Robert Johnson On Conqueror 8871, Nice Copy

Robert Johnson On Conqueror 8871, Nice Copy

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Robert Johnson On Conqueror 8871, Nice Copy:


Conqueror 8871, Robert Johnson: " Believe I'll Dust My Broom"/"Dead Shrimp Blues", Grade: E-/E (almost fully glossy, showing little use)

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Note: I will not terminate any of my sales or break up groups of records offered as lots, even if no offers have been made, and even though I am offered amounts likely to exceed sale prices realized. So, please do not ask.

Payment should be via PayPal, and must be completed withinFIVE days.

Due to changes in policy (requiring shipping costs to be stated in advance, which is impossible), if you pay immediately, in response to 's invoice, the amount for shipping and method of shipping might not be correct, especially where multiple wins, to be combined, or single records of substantial value, are involved ('s estimatecovers only uninsured Media Mail. This is O.K. for records ofminimal value, but I will not send valuable parcels in this manner, without buyer's express consent and assumption of risk of loss) My invoices to winners, after sales close, and I have packed records sold (following 's invoices), will provide correct charges and mailing options (postage and insurance are billed at their actual costs, according to each parcel's weight, value, and destination). There is also a possible problem about shipping addresses, where the address provided in 's "Your item sold!" noticediffers from that provided in PayPal's notice of payment. Records are packed when I receive the item sold notice, using that address. If I notice a different address in the payment notice, I'll use it. But, it's the buyer's responsibility to keep his data up to date and consistent, and if it's not, to let me know promptly.

Grading and descriptions: "N-" means record has full shine, no wear, few signs of use; "E" means record has most of original shine, shows little wear, but signs of use; "V" means obvious wear and use,some shine remaining, but should play satisfactorily (recorded sound clear; static and extraneous noise does not overwhelm); "G" means heavily worn, with static and extraneous noise impairing listening enjoyment; "F" and "P" mean worse and worst, excessively worn, with listening difficult to impossible. "+" and "-" (plus and minus) are used to indicate a somewhat better or worse grade. "/" indicates a split grade, e.g. G/V means first side is G, flip side V. Defects such as cracks, digs, scratches, and edge chips are noted, as are label impairments. Some minor scuffs, scratches, marks, and label impairments might not be noted for lower grade records, where consistent with the grade. Anything more consequential will be noted. My grading is prmarily visual.Where reference is made to the playing quality of a record, I have tested (partially played) or played it on an Audiotronics 300-E Classroom Record Player (except Edison discs, which are tested on a Dual 1209 Turntable, using appropriate cartridge and stylus.

My photos may have glare, reflections, and shadows, but these faults do not constitute or mask defects which I have not noted in my descriptions.

Categories and musical content: My use of the "jazz" category should not be construed as a representation that a record offers jazz or is of jazz interest. I use the "jazz" category as a catch-all for pre-war jazz, dance, sweet bands, pop, celebrity, and scarce label 78s, due to the absence of appropriate categories. My use of other categories, including the designation "78 rpm" might be similarly off-target (as in the case of early LPs and Edison discs). I do not guarantee musical content; buyers are expected to be experienced enough to have some idea of what a record might offer, or realize that they are taking a chance. In some sales, usually of obscure records, I might insert a sound clip, usually of the side I consider the better, more interesting. If I haven't, it will probably be difficult for me to provide sound clips in response to inquiries, because records, once listed, are taken to a different location for packing when sales close.

Overseas buyers are welcome, but should be aware of the possibility that, if winnings are of one or two records of minimal value, the cost of mailing could exceed the value of the records. (Surface/economy service is no longer available, and the cost of sending a single 78 rpm record could be $20.00 or more; a single 45 rpm, $7.00 or more) In any case, winners will be expected to pay promptly. I will no longer accede to requests to hold records to be combined with future purchases, unless offers are pending on items currently running. Payment by PayPal is required. There is the possibility that parcels may be detained in customs, and subjected to inspection and assessment of duties; these are risks assumed by buyers. I use sturdy cardboard boxes (for 45s and LPs, as well as 78s, where appropriate),and will not use lesser, inadequate packing in order to reduce postage. I have had no losses, but to the extent insurance is unavailable (as with First Class Mail International) or not elected (value for customs and insurance must be the same), risk of loss is buyer's.


Robert Johnson On Conqueror 8871, Nice Copy:

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