Rare Sasha, Redhead, Ponytail,denim Jumper, "mint "in Box

Rare Sasha, Redhead, Ponytail,denim Jumper,

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Rare Sasha, Redhead, Ponytail,denim Jumper, "mint "in Box:

Rare Sasha Ponytail Doll
This Sasha is the perfect Storm.. She is a Redhead Ponytail,
wears the extremely rare blue denim jumper and the correct wrist tag with original nylon string.
She also has thehard to findred sandals.
Her bias hair tie looks like it has never been touched.This little ones ribbed undies and vest are untouched but they actually look like the elastic is in tact. I'm not going to check it though.
Her box is in tact and the original tissue or at least part of it is still in the box. She has her tag and her booklet written in German, French and Italian. The booklet is not attached to her but the hole punched in the top does not appear to go all the way through so how could it have been tied to her from Fredrick and Nelson shows it was purchased on 12/20/1968
Please carefully read about My Sasha.
This doll was received for Christmas in 1968 by a Seattle girl who was inhigh schoolat the time and not interested in dolls anymore. Sasha went in the closet and was neverdisplayed. Sasha does have some things you should know about though.
I was told she was mint and never removedfromthe box or displayed. When I first saw her I thought she was a doll that had been played with. You might think so too. . though it is clear her hair, the clothing, the sandals, the bias tape and her undies areuntouched.
The doll has shiny spots on her skin in some places and of course she has the vinyl and moldinconsistenciesexpected in these Early Gotz dolls.
Sasha Also has picked up some blue transfer from her denim jumper.
ON her upper right arm she has a faint smudge and there is a good picture of it. Blow up the picture and then "Zoom" to see it clearly.
ON her lower right arm she has a mark, ( more a mark than a smudge) Also pictured.
ON her left arm she has a smudged hand most notably her thumb. This is also pictured with a clear andconcise picture. Enlarge and zoom.
Her leg has a small faded blue mark on the upper thigh and one tiny one on one of her ankles.. easily seen in the sandal picture.
I have not tried to remove these stains but in the past I had a doll with the same issue from the same denim and the "Oxy pimple & light" trick worked in quick order.
One of the Sasha worlds most esteemed expert walked me though this purchase. We were on the phone for more than an hour as she asked me every question imaginable. I told her the body did not necessarily look brand new and she explained that the particularvinyl used in the 60's changes over time and thatinconsistenciesare perfectly normal. I have several dolls from this era that have similardimples andinconsistentvinyl. Her lower arms have some shiny spots ** see pictures. The owner has assured me that she only took her out of the box for an exam. She worked at the store the doll came from. She states the dolls was in a locked glass case. Sasha cost all of $16.00. Thats $107.00 in todays USD. They must have considered her verydesirable. It is possible that she was handled at the store but her clothes andhair would belie that.
Wonky Neck..... This doll has no caving but her neck is a bit wonky and you may want to heat it back into perfection. She looks fine and her head holdsnicely She has her original whitestringing and she holds a pose. Her stringing is not tight but it is not at the point it needs replacing. Look at the neck picture with my thumb holding her collar back.Regarding the body.. I am assume anyone who buys this particular doll is familiar with the early Gotz doll with the vinyl issues of those early dolls. I will not allow returns based on the vinyl inconsistencies on this doll's body... If this is an issue ask for more pictures.
Now, on to her hair. It is beautiful in texture and ( awesome) color. . The ponytail has never been played with or combed and is not dry. The pictures show a perfect hair line. The bias tape shows clearly that it has never been undone. Under her hair it looks like it was ratted. I have been assured by our expert that this was exactly how the dolls were made. Also this ponytail doll does not have a "Tuft". Back to the expert, I was told this was atransitional doll and the doll in that time frame does not have the tuft.
The side wings are darling and perfect... you can pull wispy bangs forward and they both move nicely back towards the ponytail. They are really lovely wings.. a perfect length and obviously not cut.
I did not touch it with a comb but I did discretely tug 6-7 hairs upwards in several places on the top and nothing came out orseems loose. There are no missing plugs.
The box isstructurally sound with only wear signs on the edges of the box. The picture shows it and I have many more pictures as well.
The box is the correct "era" box, red, white and blue with Sasha in bold letters in a mirror image. The tags on the end of the box have the number 14/42. I understand that the first number is the outfit number and the last is her height. Though this doll was purchased new with THIS box and clothing, the outfit number is incorrect. Itshould be #17. The #14 represents the blue striped dress. The expert had several comments about that. She said it could have easily come from the factory in a miss marked box, The box could haveaccidentallybeen changed at the store. Anotherpossibility is that the numbers are stamped on a sticker like a price sticker. If this is a store sticker they could have stamped the number like another box or? Anyway.. The number 14 should be 17.
This is a super rare doll.. I have described her to the best of my ability. If you purchase her you accept that this "mint" doll has denim fade and vinyl dimples. Iguarantee that the clothing, the hair, the shoes and the undies have not beenplayed with, soiledor removed. There will be no returns on Sasha unless she is grossly misrepresented. Ie: not a early Gotz, redhead, ponytail girl in a denimjumper.I have more pictures and am happy to share them.
I have greatappreciationand gratitude for the "expert " that helped me with this purchase. She was extremely generous with her time and knowledge. I don't want to exploit her but using her name but I am very grateful.
PLease ask any questions you have. I hope to see you at the festival.
PS I am taking a HUGE risk starting Sasha at .99 cents but I thought it would be fun to see what happens...hopefully my husband thinks its "fun" too.. (gulp)..If I don't show up at the festival.. you will know what happened. )-;
REGARDING SHIPPING & International buyers
If you arefrom one of my excluded countries please contact me. If you are a member of the mart or known by and vouched for by someone in the Sasha Community I will make an exception. I will be shipping priority and I will be insuring her for full value.
I am asking for payment via PayPal. Sometimes with higher priced items PayPal will withhold payment to me until they get theactuallyfunds from your source of payment. They once told me that the money had not come through from my buyer and that they my account. I finally ended OK.. but for 10 days I had a couple of ounces of 24K GOLD out in the world with no money for it. So.. once your money is cleared through PayPal's bank I will ship the doll.
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Rare Sasha, Redhead, Ponytail,denim Jumper, "mint "in Box:

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