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Rustic Finished Solid Wood Dice Tower Tray Rpg Dnd Adnd For Sale

Rustic Finished Solid Wood Dice Tower Tray Rpg Dnd Adnd

Do you want good, random rolls of your dice without worrying about them rolling off the table or upsetting game pieces? This handcrafted dice tower and tray set is the solution. The tower has three baffles to tumble your dice — and it will accept a handful of pretty big dice. The dice tumble into the tray with sides tall enough to contain the dice, yet short enough to allow easy visibility. When the action is over, simply lay the tower flat in the tray for compact storage. There's also plenty of room inside the tower to store your dice between games. The tower has a removable face, making it easy change the felt or foam; just remove the 4 screws holding the front piece to the tower for access to the inside. (The other screws are for appearance and reinforcement; only the face of the tower will disassemble.) If SOLID, QUALITYconstruction is important to you, you will appreciate the way this set is made. With its rustic finish and 3/4" solid pine construction, it is ruggedly built to stand the test of time. In all, I spend an average of over four and a half hours crafting each tower-and-tray set. (Of course, this does not include the many hours that the set must rest, curing, awaiting the next finishing step.) There are no shortcuts taken — each tower and tray is cut, assembled, planed, routed, sanded twice, stained, and finished with multiple coats of durable polyurethane varnish. Finally, felt or foam is cut and applied to the ramps and the tray. Felt or foam is also applied to the bottom of the tray to protect your furniture. (In some photos below, some screw holes look light in color; this is due to the camera flash. In actuality, the screw holes are finished and the screws are black.) Please be sure to contact me with your wood grain, stain, varnish, and padding choices.
Choose your wood grain: knotty or clear (no knots). Choose your stain: Cherry, Early American, Golden Pecan*, Ipswich Pine, Red Mahogany, or Special Walnut.* Please note that Golden Pecan is actually a bit lighter than the sample shown below. The stain manufacturer's sample below was apparently made with a different wood.
Choose your finish: Satin, Semi-Gloss, or High Gloss Choose your padding: Felt or 2 mm High-density Foam — or no covering at all, for a totally rustic all-wood look. The available felt colors are Brown, Royal Blue, White, Red, Black, Green, and Cranberry. The available foam colors are Gray, Orange, Yellow, Red, Brown, Beige, Dark Blue, Blue, Dark Green, Green, and White (not shown). See the sample photos, below. (Please note that slight color differences may occur due to display settings and manufacturing variations.)
Of course, you could try the tower without any padding now and add it yourself, later. If you like, I will ship the pre-cut padding separately so that you can add it later.
Finally, please keep in mind that these photos are meant to show the design and the quality of construction and materials you can expect to receive. The wood grain will vary from piece to piece and some will have random distress marks or natural dark streaks to add to the rustic look. If you prefer a smoother, less rustic look, just let me know; I will accommodate you as well as I can.
Thanks for looking!
DIMENSIONS: The tower is approximately 5" wide by 3 1/2" deep by 7 1/4" high. Standing in the tray, the overall height is about 8". Inside, it has approximately 1 1/8" (over 28 mm) of clearance past each baffle to accommodate almost any dice you throw into it.
The tray is approximately 9" long by 7" wide by 1 1/2" high (at the sides). With the tower laid down in the tray for storage, the set stands less than 4 1/2" high. SHIPPING: I make these in my spare time, which is sometimes scarce. (I have a regular job, a family, and also do volunteer work.) Depending on the curing time for your chosen finish, it may take longer than a week to make your dice tower and tray. (Mahogany takes the longest; others dry a day or two faster.) I will always try to deliver on time, but please keep in mind that there are many steps involved in crafting your set, so if time is of the essence, please check with me before ordering. When your set is complete, I will notify you and send tracking info when it is shipped. To reduce shipping time, you might consider Priority Mail for a little extra charge (see shipping rates, below). INTERNATIONAL PURCHASES: International shipping can be quite expensive. Combined purchases should improve the per-item cost significantly. Please contact me for a shipping cost estimate before offerding. Customs forms will be completed accurately and honestly; please do not ask me to "fudge" on the forms. Thank you.
Stain Colors
Felt Colors
Foam Colors (Not shown: White)

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Rustic Finished Solid Wood Dice Tower Tray Rpg Dnd Adnd

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Rustic Finished Solid Wood Dice Tower Tray Rpg Dnd Adnd:

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