See Hear Speak No Evil Three Resin Monkeys

See Hear Speak No Evil Three Resin Monkeys

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See Hear Speak No Evil Three Resin Monkeys:


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real pearl

The natural pearl assumes the round sphere, the ellipse, the anomalous sphere or the oval, the diameter 1~6 millimeters. Surface class white, yellow white, baby pink, light blue and so on, has the beautiful colored gloss, smooth. Has made the ornament pearl, central has the perforation most. The nature is hard, difficult stave, breaks delivering in person layered. With burns down it to have the report. The gas does not have, taste micro salty. the cultured pearl shape and the natural pearl are similar, but the varnish is weak, the cross section central has the circular sand grains or the abalone particles, the surface has a book nacreous layer. Is used as medicine only uses the nacreous layer. The gas does not have, taste micro salty. However the Hepu ecology pearl's appearance greatly improved the cultured pearl quality now! take the pellet circle entire, the gloss transparent, has unusual brightness, quality of material hardness good as..

Shell pearls:

Bei Zhu is forms the pearl and the earl oyster by the cultivation is Cheng Fenhou, after artificial does. Characteristic: She still had the natural pearl drug efficacy and sharp, moreover compared to the cultured pearl, the ball is big, the physique circle, the slight defect are few, the gloss extraordinary image upscale tower raises the pearl thinly, but other aspects are the same with the sea water pearl, middle is a proper circle essence, outside is the nacreous layer, in addition her nacreous layer must compared to ordinary sea water pearl thick many, therefore is not easy to wear, will not decolorize, color gorgeous diverse.


Turquoise is recognized as "the birth of rock in December," a symbol of good luck and good fortune, good luck and success on behalf of, "Stone's reputation as a success." Turquoise is considered to be "love charm".


 jade is a fascinating gem, not only in its traditional guise, but also in more modern designs. Especially in recent years, creative jewellery and gemstone producers have come up with some wonderful, up-to-date jewellery design, thus sprucing up the image of jade, which had rather a traditional character for quite some time. Jade symbolize energy and beauty, the traditional and the modern are combined in jade in a particularly harmonious way.Turquoise' name originates from 'Turkish'. It’s a copper aluminium phosphate with a hardness of 6, i.e. considerably softer than quartz. The shining sky blue is one of the most popular trend colours in the world of Jewelry and fashion. Turquoise has been esteemed for thousands of years as a holy stone, a bringer of good fortune or a talisman. It really does have the right to be called a 'gemstone of the peoples'. The oldest evidence for this claim was found in Egypt , where grave furnishings with turquoise inlay were discovered, dating from approximately 3000 B.C..?



See Hear Speak No Evil Three Resin Monkeys:

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