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Royal Victorian, N Ireland, Gulf War, Un Cyprus Medal Group For Sale

Royal Victorian, N Ireland, Gulf War, Un Cyprus Medal Group

Royal Victorian, N Ireland, Gulf War, UN Cyprus Medal Group

An interesting and very unusual medal group to 24557272 Lance Corporal Paul Harrison of the Royal Logistics Corps (Army Catering Corps).

The group comprises of a General Service Medal with a Northern Ireland Clasp (Private), a United Nations Cypress(UNFICYP), Iraq Medal (Operation TELIC) with clasp 19Mar to 28 Apr, 2003 and a copy Queen's Golden Jubilee medal. Perhaps more importantly, his papers state that he is entitled to the Royal Victorian Medal in Silver, this listed on his Certificate of Service.

Harrison was invalided out of the Army in 2006 and it is possible that he never got his award. He contracted skin cancer in Cyprus and had to be medevaced during the 1st Gulf War when his condition worsened. He was also due to go to Bosnia, previously, but again his condition excluded him. We know he was attached to the Green Jackets in 82, DCLI territorial in Truro in 83-84, Wessex in Portsmouth TA specialist training in Grantham (STRS) and 5 months in Cyprus. Mobilised with the regulars 2003 for Op TELIC and discharged(still with the regulars) in 2006 at Aldershot.

An interesting group, worthy of further research.

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Royal Victorian, N Ireland, Gulf War, Un Cyprus Medal Group

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Royal Victorian, N Ireland, Gulf War, Un Cyprus Medal Group: