Red - African - Bamileke Tribe / Feather Headdress / Cameroon /juju Hat For Sale

.. This is a "7 Day sale" for a Red Cameroon "Ju-Ju " hat ... This hat is new & beautiful , 30" in diameter which is standard size. The photo's tell the story , this hat is of the finest quality so offer with confidence ... if you are not familiar with these beautiful hats , read on ...This is a traditional Bamileke feather head-dresses from the village of Bafosam , Cameroon.....These hats have been re-purposed by western designers and decorators as wall decor ..I buy these hats along with a traditional Elephant Mask , as the two pieces combine to form a colorful traditional mask costume used in dance ceremonies. .... I added photo (#6 ) of the Elephant masks a " beaded colorful piece with big ears" that the feather Ju-Ju hat sits atop to complete the dance costume ...I took these photo's at the central market in the village of Bafosam , Cameroon during my 2006 visit to West Africa .... Hey ! just a heads -up... watch out for fake or after market home crafted JuJu hats , I see them on and they are not worth buying.. Don't be swayed by contrived stories of royalty , village chiefs , spiritual birds etc.. the real hats are used by the Bambalike people at times of festival and are made by them exclusively and can only be found in northwest Cameroon its just that simple ! and traditional hat makers do not use ostrich feathers , stay clear of fake hats I see being offered. ..I have imported and sold these hats wholesale to the design trade for six years.. I have shipped these feather hats to Austria (1) , Australia (35) , England (8), Ireland (2) Germany (3) , Canada (17) , Spain (2) and I have sold more than 327 domestically .. offer with confidence , these are the best hats Available !
P.s. I make a wrought Iron stand
($75 )+ postage for table top use ..I will add a
pic of one in use .See photos #11

Red - African - Bamileke Tribe / Feather Headdress / Cameroon /juju Hat

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Red - African - Bamileke Tribe / Feather Headdress / Cameroon /juju Hat :

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