San Domingo Gold Mining Claim Service~nuggets~paydirt

San Domingo Gold Mining Claim Service~nuggets~paydirt

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San Domingo Gold Mining Claim Service~nuggets~paydirt:

hi folks....i'mupdating for our 2013 fall and winter season...ALL NEW JEEP TOURS AND GOLD PANNING WITH DESERT name is sundance and i am offering the adventure of a lifetime! it certainlyhas been for me.......i have done very well and have decided to open my claims to a fewlucky people who might be interested in changingtheirlife and learning the art of real gold prospecting...... i am offering this because i have done so well that i would like to share in gold prospecting in one of the most beautiful areas in the whole state of arizona

as you can see in the actual pictures from the claims........the san domingo placer belt is known for the purest gold in the united states ..22 to 24 karatcrystallinegold and weguarantee100% that you will collect,process and pan your own gold or your money back on the spot....i am very friendly and veryknowledgeable...i myself am a third generation miner and have worked very hard to bring you an adventure i promise you will cherish the rest of your life.a camera is a must.....i will help you in anyway i can to get you to the wickenburg area which is the friendliest town in the west as far are many great people that own the local motels and i know because when i started my adventure i met them of my very favorites is the log wagon inn righton wickenburg way...a have nightly and weekly rates ..tell sheri sundance sent you

they have a beautiful swimming pool....nice large colored tv s.....air well asrefrigeratorsand microwaves.....itsrightin town close to all you need...they have internet service with alaundromatrightnext door..drinking and eating establishmentswithinwalking you can call sheri at 928 684 2531 and makearrangements..its also a great place to meet you to begin our fantastic journey..the address is 573 w wickenburg way wickenburg az 85390 ..we have a great minning store here with everything you would need when you get thegold fever you will get after just one day with me...also my goodfriendlarry owns sunshine can get a 5 x 10 area to keep your equipment in verysecure ..nice....and cheap priceon a weekly ..daily or yearly basis..just call larry at 928-684-3550..thats sunshine storage its very close to the claims and very handy..tell him sundance sent you for a great deal.

when i said a few lucky people iwasn'tkidding ..this is a very limited offer ...i am simply inviting people to come and keep the very artgold just anyone out.. trampling all over my beautiful virgin claims which are posted and guarded......this is a very serious adventure for the very seriousbeginneror even seasoned prospector...if you are looking to buy a claim butdon'tknow whatyou'redoing or direction to go me..i am the guy you want to meet...i learned it all the hard way and i am now at a fraction of the price i spent offering you this great can come out with me and get your feet wet so your not taken by a paperhanger claims salesman...please call me before you purchase a claim in this area...its true theres gold everywhere but itsdefinitelybetter in some areas morethanothers i will help you understand much better whatyou'regetting into and point you in the right far as the more technical aspects of the adventure i will discuss themat length on the can camp up to 2 weeks for free in the many of hundreds of campsitesrightnear the claims have a beautiful site that just opened up with its own working well and only a very short distance to great is very rugged territory as it should get the gold you will find...a four wheeler or four wheel drive vehicle is a must ...with a signed waiver we may even accommodate you with a ride into the i said all aspects will be will not come here work hard for a day and leave with 3 specs of fact under my watchful help you will get color in every will have 120 acres to prospect on and a few designated areas for nugget shooting .....i will teach you the aspects of panning trommels....and the spiral wheel......there is plentiful gold here...there isABSOLUTELYNO SALTING OF ANY TYPE as you will clearly see by the virgin ground you will be digging ...these are tested areas by me and gold is there will leave with the knowledge its taken years for me to learn...if you are interested in purchasing a claim.

i will also hook you up with the person i bought my claims from who is also very veryknowledgeableand taught me much that i know......there are many different packages we offer and can discuss that also....i'msorry but because of the hostile terrain no children under 12yrs old are allowed ......the scenicviewsand wildlife alone are worth the money.......i will teach you the art of panning ......we will supply you with our equipment while under our guide.....i promise myutmostattention and knowledge if you wish to talk about it before purchasing a tourwhich i recommend...... you can contact me at 928 231 2591.... but beingi'mon the property most of the time kindly leave a message and i will call you asap...there is no phone service from the remote area but i get it on the way out to the main i said its very limited i only allow a couple people at a time .....and am getting booked pleasedon'tmiss out on this fantastic adventure and learning experience.

a few small notes...if you are a negative type person pleasedon'treply we want only happy people with a sense of adventure is not a place for negativity we are very fun going spiritual people of the landand love our property and respect it very much ..if you are a smoker as i am..butts are to becollected...just because its the middle of the desert its still treated like our home and we keep it that far as the first day andnegotiableeach additional day .. ..if you are a couple this is very negotiable and if you wish to stay with us longer this is also negotiable......between the knowledge you will receive and the costs of running the many types of equipment ... (150.00 dollar value between all) the concentratesthat you will take from the area, where you got your gold and the gold you will keep.... your ahead of the game

there has been a 64 ounce specimen found as well as a2 oz...and4oz and a 7 ounce nugget found in this very area ...the next shovel you dig could be a good one we will also put your gold in a nice display case to take home and show your freinds and family...hopefully you will need 2...alsoarrangementscan be made for a longer stay..the buy it now is for deposit only..100.00...after you do the buy it now i will discussschedulingwith you....the deposit is non refundable.... i recommend you contact me first...if youdon'tshow upitsvaluabletime someone else could have used..we will discuss your full price on the phone... I MUST MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR WE DO NOT CHARGE YOU TO BE ON MY BLM CLAIMS.... I CHARGE FOR THE SERVICE AND EDUCATION YOURECEIVEAT THECAMP THAT IS WHERE OUR SERVICES ARE of our main goals is to educate you before you get ripped off buying a claim as i did many times before meeting the right do not want a claim in the middle of tim buc tu with no gold and no way to it.

our roads are rough ..but when driven correctly and slowly are very scenic and enjoyable..we like them rough to deter those not i said..THEY ARE GUARDED AND POSTED.if you already own a claim or bought a claim ..for a fee i will test your claim for you ..check your corner markers and post it for you ..if you fall into this category you must call me forcoordinatesand fees..............for a smallercost you can come in and out as you please for whatever designated time we arrive at when you call..up to a month...i will point you towards gold but you will be on your teaching class......although if you pay me for my time i will go with you...this is an excellent opportunity for guys going to club lands iwon'tmention that are picked and re-picked.....i have1800 acres of virgin land not worked since the great depression and not much then......put that with gold that replenishes itself every year and you do the math....its a great opportunity...also i have many great gold bearing claims for sale in the immediate area of mine...the difference between me and other sellers is i will take you there and we will test it together.

i will spend a couple days with you and get you on your way to learning how to find gold.......i will walk the entire claim.and i will fill you in on the difference between these great gold bearing claims and other areas...and i will answer any and all questions you might i guard your claim from claim jumpers and high graders whileyou'reaway ..most people come back right now as ofapril 2013have a fantastic deals on some of the best unworked claims in this area.........if you the fall and winter you better call me soon....i am presently getting booked'llsee...running sluice boxes and much much more to teach you all aspects of prospecting..its a greatopportunityfor you to learn all this will be open this labor day thruapril of next year you may want to book ahead if you like......we will also havesluicingfor rock hounds with some of the greatest gem stones arizona has to offer

as ofseptember 4 we now are offering great jeeptours out to the greatest most beautiful claims i own... will keep whatever gold you find will be put in a great display case for a great memory....or maybeyou'llget lucky and find a nicenuggetand get your name and picture on families welcome. ....we our now building our own great equipment....thankyou for looking and your interest...believe me call us it really is an adventure you will enjoy and remember a long time......... thank you for your interestwe are adding many different tours forfall and winter of 2013......including desert lunches cooked by our best guide .........donations are tour and lunch with panning..300.00 per couple.....100.00 for kids under 18......we have 2 jeeps and can take a family of 4......the other packages arerockhoundingjeep tour....a real mine tour...we can not take you in a mine but to the entrance and tailing piles which hold collect your ore and we crush it to your gold out..........and a basic scenic tour to lake for details and reservations.......thank you and we hope to see you

San Domingo Gold Mining Claim Service~nuggets~paydirt:

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1.1428 Gram Alaska Natural Gold Nuggets / Flakes -(#11552)- Hand-picked Quality

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0.8591 Gram Alaska Natural Gold Nuggets / Flakes -(#11551)- Hand-picked Quality