Sale Rare Skeleton Key - Victorian Uk Insane Asylum Mental Hospital Sanitarium For Sale

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Description On sale this week only! Regular price is $84.99. Rare Key Alert! This is a beautiful, large Victorian, Gibbons made skeleton key from an infamous Hill End Insane Asylum in St Albans, United Kingdom. This unique and well preserved key once secured the doors to countless lunatics, some quite notorious and dangerous. This key dates from the earliest period of the hospital, established in 1899. (Closed in 1997 after becoming a well established facility). The derelict and somewhat spooky hospital is now a popular ghost hunters and paranormal location. The stories of earlier patients are often horrific. A nurse once told the story of a gamekeeper’s wife who had made a pie of their baby, when her husband accused her of infidelity. Another story told of a lady who had drowned her two children in a boiling hot bath, and wandered the grounds saying “Why did I do it?”. Thus, these keys are a unique conversation piece, for better or worse! This key was purchased as part of a NHS trust charity and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Beyond the nostalgic value, the key is a fantastic example of a museum grade, Victorian Era skeleton key and is highly collectible. I only have a few of these keys. I am keeping some keys for my collection and selling a handful to pay for the original purchase and for charity. (See picture for specifics before offering).

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Sale Rare Skeleton Key - Victorian Uk Insane Asylum Mental Hospital Sanitarium

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Sale Rare Skeleton Key - Victorian Uk Insane Asylum Mental Hospital Sanitarium :

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