Russian Scarf / Silk Hand-dyed Batik "tatiana's Letter" Beautiful Shawl For Sale


Silk Hand-Dyed Batik "Tatiana's Letter" Shawl
Платок с росписью в технике Батик "Письмо Татьяны"Click Images To EnlargeDescription in EnglishMade in: Moscow, Russia
Made by: Satis Salon
Dimensions: 35.4x35.4'' (90x90 cm)
Material: 100% silk
Artist: Ekaterina Shepina
The fabric is hand-dyed using Batik technology
Care instructions:Dry clean or hand wash in cold water.Alexander Pushkin's Eugene Onegin is considered to be one of the most important literary works in the history of Russian language, and Tatiana's love letter is an integral part of it, as she writes it to Onegin - the ethereal Onegin, created inside her mind and superimposed on the actual, physical being, that he really is. Tatiana's creation becomes better and much more substantial as a person, but being a fantasy and Tatiana's present to Onegin, can never be understood or appreciated by him.Natural silk batik rightfully serves as the symbol of comfort, beauty, and refinement, as silk exhibits a wonderful positive effect on both physical, as well as mental health of its wearer. Moreover, batik fabric makes each dress very unique and valuable, as every unit is colored completely by hand by a skilled artist.
Clothes made of batik fabric were found to be used extensively in most ancient civilizations, including Egypt, India, China, Japan, and Indonesia, especially on the island of Java. The fabric is in demand to this day and is considered to be one of the finest quality fabrics used in making clothes. The exact origin of the batik fabric cannot be traced. However, it had been proven that it had existed as far back as the fourth century BCE. There is also evidence that Egyptians used batik fabrics to wrap their mummies. Batik designs mostly consist of beautiful floral patterns. They are made with the help of a specialized process, called wax-resist dyeing. The contemporary batik artists try to include many more natural patterns into the batik clothing, creating intricately-charming, amazing fabrics.Description in (90x90 см.)
Материал:100% шелк, высококачественные красители (устойчивы к свету и Щепина
Ручная роспись. Платок создан по мотивам поэмы "Евгений Онегин" А.Пушкина Эксклюзивный дистрибьютер ТД "Санкт-Петребург" Рекомендации по уходу: Химчистка или стирка вручную в прохладной воде.

«Евгений Онегин» — роман в стихах Александра Сергеевича Пушкина, написанный в 1823—1831 годах, одно из самых значительных произведений русской словесности. Кто герой этого романа - Онегин? Конечно же, Татьяна! Свое откровенное признание в любви Татьяна пишет человеку, которого создало ее воображение, ее вымысел значительнее оригинала, это ее подарок Онегину, который тот не смог ни понять, ни оценить.Payment Policy