook*Mock Duck with*Pudding, boiled*Smothered with onions*BEE-KEEPING: Comb Honey*To keep fresh a long time*Enemies of Bees*Extracted Honey*First colonies, to procure*Foulbrood*Give frames or starters*Hives for*Hiving a swarm*How to commence*Honey Vinegar*How to get straight combs*Robbing*Swarming*To clip a Queen's wing*Transferring*BEER: Cream*Wintering*Bees (see Bee-keeping)*Ginger, English*Bee Stings, Ammonia for*BEETS: Hashed with potatoes*Stewed with onions*To bake*BED-BUGS: Sulphur to exterminate*Belgian method of washing clothes*To destroy*Benzine to clean gloves, etc*BERRIES: Ice Cream with*Berkshire bogs and swine the best*BERRY: Black, pudding, jam, jelly, and cordial*Fritters*Berwick Sponge Cake, Improved*Whole (Huckle), pudding*Best Yeast, the*Big Jaw in Horses, to cure*Big Head of Horses, to cure*BILL OF FARE: For a week*Bird's-Nest Pudding*For Thanksgiving Dinner*BISCUIT: Balls*Birds, to prevent from pulling grain*Breakfast*Naples*From bread dough, to make*Plain and light*Quick*Southern*Sweet*Tea cake, instead of*With baking powder, quick*With soda, cream of tartar and sweet milk*BLACK: Clothing, renovating dye for*Ink for school purposes*To dye*Silk, care of, and doing over*BLACKING: For all kinds of leather*Black ink, to make*For shoes, etc*Black oil for horses*Black pepper for gapes in poultry*BLACKBERRY: Cordial for to make*Black-berries, culture of*Black-walnut stain*BLANC MANGE: Corn starch*Rice*Blankets, cleansing*BLEACHING: Flannels*Muslin*The hair to blonde color*Bloat In stock, to cure*Blue, to dye*Bob Heater's Shampoo*Bob, the Sea Cook, his recipe for mock- turtle soup*BOILED: Apple dumplings*Batter Pudding*Blackberry pudding*Beefsteak pudding*Cider, how to make and use*Codfish*Custard pie*Dinner, how to get up*Fig pudding*Icing for cakes*Hunters' pudding*Meats, hints for*Poor man's pudding*Rice, India fashion*Turkey, English*Bologna Sausage, to make*Whurtlebetry pudding*Boots, ladies' kid, to re-color*BOOTS AND SHOES: Cement for patching*Jet polish for*Jettme for*Rubber, to mend*To soften*BORAX: For tooth powder*Water-proofing for*For washing*To exterminate roaches*For washing clothes*To remove dandruff*BORERS: To avoid in currant bushes*"Boss" Cement*In fruit trees, remedy for*BOSTON: Baked beans*Brown bread*Cake*Cream cakes*Cream toast*Bots in Horses, to cure*Bower's Lustral Oil, for the hair*Boxes, Bushed to make*Bran, value of for horses*Boys, advice to. poetical*Brass, to clean*BREAD: Apple*Balls*Boston Brown*Breakfast loaf*Brown*Crumbs, egg omelet with*Crumb pudding*Crumbs, mock minced pie with*Crumbs, queen of puddings with*Crust of, to make soft and delicate*Currant suret loaf*Dry, and cold beef, balls*Pongh. biscuit from*Dry to use*Ginger*Good, how to make*Graham*Gridde tc cakes*Hop Yeast Potato*Indian*Kind of flour to use*Kneading*Meaning of*Minnesota corn*Naples, or biscuit*Old-fashioned Indian*Potato*Pudding, Aunt Rachel's*Pudding, fried*Pudding, with tart apples*Pudding, St. James*Pumpkin*Quick*Rice*Rye*Sauce for roast pigeons*Rye and Indian*Setting the sponge*Southern corn*Stale, pudding of*To fry*To stand In cook room till cool*Vienna bread or yeast*Wheat and Indian, steamed*Why we butter it*Yeast for, to make*BREAKFAST: Biscuits*Bread crusts for balls, dressing, etc*Buns*Cake, Norwegian*Eggs-in-the-nest, a nice dish for*For two. cents*Ham cakes for*Muffins*Potatoes for*Turkey hash for*Wafflles*Breaking glass*Breeding Ewes (see Sheep)*BRIMSTONE: A disinfectant*Brisse's. Baron, Rice Pudding*To exterminate bed-bugs*Brocade Shawls, to clean*Broche Shawls, to clean*BROILED: Beefsteak*Cold roast beef*Ham*Mackerel*Oysters*Pigs feet, "a la Barnum"*Tomatoes*Venison steak*Broiler, beefsteak, to make*Brood mares, care of*BROTH: As made in India*Bean*Scotch*Mutton*BROWN: Boston, bread, baked*Bread, baked and steamed*Bread, New England style*To dye*Hair dye*Buckeye Cake*Buck, selection of for breeding*BUCKWHEAT: Batter, to keep sweet*Cakes, Meek*For poultry*Griddle cakes*Buffalo Cake*BUGS: Fed to destroy*Chintz, to destroy*Klack. in IIubbard squash, to kill*On squash or cucumber vines, to kill*Potatoe to keep away*Rose, remedy for*To exterminate*Striped to destroy*To prevent, on vegetables*BUNS: Better than baker's*To prevent, on vines*Breakfast*Easter, or "Hot Cross,"*Burns and scalds, remedy for*Burning, to avoid in roasting turkey*Burnt Corn for Hogs*BUSHEL: Pounds per, of grains, etc*Boxes, to make*Business, how to succeed in*BUTTER: Advantage of creamery for Cherry and washing*Gilt-edged, to make*Good, in winter*How to work*Ill smelling, to correct*In making cake*Lemon*"New departure" in making*Prize, how made*Spanish fruit*Sponge cake*To keep, in hot weather*Why used on bread*BUTTERMILK: Cheese from*Graham gems with*White cake with

C. CABBAGE: Baked, very nice*Baked with grated cheese*Bugs in, to prevent*Plants, best way to set out*To destroy cut worm*To prevent club feet*Worms, remedy*CAKE: Apees, or without eggs or yeast*Apple fruit*Apple fritters*Baking,- heat of oven, etc*Boston*Boston Cream*Buckeye*Buffalo*Buns and rolls, various*Caraway Cookies*Charity*Chocolate*Chocolate jelly*Charlotte Polonaese*Choice*Cider*Cocoa cones*Cocoanut*Cocoanut drops*Coffee*Cold jelly*Dark*Delicate, various*Delicious filling for layer*Drop*Farmers gems*Fig pound*French cream*French loaf*Fried, or doughnuts, etc*Fritters, various*Fruit, various*General remarks and explanations*German crisps*Gingerbread*Ginger cookies*Ginger drop*Ginger snaps*Griddle, various*Ham, for breakfast or tea*Hermit's*Icing for*Jelly*Jumbies*Kansas puffs*Keeping*Lady*Lady fingers, as made in India*Lemon*Lemon jelly*Lemon jelly for*Loaf*Love knots for tea*Macaroons*Making up of*Marble*Martha's*Materials for*Molasses*Muffins*National*Norwegian breakfast*Nutmeg*Orange jelly*Prince of Wales*Palmetto flannel*Philadelphia cream puffs*Poor man's*Pork*Potato*Potato jelly*Rose flavored cookies*Rusk, various*Rye and Indian*Rye drops*"Sally Long" or tea*Sally Lunn*Saratoga tea*Scotch*Scotch oat*Short-cake, various*Snow*Spanish fritter puffs*Spiced*Sponge*Sugar cookies*Sweet potato*Tea*To stand in cook-room till cool*Vanilla*Velvet cream*Vermont and Measures for*White*White Mountain*Without eggs*Calcimining, how done*Calf's liver head-cheese*Calicoes, washing of*California, cure for ringbone*Method of packing fruits*Calomel, for hog cholera*CALVES: Feeding in winter*Indigestion of, remedies*Lice on, to kill*Raising by hand (See also Cattle)*CHOLERA: Chicken, to cure*Disinfectant after*CHOWDER: Famous Rhode Island, or*St. James*With fish or clams*Churn, butter not to be gathered in*Christmas, plum pudding, old style*Churning, of butter*CIDER: Apple, jelly*Boiled*To keep*Vinegar*Cake, without eggs or milk*Cistern, how to build*Citron, preparation of, for cake*Clams, chowder with*Claret, wine jelly*CLEANING: Brass*Coffee pots, etc., inside*Flat irons*Glass globes*Oil cloth*Painted Surfaces*Silverware*Zinc*CLEANSING: Barrels, etc (See Washing)*CLOTH: Fire proof*Water proof*Oiled for hot beds, etc*Fruit stains, to remove from*Indellible ink for marking*To remove iron rust from*To remove grease, etc., from*To remove mildew from*CLOTHES-CLEANING: Soap for (See Washing)*Club feet, of cabbage to prevent*Coal for hogs*Cocoa, cones*COCOANUT: Cake*Candy, to make*Milk in cooking rice*Drops*CODFISH: And eggs*Balls*To boil*Codling Moth, remedy for*COFFEE: Cake*Coffee pots, to clean inside*Jelly*COLD BEEF: And dry bread or biscuitmballs*Roast, broiled*COLD: In the chest, onions for*To use economically*Storage of fruits, eggs, etc*Water cake*Cole (cold) slaw to make*Weather, soup plates to be heated in*Collups, Scotch, with veal*Colic in horses, to cure*Cologne, fine and cheap*Color of plants to preserve in drying*COLORED: Cotton goods to wash*COLORING. For domestic uses*Silk handkerchiefs, to wash*Of butter*Colors of cotton goods, to fix*COLTS: Diarrhoea In, to cure*Weaning and wintering*Raising and breaking*Comb Honey (See Horses)*Compote, apple*Common cake*Concentrated lye, for soap*Concrete proportions of materials for*CONDITION POWDERS: For Horses For Horses and Cattle*Candy's Fluid, for disinfecting, etc*COOKIES: Caraway*Excellent*Ginger*Plain*Ginger, with molasses*Rose flavor*Spiced*With ammonia*Sugar*Cook room, bread, cake and pie to stand in till cool*Cooling, of bread, cake, and pie*Copper, to clean*Copperas color, for carpet rags*Copying ink, black*CORN and bean soup*Cordial, Blackberry, for the children*Bread*Bread, old-fashioned*Bread, Minnesota*Bread, Southern, far-famed*Bread, Southern, improved*Burnt for hogs*Cake*Cut in blossom for milch cows*Dodgers, Kentucky*Dodgers, white*Fodder for cows*For hogs*For poultry*Fritters*Green, egg omelet with*Green, soup*Oysten*Hurt stomake*Popped, pudding, to matte*Vinegar*Raising for soiling and feeding*Tocan*Seed, to keep*To fry*To keep birds from*Corn and pork, to get the most from*To make vinegar with*Corn crib, rat proof*CORNED: Beef, to cook with cabbage*CORN MEAL: Custard*Beef, flank of, rolled*Muffins*Corns of horses' feet, to cure*Cornstalks for cows*CORNSTARCH: Blancmange*Cake*Float with*Pudding*COSMETICS: Fortheface*Snow pudding with*Cotswold sheep, the best*An old lady's only one*COTTAGE PUDDING: Recipes for*Sauce for*COTTON GOODS: Colored, to wash*To dye*Covering for steam pipes*COWS: Dairy, to be Dairying, profit Of*Durham*General remarks as to care of*Jersey*How to feed field turnips to*Kicking, to stand quiet*Milk fever, to avoid*Milk, to dry off*Milk, to increase*Over-eating, what to do*Soiling*Tumors on, to cure*Cows vs. sheep, comparative profit*Cracked hands, to cure (See also Cat tie)*Cracked walls, to clear of bed-bugs*CRACKED WHEAT: Pudding*Mush, excellent*CRACKERS: Crumbs of, beefsteak fried with*Crumbs of, mock minced pies with*To make*Suet pudding with*Cracknels, Scotch, of oatmeal*Cracks in wills, to fill*CREAM: Batter puddings with*Cake, various*Cole slaw with*Croqi lettes, a substitute for hash*Fritters*Ice, to make*Muffins, with*Or custard pudding*Of tartar, how to use, for cake*Pie*Vnstry or pie-crust*Pudding*Puffs, Philadelphia*Salad*Toast, Boston*Spongecake*Velvet, a delicious dessert*Creamery, management of*Beer or soda, to make*Creams, chocolate, to make*Crib, corn, rat proof*Cribbing of hor-es, to cure*Crickets, to drive away*Crimps, to keep in place, in damp weather*Crisps, German*CROQUETTES: Cream, a substitute for liash*Punk and oysters*Hulled corn, to make*Or bread balls*Crullers, or Fried Cakes*CRUMBS: Bread, queen of puddings with*Bread and cracker, mock minced pie Bread, or meat and rusk pudding with*Cracker, beefsteak fried with*CRUST: For pies*Of bread, to make soft and delicate*Pie, baking before filling*Pie, glaze of, to prevent escape of juices*CUCUMBERS: A paying crop*Bugs on. to kill*Chow-Chow with or without*Fresh, for towns-people*Selection of*Fresh, to prepare for table*CULTIVATION: Of onions*CULTURE: Of Quinces*Of Potatoes*Of Raspberries, keeping clear of weeds*Of Raspberries, mulching or covering*Of Raspberries, pinching off leaves*Of Raspberries, the kind to raise*Of Roots, to feed stock*Of Strawberries*Cup cake, Rye Drops*Curculios on plum trees, remedy*Curling liquid, for the hair*CURRANT: Cake*Sweet loaf*Catsup*Bushes to set out*Bushes grafting*To avoid borer and mildew*English, for cake*When to plant*CURRIE: Chicken, as made in India*Worms, remedy*Chicken, with rice*Powder, to make*Curried veal or chicken*CUSTARD: Apple*Currie Vinegar, to make*Apple, pudding*Apple, pie*Cake, or Improved Berwick Sponge Cake*Carrageen*Corn meal*French tapioca*Frosted*How to make*Jelly cake*Pie, boiled*Lemon pie, extra*Potato pie*Rice*Pudding*St. James*Substitute for*Cutlets, rabbit*Without eggs*Cut-worm of cabbage, to destroy*Cut-worms, to destroy

D. Dairying, profit of*Dairy cows, to feed*Dandruff, to remove*Danish tapioca pudding*"Dandy " custard pudding*Dark cake*DELICATE: Bread crust, to make*Decay of fence posts, etc., to prevent*Cake*Delicious dish with sweet apples*DELMONICO'S: Recipe for cooking oysters*Substitute for hash*Dentifrice (see Tooth-Powder; Borax)*Depilatory to remove superfluous hair*Dessert, delicious*Diarrhoea, to cure*Diarrhoea of cattle, to cure*DIGESTION: Of Cattle*Of Hordes*DINNER: Boiled, how to get up*Graham bread for*Cucumber catsup*Potatoes for, pfloh day in the week*Thanksgiving bill of fare, etc* Dio Lewis' " Breakfast for Two Cents,"*DISINFECTANT: After cholera*Dish of Scraps, a*Disposition of Horses, general remarks on*For cess pools, quick*Distemper in colts, treatment*DODGERS: Kentucky corn*White corn*DOGS: Fleas on, to drive away*How to give advantage to sheep over*Lice on, to kill*Poisoned by strychnine, antidote*DOMESTIC ANIMALS: Carrots as food for*Mange upon, sure remedy*Horses and, treatment of (See Horses, Cattle, Dogs, Cows, Poultry)*Dough, Bread, to make biscuit from*DOUGHNUTS, or Fried Cakes*Raised*Drab, to dye*Dr. Chase's Magic Mender*DRESSING: Baked fish with*Beef's heart, to bake with*Bread crust for*Salad, for any kind of meats, etc*DRIED: Apples (See also Salad: Sauce)*Apple shortcake*Beef with eggs*Peach pudding*DRIED APPLES: How to cook*Juice of, as beverage for the sick*Manner of cooking*Drilling glass*Wholesomeness of, as food*Drink, summer, pleasant*Drippings in making cake*DROP CAKES: Ginger*Or macaroons*Bye, cup*Drops, Japanese Toothache*Rye and Indian*Dr. Warner's recipe for curing beef*Dry bread and cold beef balls*Drying of fruit*Dry bread, to use*Duchesse Potatoes*DUCK: And oyster croquettes*Mock, with veal or beefsteak*Roast, with potato stuffing*To bake, wild or tame*Duke of Cambridge Pudding, with candied peel*Dulce de Lece, or Spanish sauce*Dumplings, apple*Durham cows*Dust baths, necessary for poultry*Dutch apple pudding*"Dutch Turkey"*DYE: Forthehair*DYEING: Black for silk*Renovating, for black clothing*Black, in dress goods*Black, on wool or cotton*Blue, for carpet rags*Blue, on cotton rags*Blue, permanent*Brown, for woolens*Brown, various shades*Brightred*Claret, for woolens*Copperas with lye*Crimson*Darktan*Drab*Fawn drab Oil Green*Imperial blue for silk and wool*Nankeen*Pink, in cotton*Scarlet in cotton or silk*Seal brown*Sky blue for woolens*"True Blue"*Yellow*Dyes for Domestic Uses*DYSPEPSIA: Healthfulness of hard- boiled eggs in

E. Easter, or "Hot Cross "Buns 395 Ebony stain for wood*Egg-eating hens, remedy*EGG: Muffins, to make*Plant, fried*Preservatives*Toast*EGGS: Batter pudding with*Cake without*Chopped, with pudding, a la Crime*Codflshand*Dried beef with*Fried or baked, for breakfast*Gruel of, for the sick*Fried potatoes with*Ham and*Hard-boiled, in dyspepsia*Howtoboil*Indian puddings without*How to preserve*In making cake*In-the-nest*Minced veal with*Muffins with and without*Omelets*Poached withfried ham*Potatoecake, without*Tapioca pudding without*Rusk, without*To determine sex of*Elevator from cellar to pantry*To keep by cold storage*ELY'S: Sea Foam, for the hair*ENGLISH: Chester or almond flavored Best Hair Dyes*Currants, for cake*pudding*Ginger beer, to make*Plum pudding*Method of boiling and frying turkey*Welsh rarebit*Englishmen's Taste, plum pudding to*Yorkshire pudding*ENSILAGE, how to accomplish (See Silos and Ensilage)*Epizootic, successful treatment*Erasion Compound*ESCALOPED: flavoring, to make*Evangeline's Gingerbread*Everton Taffy, to make*Evaporated Apples, how to cook*EWES: Breeding, care of*Drab, with tea*Breeding, how spoiled*Breeding, time to select*Flexible paint for canvass*EXTRA: Batter-pudding*EXTRACTS: Flavoring, to make*fiye Water, for horses*Lemon and orange to make

F. FACE: Cosmetics for*Factory, cheese, articles and cost*Rough, camphor ice for*Failure in business how to avoid*Famous Rhode Island chowder*Farina Jelly*Farm, value of sheep on*Farmers' gems to make*Fast or spirituous sauce for puddings*FATTENING: Hogs*Poultry*Sheep*Fawn drab, to dye*Stock, how to do it*FEATHER BED: Tick, to remove stains*To renovate*FEEDING: Dairy cows*Stock horses*Feet, pigs', broiled "a la Barnum"*FENCE TOSTS: Importanceof seasoning*Importance of tamping, etc*Fermentation, to keep fruit juices from*To preserve*Fertilizer, coal ashes as*Field turnips, how to feed and not flavor milk*FIG: Poundcake*PIGS: Frost Cor dessert*Pudding, boiled, to make*Tomato*Peach, very nice*Filter, hoire-made, cheap*Filling, delicious for layer cake*FINGER: marks on doors, to remove*Fingers, Lady, to make*Fire-proof cloth, to make*To remove from windows, mirrors, etc*Fire-proof shingles, to make*FISH: Baked and stuffed*Fire-proof wash for shingles*Balls*Chowder with*Hints for cooking*Potato pudding with*Fistula in horses, remedies for*To fry*Flank of beef, rolled and corned*FLANNELS: Moths, to remove*Flannel cakes Palmetto*To wash*Flat-irons: To clean*To wash and dry*FLAVORS: Almond, In pudding*Essences for*For ice cream*Of herbs, how to preserve*Strawherrv, for pudding sauce*FLAVORING EXTRACTS: For cakes*To make*Lemon and orange*Flaxseed for cows*Sleece, care of*Fleas, to drive away*To drive away*With corn starch or flour*Floor, paint and stain for*Floating island pudding*FLIES: poison for*Brown Bread, steamed*FLOAT: Strawberry*Extracted Honey*Lemon custard pie*FLOUR: Good, essential to good bread*To prepare for making cake*FLUID: Condey's Disinfecting*Graham, pumpkin shortcake with*Fly poison*Washing*Fly Stick -um-fast*FOOD: For farm stock (See Horses; Cattle.)*Foot rot in sheep, to prevent and cure*For poultry*Foul flesh on stock, to cure*Forest trees, planting of*FRENCH: Chocolate jelly cake*Cream cake*Depilatory*Loaf cake*Dishes, why superior to others*Method of destroying insects*Pickles*Salad*Tapioca custard*Toast*Fresh beef, to cook for use when cold*FRICASSEED: Chicken*FRIED: And boiled turkey*Rabbit pie*Apple turn-overs*Beefsteak in cracker crumbs*Bread*Cakes*Bread pudding*Cakes, rye and Indian*Eggs*Ham*Minced turn-over*Mush*Norwegian breakfast cake*Oysters, according to Delmonico*Potatoes, Saratoga*Pork chops, with apples*Potatoes, with eggs*Salt pork*Fritter puffs, Spanish*Squash*FRITTERS: Apple*Corn*Cream*Cheese and apples*Minced meat*Fruit and berry*Plain, and quick*Potato*Orange*Oyster*Sweet*Frogs, how to cook*FROSTED: Custard, to make*Figs, for dessert*Silverware to clean*Frosting (see Icing)*FRUIT: As a medicine*Butters*Cake, apple*Cake.plain*Cake, premium*Cake that will keep for months*Cake, very nice*Canning of*Dried*Drying of*Glaze, pie crust, to prevent escape of juices*Glossy Ink, to make*Home dried, for cake*How and when to be eaten*Packing, Calif ornia method*Pickles, spiced or sweet*Pies*Preserved*Selection of for cake*Shortcakes*Stale bread pudding with*Stains, to remove*To keep*Suitable vessels for cooking*Various, puddings of*To keep by cold storage*FRUIT TREES: Barren, remedy (See also Apple; Peach; Tomato)*Caterpillars on, to destroy*Chloride of lime for grubs, etc*Girdling of, to prevent and cure*How to plant*Labels for*Manuring of orchards*Old bark, to renew*Pear blight*Pearculture*Plum trees*Quinces*Rapidity of growth*Right soil for*Shade trees*To protect from mice and borers*To protect from rabbits*Various berries*Trimming, etc*Fungus in cellars, to destroy*FURNITURE: polish for*Stain for*FUSS: Moths to remove from*Upholstered, moths in*To put away*White, to clean

G. Galled shoulders, to prevent and cure*Game Soups*Gardening in a hogshead*Gapes in poultry, to cure*Gargling Oil for horses, etc*GELATINE: Icing for cakes with Geese (See Poultry)*Queen Mab's pudding with*Snow pudding with*Gems Graham, to make*GENERAL REMARKS: On making bread*On making pies*On making cake*GERMAN: Crisps, to make*On making pudding*Silver, to solder*Method of getting rid of rats*GINGER: Bread*Bread, poor man's*Cookies*Snaps*GINGER: Beer, to make*Pop, to make*Girdling of trees, to prevent and cure*GLASS: Cement for*To break as you like*To drill*Globes, to clean*Glaze, pie crust, to prevent escape of juices*Glossy Ink, to make*Gloves, kid, to clean*GLUE: Cement with, cheap*For veneering, etc*Liquid*Moth proof*Waterproof*Golden Buck or Welsh rarebit*GOOSEBERRIES: Setting out*To avoid mildew*Grafting wax, to make*When to plant*GRAHAM: Bread, one loaf*Bread, to make*Breade, with soda, baked or steamed*Flour, pumpkin shortcake with*Griddltt cakes*Gems*Muffins*Grain, pounds per bushel*Pop-overs*GRAPE: Catsup, to make*Grandmother's apple pie*Jam or marmalade*Jelly stomake*Juice, to can or bottle*Grapes, to can*Juice, to keep*Grass, Hungarian, for cows*Gravel for poultry*Gravel walks, weeds in, to destroy*GRAVY: For potatoes (See also Sauee)*Gray hair, to restore color to*GEEASE: Refuse, to make snap*To make soap*Spots to remove from clothing*GREASE HEEL: Of horses, ointment for*To cure*To remove from floors, etc*Green apple jelly to make*GREEN CORN: Soup*To can (See Corn )*Greenhouse, best shading for glass*Green lice on plants, to destroy*Green pea soup*Green salve for Horses*Green, to dve*GRIDDLE CAKES: "ArfandArf"*Batter for, to keep to make*Growth of trees, rapidity of*Gruel, oatmeal, for invalids and children*Guinea towl, valut of*Pop, to make*Girdling of trees, to prevent and cure*GLASS: Cement for*To break as you like*To drill*Globes, to clean

H. HAIR: Pomade for*To bleach W Superfluous, to destroy*Hair curling liquid*HAIR DRESSING: with bay ram*With home-made perfume*HAIR DYE: Brown*HAIR OIL: Very fine*Eley's best*HAIR RESTORATIVE: Good*That, turns gray hair*Italian*Ilalland King's*HAIR TONIC: Bob Heater's shampoo*Barbers' luster*Hair wash, Italian*Eley'-sea Foam*Halter pulling of horses, remedy*HAM: And eggs, ext ra nice*And veal odds and eada economically used*And tongue toast*Balls*Broiled*Cakes, baked*Curing of*Fried, with poached eggs*Loaf*Omelet with*Pies, chicken and*To bake, and omelet from odds and*To keep after being smoked 413 ends*HANDS: Dressing for*To keep the year round*To keep soft in winter*Wash for Ladies*Handkerchiefs, colored silk, to wash*Wash for when rough from cold*Hands, chapped, pomade for*HARD BOILED EGGS: In Dyspepsia*Hands, crocked, to cure*Hard soap, to innke*In typhoid fever*Harness, breaking colts to*Hard Water, to soften*HASH: Chicken*Delmonico's substitute for*Liver*Hawks, best way to catch*Poultry*HAY: Pea-vine, to cure*Time to cut*HEAD CHEESE: Beef or veal, with in place of*Heart, beef's, to bake with dressing*Heat of oven for baking cake*Heaves in horses, to cure*Hellebore,for currant worms, etc*Hens (see Poultry)*Herbarium, to prepare plants for*HERBS. Sweet, for seasoning food*How to raise, etc*Hermits*Value or for stews, etc*Hides, tanning with hair on*Hives, for bees*Hiving Bees, various methods*HOGS: Apples, good for*Artichoke for*Berkshires, why best*Best kind to raise*Carbon for*Cause*Cholera of*Corn and pork, to get most from*Dorn for*Jalomel for*Fall care of*Fattening*Fleas on, to drive away*Lice on, to destroy*Kidney-worm to remove*Origin of*Preventive and cure*Preparing food for*Scurvy on*"Ringing" hogs, a cause*Sows eat ing their pigs, to cure habit*Soap, a preventive*Hogsnead, gardening in a*Symptoms and treatment*Holes, in walls, to fill*Holland met hod of washing clothes*Hollow Horn, to cure*Home-made cheese*Home-made flavoring extracts*Home-made filter, to make*Home style of cooking potatoes*Hominy, to make*HONEY: artificial*Comb*Extracted*Pudding*HOP YEAST: Potato bread*Vinegar, to make*Horseman's Hope Liniment*Tomake vinegar*HORSES: Apples valuable for*At work, food necessary for*Big head, swellings and sprains, to cure*Bots tn, remedy*Bran for*Colic in, to cure*Brood mares, care of*Condition powder for*Corns or shoe boils*Condition powders*Digestion of*Cribbing of, to cure*Epizootic*Distemper in colts, treatment*Feeding*Fleas on, to drive away*Fractious, managing and shoeing*Galled spots, to prevent and cure*General remarks*Grease heel, to cure*Halter Pulling, remedy*Heaves in, to cure*How to choose and buy*Inflammation of bladder of*How long they ought to work*Kicking and runaway, to cure*Lice on, remedy*Liniments, oils and salves for*Mange in, remedy*Old, food for*Pawingtocure*Parsnips good for*Profit of raising*Poll-evil, fistula, etc*Raising and breaking*Ringbone, spavin, etc*Scratches, grease heel, etc*Scours in, remedy*Shying, cause and cure*Splints, ointment for*Strains, swelled legs, etc., to cure*Sweeney, to cure*Surfeit in, to cure*To judge age of*Thoroughpins to cure*To teach to back*Vicious to train*Turnips valuable for*Warts on, to cure*Weaning and wintering colts*White spots on, to match*Wind galls, to cure*HOT BEDS: Oiled cloth for*Worms, remedies for*"Hot cross" buns, to make*Best shading for glass*Hot slaw, to make*HOT WEATHER: To have fresh meat in*To make butter flrm in*House cleaning, value of ammonia for*To keep butter in*Household memoranda*Hoven in stock, to cure*Hubbard squash, black bug on, to destroy*Huckleberry pudding, boiled*HULLED CORN: Croquettes, to make*"Grits," to make*To make*Hungarian grass for cows*Hunter's Pudding, boiled

I. ICE: Camphor, for chapped hands, etc*Cream, various, to make*Ices, water, to make*House, to build good and cheap*ICING: Almond*Boiled, for cakes*Chocolate*Colored*With gelatine*Hi-smelling meats, etc. to correct*Without boiling*Imperial cake*Improved Berwick Sponge Cake*Improved Catsup*Improved Southern Corn Bread*INDIAN: And rye bread*Asparagus soup*Boiled rice*Bread, for tea, baked*Bread, extra, steamed*Bread, old-fashioned*Broths, veal and lamb*Brown bread*Chicken currie*Currie powder*Green tea soup*Drop cakes*Griddle cakes*Meal, Johnny cake, etc*Method of making Prussian soup*Method of making lady fingers*Mush, to make*Puddings, various*Puree, to make*Rusk*Indelible Inks*Wheat and, bread*Indigestion of calves, remedy*Inflammation of bladder, in horses*INK: Black*Black copying*Cheap*Black, for school purposes*For zinc labels for trees, etc*Glossy*Indelible*Marking, for sheep*Printer's, to remove from clothing*Inlaying, glue for*To remove from clothing*Insecticide (See Insects)*INSECTS: On plants, to kill*On plants, French method of killing*INTEREST: Rate of, in Western States and Canada*Invalids, Oatmeal gruel for*Simple and easy rate for*Irish Moss Custard*Irish Stew, to make*IRON: Cement for*Flat, to clean*To prevent rust*Iron, to solder*Iron Rust, to remove from clothing*Zincing*ITALIAN: Cheese*Island, floating, pudding*Hair wash*Mush, to make*Or Macaroni Soup

J. JAM: Blackberry*Grape*James', St., stale bread pudding*Quince*Jams and marmalades, to make*JAPANESE: Cement, to make*Japonica, to dye with*Toothache drops*Jars, plant, to paint and bronze*JELLY: Apple*Apple cider*Apple, with pure flavor*Bag, to make*Cake*Blackberry*Cake, lemon*Cake, chocolate*Cake, orange*Chocolate*Claret wine*Coffee*Custard cake*Delicious for any layer cake*Farina*Lemon and apple*Grape*Lemon, for cake*Port wine, for the cows*Jettine for ladies'shoes*Jewelry, to clean*Johnny cake, Vermont*JUMBLES: Or sand tarts*Rich*Soft*K. Kansas Pork and beans*Kansas Puffs, to make*Keeping Bees (See Bee-Keeping)*Keeping cakea. hints for*Kentucky corr dodgers*Kerosene, to keep off striped bugs*LIVER: Beef, to fry*Kicking horses, to cure of habit*Kicking cows, to quiet*KID: Boots to recolor*Gloves, to restore worn spots*Oloves, to clean*Kidney worms, in hogs to remove*Kneading of bread*Knives, to cleff from rust

L. LABELS: Cement for*Fortrees*LACE: Fine white, to clean*To renovate*Ladies' hands, wash for*LADY: Cake*LAMB: Broth as made in India*Fingers, as made in India*Roast, meat sauce for*Shoulder of, stuffed*LAMBS: Time to appear*Lard, in making cake (See Sheep)*Laundry hints for*Lawn dresi.es. care of (See Washing)*LAWNS: plantains on, to destroy*To drive ant from*Layer strawberry short cake*LEAKS: In chimneys, etc., to stop*Leather, cement for*In steam boilers, cement for*LEMON: And apple jelly*Legitimate business, how to succeed In*Butter*Custard pie, extra*Cake*Essence of, to make*Ice Cream*Flavoring extract, to make*Jelly, for cake*Pie, quickly made*Pie, with raising*Spongecake*Sauce, for puddings*Water ices*Syrup, to prepare*Lemons, to pack*Lemonade, excellent, to make*LICE: Bark, remedy for*In poultry, to destroy*On cattle, horses, etc .remedy*On hotrs, to remedy*On live stock, to kill*To prevent on setting hens*On plants, to destroy*LIGHT: Biscuit, to make*LIME: Air slacked, to destroy rose-bugs*Muffins, very nice*As manure*Chloride of for rats, etc*For currant worms*LINEN: Brown, to wash*In making Soap*Glossy, how done*Scorched, to whiten*Liniments for Horses*To remove paint, etc., from*LIPS: Chapped, Camphor Ice for*LIQUID: For curling hair*Liquid manure for strawberries*Calf's, head cheese*Hash, to make*Live Stock, warts in, to cure*LOAF: Cake (See Horses; Cattle; Sheep; Hogs)*Currant, sweet*Cake French*Meat, various*One, of graham bread*Vienna breakfast*Lobster salad*Logwood, black ink from*London brown, to dye*London "Hot Cross" Buns*Love knots for tea*Susy's, Aunt, spiced cake*Luster, to restore in alpaca dresses*Lusiral Oil (See Hair Tonic)*Lye, concentrated, for soap

M. Mab's, Queen, pudding with gelatine*Macaroni soup, Italian*Macaroons, or drop cake*Machinery, to keep from rusting*Mackeral, Broiled*Magical Toothache Drops*Make-believe terrapin soup*Management of fractious horse*MANGE, in dogs, remedy for*In horses, remedy*MANURE: Ashes, lime and salt, for wheat*for orchard, etc*Salt as*Liquid, for strawberries*Wood ashes for onions*Manuring, advantages of*Marble cake, to make*Marble, cement for*Mares, brood, care of*Marking ink, for sheep*MARMALADE: Grape*Quince*To make*Martha's cake*Mats, to make from sheepskins*Mayonnaise or French salad*Maxims for poultry keeping*MEAT: And rusk pudding, baked*Meal, val ue of for dairy cows*Balls, from left-over*Balls, nice*Cold, economical use of*Curing, various methods*General remarks for cooking*Fritters, minced*Minced, for pies*Potato pudding with*Pies*Potted Scotch*Putid or ill-smelling, to correct*Sauce for, Delmonico's*Salad dressing for*Mechanical Department*Scotch potted*Medicated soaps, to make*Medicine, fruit as*MELONS: Selection of*Memoranda for Household*Bugs on, to prevent*Merange, rice, baked*Mice, to exterminate*Milch cows (see Cows: Cattle)*MILDEW: To avoid on currant bushes*To remove from clothing*MILK: Batter pudding, with and without*Butter, white cake with*Cocoanut, for cooking rice*Lemon cake, with and without*Soup*New potatoes in*Sour, batter puddings with*Sour, suet pudding with*Sweet, biscuit with*Sweet, suet pudding with*Tapioca pudding without*Sweet, white cake with*Toast*i'o clean kid gloves*To increase in cows*Milk feveir of cows, to avoid*Milking, shed for*Milk-pails, care of and kind*MINCED: Meat for pies*Meat fritters*Pies, Crust for*Pies, various*Turn-over pies*Mineral coal for hogs*Veal, with poached eggs*MINT: Sauce made in India*Sauce for roast lamb*MOCK: Beef tongue, or savory beef*Mirrors, finger marks to remove from*Buckwheat cakes*Duck, with veal or beefsteak*Minced pies*MOLASSES: Cake*Turtle soup*Cake with, how to bake*Ginger cookies with*Vinegar from*Sponge cake*Mortgages, destructive properties of*Taffy, to make*Mosquitoes, to exterminate*Moss, scaly, of rocks, to dye with*Moth, codling, remedy for*Mother's strawberry shortcake*Moth glue, to make*MOTHS: In carpets, to prevent*In upholstered furniture, etc*Powder, to put away furs, etc*To prevent*Trade secret, to remove*Mrs. Chase's sponge cake*Mrs. Rice's gingerbread*MUFFINS: Breakfast*Mucilage, to make*Corn meal*Eggs*Graham*Mush*Rice*MUSH: Cracked wheat*Italian or Polenta*Muffins*Oatmeal*Rye or Indian*Mushroom Catsup, to make*To fry*MUSLIM: Bleaching of 537*MUTTON: Loaf*Washing of*Stews*It. Nails to drive hard timber*Nankeen, to dye

N. NAPLES: Bread or biscuit*Nap the to clean clothes, gloves, etc*Pudding, with candied peel*National Cake, to make*New England style, of brown bread*New Potatoes, a la crime*Nickel Plating*Night, setting bread sponge over*Nitrate of Silver, stains to remove*Noodle Soup, to make*Noodles, for soup, to make*Norwegian Breakfast Cakes, fried*Nut Cakes, or Doughnuts*NUT GALLS: For black ink*Nutmegcake*To dye with

O. Oat-cakes, Scotch*OATMEAL: Cracknel*For cows*For sheep*Griddle cakes*Gruel for invalids and children*Or Scotch Cake*Mush*Porridge*Scotch bannocks*Value of*Soap, to keep hands soft*OATS: For hogs*ODDS AND ENDS: Ham, omelet from*For poultry*Oil-Cloth, to keep bright*Ham and veal, to economize*Oiled cloth for hot-beds, etc*Oil on the water in storms nt sea*Oil, sewing machine, to makeand use*OINTMENT: For grease heel in horses*For lice on poultry*For sprains of horses*For splints in horses*OLD-FASHIONED: Apple jelly*Corn bread*Christmas plum pudding*Gingerbread*Dishes, recipes for*Indian pudding*Old putty, to remove easily*Strawberry shortcake*Old silk dresses, to renovate*OMELET: Apple*Egg 460*From " odds and ends" of ham*Ovster*With ham*ONION: Beef steak and salt pork with*How to cook to avoid strong flavor*ONIONS: Anacrein*Soup*Culture of, newest way*How many to the acre*How to avoid scullions*Medicinal effect on worms*Potatoes with*OKANGE: Cake*Flavoring extract, to make*Fritters*Ice, to make*Pie*Pudding, to make*Oranges, to pack*Orchards, care of*Peel, candied, with pudding*Oven, heating of, for baking*Owls, best way to catch*Oxen (see Cattle)*OYSTER: Broiled*Egg omelet r ith*Corn*Escaloped, according to Delmonico*Escaloped*Fried, according to Delmonico*Fritters*Omelet*Pie*Pie, with chicken*Soup*Stew, according to Delmonico

P. PACKING: Of fruits, California method*Pails, milk, kind and care of*Poultry, for market*PAINT: Black, for Iron fences, etc*Cheap lo make*Flexible, for canvass*For floors*Old to remove*Spots on windows, to remove*To clean*Palmetto flannel cakes*To remove from clothing*Pan Cakes (See Griddle Cakes.)*Pans, preparation of, to bake cake*Pantry, elevator to from cellar*Paper, tracing, to make*Papering how to do it*Paradise pudding, to make*Parisian ice cream, to make*Parker House breakfast rolls*PARSNIP: Cakes or balls*Escaloped*Fried*Stew*Stewed in milk*Valuable for horses*PASTE: For papering, to make*To make*PASTRY: Baking for pies, before filling*Patching boots and shoes, cement for*Or crust for pies*Pawing of horses, to cure*PEA: Green, soup*PEACH: Bread, suggestion for*Meal, for growing stock*Butters*Figs, very nice*Dried, pudding*Fritters*Ice cream*Pickles, spiced or sweet*Preserve, to make*Pie*Pudding*To bake and to can*Trees, borers in, remedy*Pea Piecrust*PEAR: Blight, wash for*Culture*Pearline, to make*Pears, pickled, spiced or sweet*PEAS: And pea straw for sheep*Chicken cooked in*Pea Vine Hay, to cure*For hogs*Pennsylvania method of curing meat*Pennyroyal for rats, bugs, etc*Permanganate of Potash, to correct putid Perfume bags to scent clothing*meats, etc*Philadelphia Cream Puffs*Picalilli. to make*Pickle, for canning meat*PICKLES: French, delicious*Very fine for present and future use*Fruit, spiced or sweet*Carrot, for table use*PIES: Apple and other fruits*Apple custard*Apple turn-over*Baking pastry before filling*Bodedcustard*Chicken and ham*Chicken and other meats*Chicken, oyster*Cream*Cream, crust baked first*Cream pastry or crust*Crust, glaze of*Crust, pea*Grandmother's apple*General remarks*Lemon and raisin*Lemon, custard*Lemon, quicky made*Minced*Minced meat for*Minced, turn-over, fried or baked*Mock minced*Orange*Oyster*Pastry or crust for*Potato custard*Pumpkin*Pumpkin and squash*Rabbit, fricasseed and roast*Squash, very rich*Sweet potato*To stand in cook-room till cool*PIE-CRUST: Baking before filling*Cream*Formince pie*Glaze of, to prevent the escape of juices*Pea*Pie-plant, to can*Pig Roast*Pie-pudding, of various fruits*Pigs' Feet, broiled, " a la Barnum"*Pigeons, Roast, and sauce for*Pine, stains for*Pink, to dye*Pin-Worms in Horses, to cure*Pipes, steam, to cover*PLAIN: Cookies*Pitch, to remove from to destroy on lawns*Plant Jars, to paint and bronze*PLANTS: Lice on, remedy*Forcing*Plated Jewelry, to clean*Plating, Nickel and Silver*PLUM PUDDING: Christmas, old style*Pledge, a Temperance*English*Sauce for*Other Recipes for*Plum Trees, Curculios on, remedy*POULTRY: Average of breeds as layers*Poached Eggs*POISON: Bed-bugs, for*Flies, for*Polenta mush, to make*POLISH: For boots and shoes*For silverware*For furniture*Poll-evil in horses, remedies*Of steel instruments, to preserve*Polonaisa Charlotte, to make*Pomade for hair, etc*Pop, ginger, to make*Pop-overs, Graham and wheat*Pop-corn pudding, to make*POOR MAN'S: Cake*Ginger bread*PORK: And beans*Pudding, boiled*Batter pudding with*Cake*Chops, fried, with apples*Ham, to bake*Salt, how to fry*Salt, pudding, to make*Sliced potatoes baked with*Stew with mutton*To get the most from*To keep fresh in hot weather*PORRIDGE: Bean*Oatmeal*Scotch*Posts, to preserve*POTASH: For rats, bugs, etc*Permanganate of, to correct putid meats, etc*Value of as manure*Potato bugs, to keep off*Potato bread, to make*POTATOES: Balls*Cake*Cake, without eggs, quick process*Cultivation of*Duchesse*Custard pie*En caisse*Fried with eggs*Escaloped*Fritters*Fried, Saratoga*General remarks*Gravy for*Hilling*Home style*Hop yeast, bread*In seven ways*How many to hill*New, a In crem*Pudding*Pudding, with meat or fish*Puffs*Salad*Sliced, to bake with pork*Soup*Stewed*Stuffing, roast duck with*Sweet, cakes of*Sweet, pie*Sweet, pudding*Sweet, to bake or broil*With onions for breakfast*"Tip-top"*POTTED: Beef tongue*Meat, Scotch*Pot roast, beef*Best breed*Cholera in chickens*Dressing and packing*Dust baths necessary*Fattening lor market*Egg-eating hens, remedy*Food for*Ground feed for*Gapes in, to cure and prevent*Guinea fowl, value of*Hints for cookiug*Liceon, to cure and prevent*Houses, lice in, to destroy*Maxima for keeping*Raising by a city woman*Koupin to treat*Scabby legs to cure (See also Turkey; Goose; Chicken; Duck)*Tonic for*Water, clean and pure*POUND CAKE: Fig*Winter care of, on large scale*Plain*POWDER: Baking, recipe for*Currie*Baking, use of, incase*Moth, to put away furs, etc*Pyrethrum, for rose bugs*Tooth, borax for*Silvering, to make*Premium fruit cake*PRESERVE: Apple and peach, for present use*Preserving eggs*Peach, very nice*Pressed beef*Prince of Wales cake*Printers' ink, to remove from clothing*Prize butter, how made*Proof spirit, vinegar from*Prune pudding, to make*Prussia soup, as made in India*PUDDING: Almond flavored*Apple charlotte*Apple, Dutch style*Apple custard*Apple pie, or Yankee style*Apple shortcake*Apple tapioca*Apple turn-over*Baked as cake*Batter, boiled or steamed, various*Baron Brisses' rice*Beefsteak, boiled*Bird's-nest*Blackberry baked or boiled*Blanc mange, or substitute for*Bread, Aunt Rachel's*Bread crumb*Bread, fried*Bread, with tart apples*Chester English*Chestnut*Christma* plum, old style*Cottage, and sauce*Corostarch*Cracked wheat*Cream or custard*Cream*Danish, or tapioca*" Dandy " custard*Duke of C imbridge*English plum*Fig, boiled*Raising hogs, the best*Floating island*RAISINS: Batter pudding*Fruit batter, baked or boiled*General remarks and directions*Honey Indian, various*Hunters', boiled*Meat and rusk*Naples*Orange*Paradise*Plum and sauce for*Plum, to Englishman's taste, In rhyme*Poor man's boiled*Pop-corn*Potato*Prune*Queen of, the, with bread crumbs*Queen Mab's with gelatine*Quick, baked*Salt Pork*Sago*Sauce, fast or spirituous*Sauce for. snow or white*Sauce for author's favorite*Snow, with gelatine*Sponge cake*Stale bread, with or without fruit*St. James' stale bread*Strawberry float, a substitute for*Suet*Sweetapple*Sweet potato*Tapioca, various*Whortleberry, or huckleberry*With chopped eggs, a la cretne*PUFFS: Kansas*Yorkshire, English*Potato*Philadelphia cream*PUMPKIN: Bread to make*Spanish fritter*Butter*Pie*Shortcake, with Grahaai flour*Puree, as made in India*Putid, or ill-smelling meats, etc*Putty, old, to remove easily*Pyrethrum Powder, for rose bugs

Q. Queen Mab's pudding, with gelatine*Quick pudding, baked*Queen of Puddings, the, with bread-crumbs*QUINCE: Jelly*Use in canning apples*Marmalade or jam*Quinces, cultivation of

R. RABBIT: Cutlets*Rabbits, girdling trees by*Pie, fricasseed and roast*Rachel's, Aunt, bread pudding*Rags today*Rail fence, the best*Raised care to make*Raised doughnuts*Raisin cake, to make*Raising chickens in the city*Raising onions*Lemon and, Pie*Rapidity of growth of trees*Preparation of, for cake*Rarebit, Welsh, or Golden Buck*RASPBERRIES-: Culture of*Fall planting best*Fritters*Kind to raise*Rat-proof corn crib*Rats, to destroy or drive away*RECIPES: Barbers', for bay rum*Bread, etc., for*Buns, for*Cakes, for*Crackers*Dr, Warner's, for curing beef*For the dairy*For the toilet*For baking powder*Making butter*Miscellaneous*Pies, for*Puddings, for*Rolls*Rusk*Shortcake*Red, bright, to dye rags*Red rice, a Danish dish*RELISH: Chicken, for journeys, etc*REMEDY: Bark-lice, for (See also Salad)*Borers in trees, for*Botsand colic of horses, for*Cabbage worm, for*Certain, for moths*Chicken cholera, for*Codling moth, for*Curculios on plum-trees, for*Currant worms, for*Foot-rot in sheep, for*Hog cholera, for*Rose bugs, for*To exterminate rats, etc*Sheep ticks and scabs*RENOVATING: Old clothes*Old silk dresses*Soap for*White furs*Renovating Dye for black clothing*Woolen hoods, etc*Restorative (see Hair Restorative)*Rhode Island Chowder, famous*Ribbon cake, to make*Rhubarb, to can*Ribbon to wash*RICE: Blanc Mange*Bread*Chicken currie with*Custard*Griddle cakes*Its value, and how to cook it*Jelly*Mefange, Baked*Muffins*Pudding, Baron Brisse's*Red, a Danish dish*Snow*Soup*Southern method of cook*To boil, India fashion*Waffles*Ringbone of horses, to cure*"Ringing " hogs, a cause of cholera*ROACHES: To destroy*ROAST: Beef*Beef cold, broiled*Duck, with potato stuffing*Goose*Lamb, mint sauce for*Pig*Pigeons, and sauce for*Pot, beef*Turkey*Rabbit pie*Rock Cakes, to make*Rock Cream, substitute for custard*ROLLS: Breakfast*Jelly*Parker House*Roofs, shingles, to make fire-proof*ROOTS: For winter breeding of stock*Root Pits, to ventilate*ROSE: Bugs, remedy for*Value of, for hogs*Flavor Cookies*Rot Foot in Sheep, to cure*Slug, to destroy*Rough Face, camphor ice for*RUBBER: Boots, to mend*Soup in poultry, to cure*Cement for*Rue for cholera in Chickens*Water-proofing for Boots*Rules for care of Sueep*Rum Sherbet*Runaway Horses, to cure of habit*RUSK: Indian*Meat and, or bread-crumb pudding*RUST: Iron, to remove from clothing*To make*On steel, to remove*To remove from flat-irons*RYE: And Indian drop cakes*To remove from stovepipe*Bread*Musn, to make*Drop cup cakes*Value of, for stock feed

S. Saddle Galls, to prevent and cure*Sago Pudding, to make*SALAD: Chicken*Cream*Dressing for tomatoes*Dressing, hot and cold, to make*For any kind of meat, etc*Lobster*Mayonnaise or French*Potato*The Salad Bowl*Saleratus, how to use, in making cake*SALT: As manure*"Sally Long " or Tent Cake*For worms in cattle*Its importance for cattle*Valuable for sheep*Putting up green corn with*SALTPETER: To kill bugs in squash, etc*SALT PORK: Beefsteak and, with onions*Use of, in curing meats*Pudding, to make*How to fry*Salt-rising bread, to make*SAND: Packing fruits in*Sandwiches fritters*Proportion of. in concrete*Tea cakes*Sarsaparilla syrup,to prepare*SARATOGA: Fried potatoes*SAUCE: Author's favorite, for puddings*Dulce de lece, or Spanish*Bread, for roast pigeons*For baked fish*For meats, Delmonico's*For plum puddings*For potatoes*Lemon, for puddings*For cottage pudding*Mint, for roast lamb*Strawberry flavor, for puddings*Sweet, for puddings*See also Salad; Sauces for the Table*Tomato jelly, for meats*SAUCES FOR TABLE: Celery*Chili*Chow-chow*Cole (Cold) slaw*Cucumber catsup*Currant catsup*Currie Powder, American*Grape catsup*Currie Powder, as made in India*Grape juice, canned*Hot slaw*Improved catsup*Mint, as made in India*Mushroom catsup*Picalilli*Puree, explanation of*Tomato catsup*Worcestershire*SAUSAGE: Bologna, Americanized (See also Salad Sauce)*Seasoning required*Bologna, as made in Germany*Savory beef, or mock tongue*To can or preserve*Scabby legs of poultry, to cure*Scab, in sheep, remedy*Scalds and burns, remedy for*Scale-bugs, remedy*Scare-crows, how to make*Scarlet, to dye*SCOTCH: Bannocks, or cracknels*Broth, or soup*Cake*Mutton soup*Collops with veal*Oat-cakes*Porridge*Potted meat*Scouring, soap for*Scrambled Eggs*Scours in cattle, to cure*Scraps, a dish or*"Scrapple," in place of head cheese*Scratches in horses, to cure*Scurry on pigs, to cure*Seal Brown, to dye*Sealing Wax, for bottling, etc*SEASONING: Amount of, for sausage*Food, sweet herbs for*SEED CORN: Tokeep*For soups*To select*Seeds, grape, to remove*SETTING: Out cabbage plants*Out currants and gooseberries*Sponge for bread*The table for a dinner*Sewing machine oil, to make*Sex of eggs, to determine*SHAD: Baked, and sauce for*To fry*Shade trees, where to plant*SHAMPOO: Bob Heater's, strong*Or wash for hair*SHEARING OF SHEEP: Time for*Shed for milking*Weight of fleece*SHEEP: Average weight of*Better than neat cattle*Breeding ewes, care of*Breeding, selection of stock for*Breeding, time for*Care of. in winter*Care of, what it will do*Cotswold, the best*Fattening*Foot rot in, remedies*Fluke-worms to expel*General remarks*ncrease of wool*Keeping inferior*Marking ink*Scab in, remedy*More profitable than horses*Shearing*Short rules for care of*Sulphur and salt valuable for*Ticks, remedies for*Time for lambs to appear*Time for trimming*Time to divide in fall*To prevent from barking fruit trees*Valuable winter fond for*Value of, on poor farm*Value of, to fertilize soil*Versus cows*Sheepskins, to make mats from*Versus dogs*Sherbet Rum, to make*SHINGLES: Fire-proof, wash for*Shipping Cheese*To make fire-proof and durable*Shoe Boil of Horses, to cure*Shoeing a fractious horse*Shoes (see Boots and Shoes)*SHORTCAKE: Apple*Apple, and her fruits*Apple pudding*Mother strawberry*Dried apple*Plain*Pumpkin, with Graham flour*Strawberry*Shoulder of Iamb, stuffed*Sweet, with soda*Shrinking, to avoid in washing flannels*SILK: to dye*To remove paint, etc., from*To remove spots from*Silk dresses, old, to renovate like new*Silk handkerchiefs, to wash*Silos, how to build*SILOS AND ENSILAGE: Claimed to*Full explanations to build*increase nutritive qualities of food*In England*What they are, and how done, in Vermont*SILVER: German, to solder*Nitrate of, stains to remove*Silvering Powder, to make*Silver Plating*SILVERWARE: Polish for*To clean*SLAW: Cole or cold, to make*Hot to make*SMOKING: Meats*Sliced potatoes, baked with pork*Ot chimneys, to avoid*Snaps, Ginger*To keep hams after*SNOW: Apple*Cake*Or rock cream, for custard*Pudding, with corn starch*Pudding, with gelatine*Rice, to make*Snuff, Catarrh, borax for*Sauce, for puddings*SOAP: Bark Shanty*Erasive compound*For printers, machinists, etc*For scouring*From refuse grease*Hard, to make*Medicated*Oatmeal to keep hands soft*Sort, to make*Renovating*Soapine, to make*Why lime is used*SODA: Biscuitwith*Corn cake with*Graham bread with, baked or steamed*How to use, in making cake*In making soap*Sweet shortcake with*SOFT: Bread crust to make*Jumble*Gingerbread*Molasses cake*Softening hard water*Soft soap, to make*Soil, coal ashes a fertilizer for*Soiling cows*Soiling, raising corn for*SOLDERING, cast iron*German silver*Soot for protection against wire worms*SOUPS: Asparagus of India*Sores upon stock to cure*Barley*Bean*Beef*Carrot*Celery, rich and creamy*Chicken*Chicken cream*Chicken currie*Corn and bean*Game*General remarks*Green corn*Green pea*Green pea, American*Hints for cooking*Milk*Macaroni, as made in India*Rice*Scotch broth*Scotch, or mutton*Scotch porridge*Seasoning for*Split pea*Stock explanation and how to make*Steam-tight cement*Tomato*Turkey, from waste*Veal or Lamb broths, Indiana*SOUR MILK: Batter puddings with*Sour apples, to cook nicely*Graham gems with*Souse (see Head Cheese)*Suet pudding*SOUTHERN: Biscuit*Method of cooking rice*Corn bread*SOWS: Breeding, food for*Eating pigs, to prevent (see Hogs)*SPANISH: Fritter puffs*Spavins on horses, to cure*Sauce, or butter*SPICED: Cake*Cookies*Fruit pickles*Spices, how to use in making cake*Vinegar pickles, etc*Spiders, to destroy*Spirituous Sauce for puddings*Split Pea soup*Splints in Horses, to cure*SPONGE: Cake pudding*Setting the, for bread*SPONGE CAKE: Butter*Setting the, for bread over night*Cream*Improved Berwick, or custard cake*Lemon*Molasses*Mrs. Chase's*Orange Jelly*Plain*SPOTS. Grease, etc., to remove*Pudding*Paint, on windows to remove*Sprains in Horses, to cure*Worn, on black kid gloves, to restore*SQUASH: Baked*Spring, storing celery for*Bugs in, to kill*Fried*Hubbard, black bug, to destroy*Pies*STAIN: Black-walnut*Ebony*For floors*Fruit, to remove*Nitrate of silver, to remove*To remove from feather bed tick*On brass, etc., to remove*STALE. Breau pudding, St. James*Bread pudding, with fruit*Bread, to fry*Stallion. Condition Powder for*Stammering, to cure*Starch, to remove from flat-irons*STEAKS Beef, broiled and fried*Venison, broiled*STEAM BOILERS: Cement for leaks in*STEAMED. Apple dumplings*To prevent incrustation*Brown bread*Batter pudding*Graham bread, with soda*Cottage pudding*Indian pudding*Wheat and Indian bread*Suet pudding*Steam pipe to cover*STEEL: Knives to clean*To keep from rusting*To remove rust from*STEW; Beef*To temper*Irish*Mutton and pork*Mutton, chicken, etc*Parsnips*Potato*Value of sweet herbs for*Oyster, according to Delmonico*Venetian*Stick-um-fast, for flies*ST. JAMES': Chowder*Stings, of bees and wasps, ammonia for*Custard*Stock for soup, how to make*State bread pudding*Storage, cold, of fruits, etc*Stove pipe, to remove rust from*Storms at Sea, oil on the water in*Straining of soup not necessary*STRAWBERRY: Float*Fritters*Ice, to make*Sauce for pudding*STRAWBERRIES: Culture of*Shortcake*Killing weed among*Hints to growers of*To can*Liquid manure for*String beans for winter use*To raise large and abundant*Strychnia, dogs poisoned by, antidote for*Stuffed shoulder of veal or lamb*SUBSTITUTE: For custard*For hash. Delmonico's*For pudding or strawberry float*For pudding, or blanc mange*Succotash, winter*SUET: Pudding with sour milk, steamed*SUGAR: Batter pudding without*Pudding with sweet milk, baked*Cookies*For cake, kind of*Raisin cake without*Tea cake without*Vinegar from*SULPHUR: A disinfectant*Soap, to make*To cure soup in poultry*To exterminate bed-bugs*Sumach, to dye rags with*Valuable for sheep*SUMMER DRINKS: Oatmeal water*Pleasant*Superfluous hair, to remove*Surfeit in horses, cause and cure*Sweeny in horses, remedies for*Swarming bees*SWEET: Apple puddings*Apples, Indian pudding with*Biscuit*Currant loaf*Fruit pickles*Milk, biscuit with*Herbs, value of for stews, etc*Milk, batter puddings with*Milk, suet pudding with*Potato pudding*Potato pie*Shortcake with soda*Sauce for puddings*Sweet apples, delicious dish with*Sweet corn, to can*SWEET POTATOES: Broiled*Sweet herbs for seasoning food*Cakes*To bake*Pudding of*To grow*To keep*Swelled Bags, of cows to cure*To pack*Swellings in Horses, to cure*SWINE: Berkshire, the best*Swiss plan of preserving Eggs (See also Hogs)*Syrups, lemon, and others to make

T. TABLE: How to set for dinner*Of comparative weights and measures*Of wages*for culinary purposes*Sauces, for*TAFFY: Everton, to make*Tamping of Fence Posts, important*Molasses, to make*Tan, dark, to dye*Tanning skins with hair on*Tansy Tea, for Bots in Horses*Tapioca Custard French*TAPIOCA PUDDING: Apple*Danish*Various*TAR: Spots to remove*Without milk or eggs*To exterminate rats, etc*To remove from clothing*Tarl Apples, bread pudding with*Soap, to make*TARTAR: Cream of. Biscuit with*How to use in cake*TEA: Cakes*Ham cakes for*Love knots for*To dye with*Tansy, for hots in horses*Tea-pots, to clean inside*Teeth, washing with borax*Temperance pledge, a*Tempering steel*Thanksgiving dinner, bill of fare, etc*Terrapin soup, make-believe*The happy farmer*The Salad Bowl*Thoroughpins of horses, to cure*Ticket writers, glossy ink*TIN: Cans, cement for*Ticks, sheep, remedy*To clean*To brighten*TOAST: Boston cream*"Tip-top" potatoes*Egg*French*Ham and tongue*With and without milk*Prepared as figs*To Broil*To can*TOMATO: Catsup*Jelly* Vermont Johnny cake* Plant, juice of, to kill insects on plants* Vermont method of building Silos* Soup to make* TOMATOES: Bugs on to prevent* Vinegar, to make*Eacaloped*Vicious Horses, to subdue*TONGUE: Beef, potted*To ripen in December*TONIC: Condition powder, for horses*Toast, with ham*For the hair*Toothache Drops, Japanese*For poultry*Tooth powder, borax for*Tracing paper, to make*Training Gingerbread, old-fashion*TREES: Borers in, remedy*Training colts to harness*Caterpillars on, to destroy*To prevent sheep from barking*Rapidity of growth*Trimming of sheep, time for*Tumors on cattle, to cure*TURKEY: Boiled and fried*"Dutch"*Hash*Soup, from bones and left-over meat*Roast*To prepare for picnics*TURNIPS: To keep nicely, for winter (See Poultry)*Valuable for horses*Turtle soup, mock*Twist Cakes or doughnuts

U. Unfermented wines, to make*Upholstered furniture, to remove moths from*Usury, penalty for, in various States

V. VANILLA: Cake, to make*Various dishes or meats, vegetables, Syrup, to prepare*Varnish, to prevent rust*poultry, etc*VEAL: Broth, as made in India*Curried*Escaloped*Jellied*Head cheese, with chicken*Loaf*Minced, with poached eggs*Mock duck with*Odds and ends of, to economize*Shoulder of, stuffed*Scotch collops with*Vegetable dishes, how to cook*To prepare for picnics*Veils, lace to renovate*Veneering, glue for*Velvet cream, a delicious dessert*Venetian. Stew, to make*Venison Steaks, broiled*Ventilation of Root Pita*Tobacco for gapes in poultry*Vermin, to exterminate*VIENNA: Bread*Yeast*VINEGAR: Celery*Cider*Corn*Honey*From alcohol or proof spirit*From molasses*From sugar*From tomatoes*From sugar, hop yeast and corn*Vines, Bugs on, to prevent*Spiced, for pickles, etc

W. WAFFLES: Breakfast*Rice*Wages, table showing*With yeast*WALLS; Cracked, to clear of bed-bugs*Cracks in, to fill*WARTS: Effectual cure for*On live stock, tocure*Warner's, Dr. recipe for curing beef*WASH: Fire-proof, for shingles*For hands when roughened by cold*For ladies' hands*For the hair, Italian*For pear blight*To prevent sheep from barking trees*WASHING: Bark Shanty Soap, to make*Borax for*Brown linen*Calicoes*Carpets, without taking up*Clothes cleaning*Colored silk handkerchiefs*Colored cotton goods*Fluids and powders*Flannels*Laces*Hard soap, to make*Muslins and cambrics*New mode of*Ribbons*Silk, cashmere, etc*Softening water for*Value of ammonia for*Soft soap, to make*Windows*Woolen blankets*Washing fluid and powder*Washing butter in brine*Washing of sheep, time for*Wasp stings, ammonia for*Water cake, cold*WATER: For poultry*Hard, to soften*Water ices, to make*Watermelon cake, to make*Water-proof cloth, to make*Water-proof paint, to make*Water-proof, boots and shoes, to make*Water-proof glue*WAX: Grafting, to make*Water-tight cement*Weaning, colts*Sealing, for bottling, etc*WEEDS: Among strawberries, to kill*Wedding cake, very rich*Week, bill of fare for*To destroy in gravel walks*Welsh Rartoit or Golden Buck*Western Rural's Graham Bread*WHEAT: And Indian bread*Cracked, mush*Bread, good, to make*WHITE: Cake*Corn Dodgers*Mountain cake*Or snow sauce for puddings*Cement*Furs, to renovate*Fish, baked, and sauce for*Paint, to clean*Oil, English, for horses*Whortleberry pudding, boiled*Wild grape juice to bottle*Wild grape wine, to make*Wilson's Albany Strawberries, kinds to " Wind broken " horses, to feed*plant with*WINDOWS: Finger marks, to remove from*To remove paint spots from*WINE: Blackberry, to make*Washing*Jelly, claret*Jelly, port*Unfermented, to make*Stains, to remove*WINTER: Care of sheep in*Wild grape, to make*Feeding calves in*Feeding of all stock*Good butter in*Food for sheep in*Rations for farm stock*Value of roots in, to feed stock*Succotash, to make*WINTERING: Bees*Colts*Wire-Worms, protection against*Wood-ashes, as a manure for onions*Wood-ashes for currants*Wood, best way of preserving*Wooden Vessels, to cleanse*Wool, increase of, in sheep*Woolen blankets, to wash*Woolen goods, to dye*Woolens, to put away*Worcestershire sauce*WORMS: Cabbage, remedy*Working butter, manner of*Currant, remedy*Cut, to destroy*In cattle, salt for*In horses, remedies*Kidney, in hogs, cure*Onions for*Worsted, to dye*Wire, protection against*Wrinkles, to remove from alpaca dresses

Y. Yankee style of apple pudding*YEAST: Cake without*Hop, to make vinegar*Hop, potato bread with*How to make*Vienna*Waffles with*Yellow, to dye*Young ladies—" Beware"*Yorkshire pudding, English*Young men, advice to poetical

Z. Zinc, to clean*Maxims for growing*Zincing iron*Zinc labels for tree.

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Folks also in the book we found small peaces of Old news papers about Medicine like: Do this when Colds Coughs tie knots in tired achey chest muscle, Anti-Typhoid drug output stepped up, Plainful complications if mumps attack grown men, New Drug Chloromycetin checks typhoid in 3 Days, and much more.

Remember this is original 1891 book. This book is 122 years old.

It literally was an indispensable guide for how to live in America in the last half of the 19th century. It is surprising that this book and the others by Dr. Chase are not better known to most culinary historians. Dr. Chase's books were among the most popular publications of the 19th century, often touted as being second only to the Bible in total sales. They went through dozens of editions, in at least two languages (English and German), with publishers in three countries (United States, Canada and England).

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Rare 1891 Receipt Cookbook Medical Drugs Mechanics Household Cures Herbs:

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