Restored 1936 Silvertone 4465 Tombstone Pyramid Am/shortwave Radio – Immaculate

Restored 1936 Silvertone 4465 Tombstone Pyramid Am/shortwave Radio – Immaculate

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Restored 1936 Silvertone 4465 Tombstone Pyramid Am/shortwave Radio – Immaculate:

Restored 1936 Silvertone 4465 Tombstone Pyramid AM/Shortwave Radio – Immaculate Product Description

This listing offers a 1936-37 Model Sears Silvertone Tombstone Tube Radio that has been beautifully restored and is in truly exceptional condition. Referred to as the “Pyramid” because of its tapered sides, this large radio is one of the most handsome & impressive tombstones of its time. I have not seen a 4465 that looks or sounds as good as this one.

I purchased the radio fully restored about 10 years ago. The work was done in 2002 and the radio has been displayed on a shelf since. Sadly I do not remember the name of the restorer (if you recognize his marks on the back and bottom let me know). I have not seen better work, it took a lot of time and love.

You can learn more about the 4465 on the Tuberadioland website here:

There are links above for schematics and such.

This eight tube AM / Shortwave radio features an oversized gold dial with a nautical deco motif accented by its bright green tuning eye tube. This model was manufactured for Silvertone by both Stewart Warner and Colonial. This one was made by Colonial in Buffalo NY. The radio measures 21” tall by 16” wide by 12” deep and weighs a solid 33 pounds. It has beautiful mirrored/burl veneers on the front and a mirrored veneer top. The corners, front edges and base are curved walnut stained hardwood.

Finish restoration was done with an eye towards using authenticity letting the beauty of the original burled veneers show through. It is a open grained finish using multiple coats of hand rubbed lacquer. It was restored to look as it did new, showing off the burled walnut not a glossy shine. Beautifully done, museum quality I think.

The cabinet appears to have been in excellent shape before restoration. I see only two faults (pointed out in the sixth photo). There is a small well done veneer repair on the top left front edge. There a slight separation (about an inch long) where the two mirrored meet veneers on the rounded front edge. They perhaps shrunk a bit over time. You can feel it with your fingers but it is not very visible. The refinishing work was excellent and everything has remain stable and perfect in the 10 years I have owned it. I really enjoyed showing off this radio that looks so close to how it did new on the Sears shelf.

The original brown speckled Tenite knobs and dial frame are excellent. The gold dial, glass, and tuning indicator look perfect to me, as does the green tuning eye tube. The side illumination works great. The grill cloth looks original but it is in such good shape it could well be an authentic replacement. Please look at the provided photos and send me any questions you may have. This radio looks really fine and the cabinet is solid as a rock.

The chassis is also in outstanding shape. I see no corrosion & the hammer tone finish is excellent all alround. I have looked closely and believe the finish is original. Everything is solid and clean and looks near new. Peaking under the chassis I can see that caps have been replaced and other work done. Everything visible from the open back looks original and near new. I can see one small repaired tear in the speaker cone, but it sounds great. The tuning eye is bright and works as it should.

The radio picks up lots of AM stations and they play clear and loud using the built in wire antenna. There is no background hum on most stations and the fidelity and volume are excellent.

Shortwave I believe to be fine also: it makes the normal tuning noises, but there are no stations inside my apartment that I could find. That is normal for Denver. If you attached a longer antenna or lived on the coasts you may find them. The volume, band select, tuning and tone control knobs work perfectly and without noise. The last knob on the right (a sensitivity switch I think) does not turn, and I did not try to force it.

The radio works great, and has worked flawlessly the few times it has played in the last 10 years. However, I cannot guarantee future performance of this nice 1936 collectable.

I am an experienced antique radio shipper and will very carefully pack the radio so that it will reach you safely. I have added $10 to the shipping estimates to cover the materials needed to do it right, but there are no handling charges.

NOTE: Because of its size and weight I have not included overseas shipping options. However, I will work with experienced international buyers who contact me in advance and ship the method you want for overseas shipment of a radio this size and weight.

Thanks for considering this fine collectable radio, and contact me with any questions.

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Restored 1936 Silvertone 4465 Tombstone Pyramid Am/shortwave Radio – Immaculate:

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