Rare 1920’s Capitol Phono Lamp. Restoration Project

Rare 1920’s Capitol Phono Lamp. Restoration Project

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Rare 1920’s Capitol Phono Lamp. Restoration Project:

Rare Capitol Phono Lamp Made in the United States in the 1920s. Restoration projectThis curious article is a Capitol Phono Lamp made in the United States in the 1920s. It is a very special item that joins a lamp and a gramophone in a single object. The lamp and the reproductor is in working order but the gramophone works slowler that the speed it should. This piece keeps many original components though someone tried to repair it, but he/she used several not original pieces. I think that everything is photographed. The phonolamp is a real rarity in the field of music reproducers, perfect to become part of a complete collection of vintage gramophone and phonographs. The article boasts an attractive design and is in working order, although the motor is slightly slower than the usual. In other words: the engine works, but slowly. It doesn't reach 78 rpm. This device’s complete name is Capitol Combination Phonograph and Lamp (Phono Lamp) and it was the United States most popular phono-lamp design in the first decades of the 20th century. This model was designed and commercialized by the Burns-Pollock Electrical Mfg. Co., Indiana (EEUU) from 1919 to 1923. Six different models were produced, three Standard and three Junior. The gramophone’s motor is into de drum, under the plateau, and the sound comes out of the bottom part. The lamp is just a cap located by the turntable, equipped with a bulb and its corresponding wire, plug and switch. The top part can be lifted: it serves both as a speaker and a lamp’s shade. This classic vintage item’s design is very curious and undeniably attractive. The top shade is made of red satin, and under it the drum with the motor and the plateau is decorated with long fringes very much to the twenties style’s taste. The motor, the reproducer, the lamp and the foot are all original. The foot is a very remarkable piece: it is made of golden metal and has three realistic claw-shaped legs. In essence, this gramophone is a charming piece that will sure delight any lover of the most special antiques. This vintage gramophone with lamp is a highly interesting piece for collectors, perfect to decorate the most original home. Measurements (closed): Width: 510 mm. Height: 640 mm.

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Rare 1920’s Capitol Phono Lamp. Restoration Project:

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