Robert R Crumb Sketchbook 1966 To 67 German Hc 1st Print With Toc

Robert R Crumb Sketchbook 1966 To 67 German Hc 1st Print With Toc

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Robert R Crumb Sketchbook 1966 To 67 German Hc 1st Print With Toc:

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R. Crumb Hardcover Sketch Book 1966-67 (This is the official sketchbook sanctioned by Crumb in 1981... FIRST PRINT/EDITION! Only 5,000 copies made (Published by Zweitausendeins)! Tough to find. Includes sketches of some of his most notable work such as Head and Zap Comix, plus many of his other doodling. Over 300 pages of artwork. Includes the Table of Contents, but no Protective Cardboard outer sleeve.) - In Excellent Condition with only the spine showing some signs of fading (see pic above) from being on the bookshelf. Please Note: If the comic was photograghed and not scanned, any faint white/gray lines or areas(usually in the middle of the image) you see on photographed comics still in the comic bag, or on the CGC casesare reflections from the camera's flash, and not on the comic or case itself.

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Robert R Crumb Sketchbook 1966 To 67 German Hc 1st Print With Toc:

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