Scarce Stange Type 2 1970-1974 Eagle Scout Medal Sterling Bsa Boy Scout

Scarce Stange Type 2 1970-1974 Eagle Scout Medal Sterling Bsa Boy Scout

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Scarce Stange Type 2 1970-1974 Eagle Scout Medal Sterling Bsa Boy Scout:

Presented for the Scouting collector is this scarce ca. 1970-1974Stange Type2 BSAEagle Scoutmedal. This transitional medal (from exclusive production by Robbins to Stange) is a scarce variant (in my limited experience) that is seen much less often than earlier Robbins medals. Quality control, manufacturing methods, and design dropped off significantly during this transitional period. While the scroll is die struck, the eagle is die cast. The Stange Type 2 is the first Eagle Scout medal to feature a die-cast eagle planchet. The scroll is a design departure from earlier Robbins medals and presents a V-shaped appearance. The medal is in original,untouched, as-found condition. It retains the original wire knot. The scroll is marked inincuse on the reverse above the knot loop with the "-boxed S-STER" hallmark. This is, of course the Stange/sterling hallmark. It is difficult to photograph without upsetting the ribbon, but I can assure you it is there. The eagle has the same hallmark arrangement of the "-boxed S-" over "STER" in incuse on the central tail feather, but as opposed to being stamped in, it is cast into the design during manufacture. Thus, it is slightly muted. This is the characteristic result of die casting. This particular eagle features a much darker finish than other Type 2s I have seen. It isn't tarnish per se. It is a factory applied oxidation that is present under the original laquer on both the scroll and planchet. Thus, this is perhaps a sub-variant in the production series. I would venture that this medal is an earlier one in the Type 2 series. Condition isnear mintwith the pin, roller catch, and hinge being present and perfectly functional. The ribbon is crisp, but due to material changes it appears slightly different from the watered silk ribbons found on earlier Robbins eagle medals. This medal features the original addition of a clutchback bronze palm. If this is the type you were given and you've lost yours over the years, this is the one for you. While the qulaity control and design of Stange medals pale in comparison to a Robbins of any era,they arean absolute necessity for the type collector. Check back in the future for more BSA medals and insignia. ! Please see my other listings for items which may interest you. Good luck!

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Scarce Stange Type 2 1970-1974 Eagle Scout Medal Sterling Bsa Boy Scout:

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