Seismic Audio Pws-15 Pws 15 Speaker Covers (2) - Black Quantity Of 1 = 1 Pair

Seismic Audio Pws-15 Pws 15 Speaker Covers (2) - Black  Quantity Of 1 = 1 Pair

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Seismic Audio Pws-15 Pws 15 Speaker Covers (2) - Black Quantity Of 1 = 1 Pair:

You cared enough to buy the best and you know how hard they work for you—why not guard your investment against damage and the weather with padded custom covers? Offering much better protection than a vinyl or nylon bag, towel, or the box they came in (and a better resale value when you hit the bigtime!), these covers are made by hand with care in the USA and feature openings at the handles, giving you a good grip on the units for transport. That is the way manufacturers suggest moving your cabinets and it’s a good idea since a drop from even elbow height (shoulder strap malfunction) may damage your equipment no matter how padded the covering. There is no need to fuss with zippers (if they stick or break, then what?). My covers simply slip onto the speakers from the top. My husband plays over 200 gigs a year and these covers have kept his speaker cabinets looking brand new!

A few of my fabulous customers shot the following videos to demonstrate how the covers fit!

Another featured my covers on his blog:

To save us both time, please check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of this listing before submitting an inquiry. Thank you!

Some satisfied customers say:

“I just opened the box with the (4) covers I bought from you. I rarely buy or use "homemade" products in my business because I don't want to deal with the hassle of poor designs or just plain cheaply made products. Your covers have proven otherwise. The fit of the covers (which at first I thought would be too loose) is actually perfect. OEM covers are always too thin and too tight. Your covers are just the right thickness, soft on the inside to protect my investment, and are a breeze to put on and take off.

Not only are your covers great, but you are a pleasure to do business with. You really have all of the bases covered. That is becoming more and more uncommon on , so thank you.

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with them. I will be buying more of your covers.”


Michael Creviston

Eau Claire, WI


“I have been wanting to write you to tell you aboutmyMackie SRM350 experience. I have been using your covers for those for about 2 years or so. I like them, but due to how many cables I haveandpower cords, etc, I decided topick up a couple of Mackie "official" bags with the shoulder strap and pockets in them. I thought they would make my life easier. Well, after 1 gig, I knew I made a mistake. Those bags are heavy, you can'tuse theshoulder strap well, it's hard to get the speakers in the bag, and you can't set them down on the rubber bottoms,you haveto lay the bag on the ground (like inthe snow or mud).I find your covers to be superior. They are light,durable, slip right overthe speaker, and they don't take up so much room. I just thought you'd like to hear that. So, the Mackies are going on tonight and I'm going back to yours.”


Patrick Milloy

Berea, OH


I have bought two different covers from Connie Shultz and am completely satisfied with both of my orders. The first time I ordered, I wanted covers for my two Behringer P.A. speakers.

Connie's covers fit perfectly, and protect my speakers quite well from road hazards. They look and feel great too. I've had other musicians ask me where I got them, and am always proud to tell.

Having had one good experience, I ordered a cover for my Roland Cube-60XL Bass amp, which was brand new and had earned its place in my onstage equipment. Connie sent me a prototype, so I could mark it for her and she could get it right. I guess mine is her first. Anyway, she nailed it. I now have a custom cover for my amp which is very practical but also protects this well loved piece of equipment. It fits just fine and seems very durable and also looks great. Highly recommended.

Michael Hough of Mustards Retreat


“I ordered a pair of speaker covers from Connie’s Covers for my son’s Harbinger APS-15 speakers. I e-mailed Connie, she had them in stock and they shipped promptly. The ordering process was easy. Connie is a professional with something you see too little of these days…a personal touch. My son received a nice note from her with the covers. He and I are very pleased with the quality, fit, look and price. You will be, too. Plus, it feels great to support a hands-on entrepreneur.”

Ray Huffstutter

Wynantskill, NY


“Ohmigosh! I ordered your covers on a Saturday, and they arrived the following Monday. Talk about great service! They are everything your store said: a really quality product, heavy construction, custom-fit for my specific model of PA speakers. Thank you!!!”


Conrad Miska

Eagan, MN


“Just received them..."NICE FIT"....I have bought covers from speaker manufacturers that didn't have the simplicity nor the craftsmanship these have. I would encourage anyone who is looking to protect theirspeakers to buy a set from your company. I'm in the service industry myself as a Disc Jockey/Entertainer and I know the value of a positive review....Simply put...JOB WELL DONE...Thanks again!!”

Millennium Entertainment

DJ Joe Asci

Taunton, MA


“Covers for my Mackie speakers arrived super fast. They fit perfectly, and the clever design enables installation within seconds. With no zippers to jam or break, quality construction, and plenty of padding, I'm confident that these covers will hold up to my schedule of more than 100 shows this year, and will offer protection at least as good as covers costing three times as much. Highly recommended at any price, and will purchase again should they ever wear out.”

Matt McKay


"I recently purchased covers for my all of Behringer PA speakers (4 mains & 2 subs), and I couldn't be any happier with my purchase. An excellent experience right from the start; superb communication, great people to deal with, and I received the covers a lot quicker than you'd expect to receive a custom-made product. And when I did receive them, I was even happier! The covers look great, fit like a glove, and are well-made, heavy duty covers. I would have expected to pay much more for products of this quality. If you're a gigging musician and want to protect your investment in your equipment, this is it!"

Rick Hanna
Auburn, KY


“I recently purchased some PR-15 Peavey speaker covers, and I must tell you that they are a great product! They saved my speakers! I was in an accident on 10-24-08 in which a young driver slid into my vehicle and music trailer totaling both and a lot of my equipment. The equipment trailer overturned and all the stuff inside slammed and bounced against each other, only the bottoms that weren’t protected were scratched, the covers got pretty scuffed up and worn, but they did their job perfectly!”

Rick Wesley

R&S Rhythms Mobile DJ & Karaoke, KY


“Just wanted you to know how happy we are with your covers. We are a professional audio company and have made covers ourselves without the same professional results. We could not make the covers for what you charge. Covers have been on 8 gigs so far. Not a showing of wear or tear. Thanks and we will be doing business with you again. We know what it takes to make these.”

Cowboyhouse, AZ


“I was so surprised at the fit and quality of your speaker covers. 10 times better than expected. I’m so glad I did business with you… It’s so nice to know there are still good people in this mixed up world that one can trust, and you are one.”



“Just writing to let you know that your covers are fantastic. I've always been frustrated with buying covers for speakers. They're overpriced and functionally terrible. These covers fit perfectly and protect my speaker mains better than the fancy and way too expensive manufacturers speaker bags I bought for my monitors. They are deceptively simple and cleverly constructed. And I agree with you about the color - the light color fabric makes them easy to locate sitting on the curb next to your van on a dark night. Thanks again.”



“Fast ship. Great communication. Oh, the covers rock, too!”



“What a great caring seller!!! Custom design and professional all the way! Pricing is great and the end product is SUPERB!!!”

DJSTYLES of Showcase Sounds Entertainment

Other Available Cover Styles:

If the gear you are looking to cover is not listed below and is not a discontinued or custom item, please provide a link to the manufacturer’s specifications so I’m certain to be looking at the correct cabinet. Please also include your personal email address so I can send any follow-up photos/questions.

I make covers inblack with white or black zig zag or lazy “s” topstitching (at the mercy of my supplier and their manufacturers) for Mackie C200, C300z, DLM 12, DLM 12S, HD1501, HD1521, HD1531, HD1801, PPM406M, PPM408M, PPM408S, PPM808M and PPM808S Powered Mixers, S215, S218s, S225, S408, S410s Sub, S500, SA1232z, SA and SR1521z,SR1522z, SA and SR1530z,SA1532z, SRM150, SRM350, SRM450, SRS1500, SWA1501, SWA1801, SWA2801z, TH-12A, TH-15A (Thumps), TH-18s; Acoustic Audio B200 200W 1x15 Bass Combo; Adamson CS-151; Alesis Gigamix 8FX; Alto Pro TS110A, TS112A, TS 15 Sub; Ampeg BA115T Bass Amp, BA115HPT Bass Amp; B-52 MX-15; Bag End S-15D; Behringer B205D, B208D, B212, B212A, B212D, B212XL, B215A, B215D, B215XL, B412DSP, B415DSP, B512DSP, B615D, B812NEO, B815NEO, B1220 Pro, B1500D Pro, B1520DSP, B1520 Pro, B1800D, B1800X Pro, F1320D, PMP 960M Powered Mixer, PMP 980S Powered Mixer, PMP 1680S Powered Mixer; Bose 2 Bass Module, MB4; Carvin 805, LM 15, MB12 Micro Bass Amp, P15, PM15A, TRx153N, XP880; Cerwin-Vega CVA-28X, CVA-115, int-252, PSX-153, PSX-253; Community XLT43; Crate CA6110DG; D.A.S 12A, 215A; Danley Sound Labs T-Mini Sub; EAW FR153z, JF100e, SB150, SB150P, SB150z, SB250zR; Eden D610XST; Egnater Tourmaster 4100 Amp; EV Eliminator Sub I Series, ELX 112, ELX 112P, ELX 115, ELX 115P, ELX 118, ELX 118P, ELX 115, ELX 115P, ELX 118, ELX 118P, ELX 215 Live X Dual 15, Force i 15”, QRx 212/75, QRx 218s, SB122, Sb2A, SbA760 Powered Sub, SX100+, SxA100+, SxA180 Sub, SxA250, SxA300, SxA360, SX250, SX300, T251+, TX 1122, TX 1152, TX 1181, ZxA1, ZxA1 Sub, Zx1-90, Zx3, Zx4, Zx5-60, Zx5-90; Fender 1657-1960 Tweed Deluxe 5E3, 1963 Concert Brownface, ’65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue, Acoustasonic SFXII, Bandmaster Reverb 1971, Blues Junior, Deluxe Reverb 1970, Frontman 15G, Frontman 15R, Frontman 212R, Princeton Reverb Reissue, Twin Reverb 1965; Fishman Loudbox 100; Gallien-Krueger MB115 Combo Amp; Gemini GVX-12P, GVX-SUB12P, GVX-SUB18P; Genz-Benz GB 410T-UB-4, Shenandoah 100, TAC EX-1202; Harbinger APS12, APS15, HP115, HP118S, HX152; I DJ Now Grundorf LED Facade; JBL EON 10G2, 15G2 , 305, 315, 510, 515, 518S, 1500 and EONSUB G2, JRX-112M, JRX-115, JRX-118S, LSR4328P, MP418S, MP418SP, MP418SP-1, MRX-515, MRX-518S, MRX-525, MRX-528S, PRX-412M, PRX-512M, PRX-515, PRX-612M, PRX-615M, PRX-618S, PRX-618S-XLF, SRX-715, SRX-715F, SRX-718S, SRX-728S, TR 225, VRX 932 LAP;Kustom KPC 10M, KPC12MC, KPC 210MP; Line 6 Low Down LD300 Bass Amp; M-Audio GSR-10; Mark Bass CMD151 Jeff Berlin Signature Bass Combo Amp, New York 151 RJ; Marshall Haze MHZ40C Amp; MCM Custom Audio Model 555-9700 Mixer Amp, Custom Heavy Duty 18” Sub Model 555-10390; Mesa Boogie DC-5 Combo Amp; Meyer Sound UMS-1P Sub; Nady PS115; Orange CR 20LDX Amp; Peavey 115 International, 212, 358-S, 400 BH Amp Head, Bandit 112 Amp, Classic 30/112 Combo Amp (2005), Classic 50/212 Combo Amp, EU 115, Impulse 100, Impulse 200, Impulse 500, Impulse 1012, Impulse 1015, KB-100 Keyboard Amp, PR 10, PR 12, PR 12D and PR 15 Neo, PR Sub, PR 12D, PV12M, PV15M, PV115, PV215, PV5300 Mixer, PVDJ 112i, PVi 10, PVx15, SP5, SP6, SP12M, TLM2X, TLS 5X, VYPYR 60 and 75 Watt Guitar Amps, XR 8300 and XR 8600 Powered Mixers; Podium Pro 18” Sub; Powerwerks PW100t, PW112-S; QSC HPR 112i, HPR 151i, HPR 153f, HPR 153i, HPR 181i, HPR 181W, K8, K10, K12, KSub, KW152, KW153, KW181; RCF ART 310A, ART 312A, ART 315A, ART 322A, ART 325A, ART 415-A MKII, ART 522A, ART 525A, ART 715A, ART 722A, ART 725A, ART 905-AS; Red Plate Blues Machine Amp; Roland AC-33 Guitar Amp, BA330, CB-60XL Bass Amp, CM-30, KC-350 Keyboard Amp, KCW-1, PM-30 Drum Monitor; Samson Resound RS12; Seismic Audio Enforcer II Sub, PWS-15, SA 15T; Tapco 6912, 6915, 6918s, TH-15A (Thumps), TH-18s; Technical Pro Power-15; THD Pro 2x12; Traynor K2 Keyboard Amp, YBA300 Bass Amp; Turbosound TQ-445DP, TXD-151; Vandersteen 2Ce; Vox VT-30; Wharfedale Pro Titan Sub A12; Yamaha AS312, BR15, C115V, CM12V, CM15V, DSR112, DSR115, DSR118W, DXR8, DXR10, DXR12, DXR15, MSR250, MSR400, MSR800W, S112V, S115IV, S115V, StagePas 300/MSR100/StagePas 150M, StagePas 500/MSR250/StagePas 250M, SV15; and Yorkville Elite LS608, LS720P, NX25P, NX35, NX55P, NX550P, NX600, NX720S, NX750P, TX-4, U-15, Y115, YS-115 and YX-15P speaker cabinets, among others.

If your gear is listed above, I have finalized the design for it. I may not keep it stocked, but can easily make it up for you, usually within a week of your order. I will happily sell single covers or whatever multiple you need, combining shipping costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you make covers for speaker cabinets, amplifiers, etc. other than those shown in the description?

A: I would love to assist you in covering your gear. Over the past few months, demand for my covers has so far exceeded my expectations that I reluctantly find I must prioritize requests for new designs in order to permit me more time meet my other responsibilities. I am essentially a one-person operation with limited part-time help. I can’t type and sew at the same time, so in order to keep stocked on the best-selling cover designs that I already offer, I will only add new designs for cabinets that are currently offered for sale (not custom or discontinued). Repeat/past customers are given priority as are requests to cover a pair of cabinets over those for single covers. If you provide me a link to the manufacturer’s specifications for the exact item you need covered, it will also help to speed my response since many companies offer different cabinets with similarly lettered numbers or extensions.

I’m not a factory, so I appreciate your patience as what I do is very time-intensive. I will respond to your request as soon as I can.

Q: What type of material is used?

A: I use moving blankets/furniture pads for all of the covers, cut to fit each different design. Most of the blankets are imported, woven, and listed as 75 pounds per dozen.

Q: Do the covers enclose the entire cabinet?

A: No, they do not. All of my designs are “dropover” covers, leaving the bottom of the cabinet exposed (where the manufacturer has usually installed “feet” to keep them from touching the floor). I think you will find that any covers you would purchase that fully enclose the cabinet will wear out at those spots more quickly. I have resisted adding flaps, straps, Velcro, etc., as this would increase the cost to you and make for an inventory nightmare for me.

Q: Could you add a pocket to store power cords, etc.?

A: I am certain that I could, but I have resisted doing so for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that the entire pocket would need to have its edges bound. Each pad I use has a finite amount of binding available. The pocket would add greatly to the time expended on the covers and increase the cost accordingly—another biggie for struggling musicians! I have it in mind to at some point begin to offer “gig bags” with a strap that would allow for ease in carrying cords and similar attachments, but I’ve just been too busy to evaluate the demand for such an item.

You are certainly welcome to make modifications to the covers once you have purchased them, of course.

Q: Are the covers waterproof?

A: No, but there are treatments available that you may apply yourself to make them so, I’m told. Here is a link to a supplier you could use if that is important to you:

Q: How are prices determined for the different covers?

A: That is an EXCELLENT question! The first criterion is the size of the cabinet. The larger the cabinet, the more material is used, thus the higher price.

Then, there is the nature of the pads, themselves. Their size is an estimate only and some are pieced together in such a way by the manufacturer that in order to get a pair of matching covers (the stitching going the same way on the body parts), it is necessary to cut several pads to get the needed components. Some topstitching designs are only sporadically available (until you open them up, you can’t tell which you’ll get). Sometimes there is a slightly different weight of fabric within the pad that makes sewing through them more difficult (and also makes for many more broken needles), but also makes for a terrifically protective cover!

Binding is another matter. In order to keep costs down, I recycle the binding the manufacturer sews around the outside edge of the pad. If the pad was evenly cut at the factory and the binding is straight, I may save time by using some of their hemmed edges without having to remove the binding, make the edge straight, cut out the pattern and reattach the binding. Sometimes, however, that is not the case. Depending on the stitching technique used on the binding, removal and reattachment of the binding can be very time-consuming.

The biggest price difference comes if your cabinets are carpeted. In that instance, I must bind all the cut edges before assembling the covers so that the padding doesn’t flake onto your carpeting each time you remove and put them on your gear. I usually don’t keep the designs for the carpeted cabinets in stock, so you may have to wait a bit longer for me to make those up.

Thanks for your interest!

Seismic Audio Pws-15 Pws 15 Speaker Covers (2) - Black Quantity Of 1 = 1 Pair:

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