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Red Red Rose Party Dress For 18" American Girl Doll Widest Selection Mombiz For Sale

Red Red Rose Party Dress For 18

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Made especially to fit American Girl and other popular 18 inch girl dolls.

Red roses all over bodice of this pretty party dress. Also included is the elastic-and-satin-ribbon headband.

Don't tell Anna Claire I told you this: she has some pretty, pretty pink roses ribbon she wants me to use to make her wedding dress someday! She fell for it when I brought a roll of it home for her for a present a couple of years ago.

Be sure to order some of the many kinds of shoes I offer to go with this adorable dress.

Boilerplate (same for all my listings):

I carry more clothes, furniture and accessories for 18 inch dolls than any other seller in the world! You won't believe the selection I offer. And it is still a home-based business run almost exclusively by me, betsy aka lovvbugg. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD for the holidays! My business has grown and grown so that 4th quarter is crazy busy for me. Selection is always the best just before 4th quarter starts!

To order multiples or more than you see in this listing: order what you can and come back to my store in about 15 minutes, re-search in the search box for the item keyword(s) and another one should be out for you to order by then. Be advised that applies a new listing number to each item when it is placed out for sale.

Be sure to read my me page to learn about me and my business.

Shipping is NOT a profit center atLovvbugg! And my simple listings keep your costs down!

With the new higher shipping prices it pays you to shop in one place. I AM ALWAYS HAPPY TO COMBINE ITEMS TO SAVE YOU MONEY ON SHIPPING! Please read all Shipping Policies carefully. They can be found on the homepage of my store (use the pink word link above) underneath the category titles list. Send me a request for total (instructions below, if you don't know how) to let me know when you are finished shopping so I can get an invoice with the correct shipping amount to you quickly.

As it says in every listing I have I am happy to combine shipping. Just order each thing by clicking on 'buy it now' and then 'commit to buy.' Then back up with the back-arrow at the top of your screen to go back into my store and continue doing this until you are finished shopping. Then let me know you are finished shopping. The 'request total from seller' link is found by following the 'pay now' button after you choose your last item. Do NOT pay then! Then I will pull, pack and weigh the box and send you an invoice with combined shipping that will astound you! Please give me at least 24 hours to get the invoice to you. I will wait for the next calendar day if you do not send invoice request. Thank you, betsy aka lovvbugg

If you buy more than one item, do NOT pay until you request & receive an invoice from me with my Lovvbugg logo on it. If you do you will pay too much for shipping & I do not change the numbers after the fact. Paypal only because no longer allows paper payments. Please mark Lovvbugg as a favorite. Thank you! betsy aka lovvbugg >>--(V)--> And be sure to visit my storeLovvbugg (that pink word is a link into my store and my world) for more accessories and clothes than you ever thought were possible for your doll! I list more different items than any other seller on for 18-inch dolls, including furniture.

I used to own a busy playable doll shop in a major U. S. city. My husband was transferred and so we moved to a small Midwest town. We just packed up the inventory and moved it. Then he was transferred AGAIN so we moved to Virginia in 2008! You will soon find the difference between me and the othersis manifold---lowest possible shipping prices, amazing selection, and many, many exclusive items! I have been doing this since 1995, so I have a lot of experience. I hope you will find some items to enhance your collection or your little girl's. Happy shopping!

I am a firm believer dolls are DOING toys. A girl needs accessories to SPARK HER CREATIVITY and inspire PROJECTS. That is why I supply so many unusual accessories for doll play. I also am a firm believer that if it's worth spending money on it is worth getting an heirloom-quality toy. This accessory exemplifies this concept.

Be sure to read all of myShipping Policies, located under the categories list on my store pages.

Happy to send items worldwide. I always require Delivery Confirmation for international orders. I use Priority Mail International or Express Mail International. I have added First Class International as an option, but the and Paypal warranties are voided if you choose First Class International shipping. I pack everything extremely carefully.

Dear Customer: I have had a lot of questions about the materials used to make the products I sell and where the items were made. I have items made in lots of different countries. Nothing I sell is on any of the recall lists. Most of the companies I deal with have extensive testing programs to ensure the safety of the items they sell. You are welcome to peruse the complete recall lists yourself by going to this address: There is a link there for and for the CDC Lead Program web site. Thank you, betsy aka lovvbugg

Red Red Rose Party Dress For 18

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Red Red Rose Party Dress For 18" American Girl Doll Widest Selection Mombiz:

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