Seo Service - Your Website On Page-one Of Google In One Month - 10 Keywords

Seo Service - Your Website On Page-one Of Google In One Month - 10 Keywords

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Seo Service - Your Website On Page-one Of Google In One Month - 10 Keywords:

"Who Wants A Guaranteed Page-One Google Ranking For Up To 10 Keywords In 30 Days?"

With all of the page-one Google SEO Services currently offered on , how do you know which one actually delivers professional results? The best way is to compare the features and services that each SEO provider offers. Don't believe the hype! There are a few basic SEO features that are critical to the success of any SEO campaign such as backlinks and ranking reports. If an SEO provider is unwilling to provide these basic features and services, what they are offering may not be a valid SEO campaign!

This SEO Cougar Campaign Is A Complete SEO Service Valued At $1,915.00 That We Are Offering On For Only $799.00 $89.00!

Here is a brief outline of what you're going to get with this service (details below):

Take A Look At What This SEO Package Offers!

No other SEO Provider on offers all these critical features! Our valuable Weekly Search Engine Ranking Reports will allow you to track your website's progress on its climb to the first page of Google! You can view the reports by logging into your SEO Campaign control panel where you can monitor the progress of your website's ranking on the top three major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing/MSN) and view your Weekly Backlink Reports. If you are looking at other SEO Packages on or elsewhere make sure to find out if they offer the critical features listed below!

Included In This SEO Package:

1. Keyword Research And Discovery

When we optimize a website for the search engines, we always start off with extensive keyword research. This is the single most important process of SEO. When it comes to choosing the appropriate keywords for a website, there are a lot of factors to consider. First of all, what keyword market are you going to attempt to target? Is it a keyword phrase that is too competitive, or one that is already dominated by powerful corporate websites? Once we make these crucial determinations, we use professional keyword tracking tools to generate 10 popular keyword phrases that are relevant to your website. We will also consult wth you to discuss and consider your own keyword ideas as part of the process.

2. Relevant Backlinks From Thousands Of Websites

A permanent link to your website will be placed on over 2,000 different websites and blogs in our network. The websites in this network are all clean, high-quality, porn-free business and educational websites and blogs. I will add embed your keywords into the link titles and description text of your links to make them relevant to your website's keywords. (You will be able to log in to your SEO Campaign control panel to view these links.)

The major search engines determine the importance of a website based on the number of links pointing to it from other websites. Websites with an excessive number of incoming links are considered to be popular and important. On the other hand, websites that have little or no incoming links are deemed unimportant by the search engines and end up getting hopelessly lost in the millions of search results. Most webmasters do not realize the importance of link popularity. In fact, over 90% of all websites on the Internet have less than 10 links pointing to them. This means that the remaining 10% are dominating the major search engines.

3. Weekly Search Engine Ranking Reports

Each week you can monitor your website's weekly Search Engine Ranking Report. These priceless reports will allow you to track your website's progress on its climb to the top of Google! You can view the reports by logging into your SEO Campaign control panel.

The weekly reports show you the progress of your website's ranking on the top three major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing/MSN) on a weekly basis. You will be able to view a history graph for each of the keyword phrases that your website is ranked for. Without these automated reports, you would have to spend several hours each week manually tracking down your search engine ranking for all of the keywords associated with your website!

4. Metatag Optimization (Optional)

When the major search engines evaluate your website to determine where it should rank in the search engine resulting pages (SERPS), they crawl your web pages and index all of their content. When this process takes place, the search engine robots look at your website's metatags such as title, description, h1 type, bold type, underlined type, and image alt tags to determine how to categorize your web pages. However, it is a well-known fact that most of the major search engines now use off-site factors (i.e. relevant backlinks) as the major factor in determining a website's ranking in their search index.

When I optimize the metatags of a website, I carefully place the keyword phrases that were selected during the Keyword Research & Discovery phase into the metatags throughout your web pages to make sure they match the content of the pages and the incoming links that we create for your website on thousands of other websites. Note: This step is not necessary if our SEO evaluation determines that your website's metatags are already relevant.

5. Your Own SEO Campaign Control Panel

Once you purchase this SEO Service you will receive an email from us with your member login credentials to our SEO Service website after your SEO Campaign has been completed and launched. Once you login to our website you will have access to your SEO Campaign Control Panel. From this control panel you can view reports and statistics regarding your SEO Campaign such as site details, weekly search engine ranking reports, backlinks reports (list of websites linking to yours), and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long will my website stay on page-one of Google once it gets there?

Once we get a website to the first page of Google, it usually stays there for six months to several years or more depending on how much ongoing maintenance is done on the campaign. The best way to make sure that your website stays on the first page of Google forever is to take advantage of our followup SEO Maintenance programs (see #2 below).

2. Is this service a one-time cost, or are their additional fees involved?

This ad is for a complete SEO Campaign including keyword research, thousands of relevant, permanent backlinks for your website placed on websites and blogs in our network, setup/configuration of your SEO reports and SEO Control Panel, and six full months of weekly reports. When it nears the end of the 6-month period we will send you an offer to subscribe to our monthly SEO Maintenance Program that will offer you continued access to your SEO Control Panel to monitor your reports and also receive new backlinks as new websites and blogs join the network for only $19.95 per month! (Not required.)

3. Do I get to choose the keywords for my campaign, or do you choose them for me?

You may be wondering, "Can you get my website to the first page of Google for ANY keyword I choose?" There is no simple yes-or-no answer to that question, as some keywords are more popular and competitive than others. We always welcome input from our clients on keyword ideas to target for their website. We then perform professional keyword analysis and research for your website to determine 10 popular keyword phrases that I am confident we can attain page-one Google search rankings for. We only promise what we are able to deliver on!

4. What happens after I purchase this SEO Service?

We will contact you within 24 hours with a few questions about your website domain name, what your preferred keywords are (if any), the geographical area you wish to target, etc. Email updates are sent during each phase of the SEO Campaign until we email your access credentials for your SEO Control Panel. All of these processes take 10-14 days to complete.

5. What if I don't get a page-one Google ranking within 90 days?

If we fail to achieve at least one page-one Google ranking for your website within 90 days, we will work for free until we achieve this goal or refund your purchase price in full. While some SEO providers boast of a 30-day guarantee, we think it is better to offer a 90-day guarantee because sometimes it takes longer than 30 days to get a website to the first page of Google search results (depending on keyword popularity).

6. Do you accept non-English websites?

At this time we are only accepting websites written in the English language. We are based in the USA and our writers and developers speak fluent English. Due to the critical nature of keyword research, it is better to get an SEO expert who speaks your language fluently to develop your website's SEO campaign. Otherwise they might choose the wrong keywords!

Seo Service - Your Website On Page-one Of Google In One Month - 10 Keywords:

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