Seth Thomas Early Large Antique Column & Cornice Mantel Clock Looks & Runs Great

Seth Thomas Early Large Antique Column & Cornice Mantel Clock Looks & Runs Great

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Seth Thomas Early Large Antique Column & Cornice Mantel Clock Looks & Runs Great:

This is a large superior example of a very old near all original clock. This is a super example of a very early Seth Thomas Column and Cornice Mantle Clock. It has a perfect large running 30 hour signed weight driven time and strike movement. It was made circa 1855. It is an extremely classy mantle clock in need of a warm loving home. This clock is weight driven and not spring driven. Weights keep better time than springs as springs run slightly fast when they are first wound and lose power as they wind down and cause the clock to slow down somewhat before windings. The movement runs very well and keeps good time. The movement is clean and in superior running condition. (After all these years!) This is one of the very early HIGH QUALITY clocks made by Seth Thomas , founder of the Seth Thomas Clock Co. Seth Thomas and Thomas Hoadley were apprentices to the first American Clockmaker to use interchangeable parts. His name was Eli Terry. Eli Terry bought land for his first clock “factory” in 1799. After a few years of working with Eli Terry, Seth Thomas set off on his own and started the famous Seth Thomas Clock Company. His company was in the Seth Thomas family all the way until the 1960s. It flourished so well mainly due to the family making very high quality clocks. This clock is a great example. If the Maytag repairman thinks he’s lonely… This clock is over 150 years old and still going strong! (Made before the Civil War!) The name Seth Thomas is synonymous with high quality and good taste. Not always the first on the scene with the latest movement "improvement" or flashy case style, Seth Thomas was slow to adopt changes and only when the marketplace had given it acceptance to other companys' breakthrough advances would Seth Thomas slowly and carefully bring their high quality clocks to the marketplace. The results, however, were always the same. When the Seth Thomas clock arrived it was an instant success and it captured the market. As the years have passed, the quality of Seth Thomas clocks has been proven over and over. They are the best. It is large and measures 25 inches high, 16 inches wide and 5 inches deep. This clock works beautifully and keeps GREAT/PERFECT time. The top glass is all original with wavy glass, bubbles and seeds and the old original mirror. This clock has lots of its original paper label inside! The back is perfect and original. The weights are original! Really runs great. This clock has its correct replaced dial in superior untouched condition. Complete with a crank to wind the clock and the original pendulum. The veneer is not perfect but in outstanding condition especially for its age. Has its original finish. These antique clocks amaze me - could you imagine any other consumer product still working after nearly 150 years! And the truly amazing thing with proper care they will work easily past the next 200 years!) I believe when this clock is 350 years old it will be just about in its prime! If you are looking for a very old antique clock that looks like it was cherished its whole life – this is it! The movement looks great and the wood on the case is near perfect – including the original door catch. The clock has its original finish also! The back of the case is original and perfect. Also the original top is perfect with pulley covers. Has its original pulleys which guide the cords and the original weights which power the movement. I wonder what Seth Thomas would think if he knew that 150 years later his fine product is still working like new and for sale on ! Antique Clocks are a Fine Investment. Each one has a unique quality, as well as appreciating in value and beauty with age. You will become attached to your antique clocks and they will become a meaningful and important part of your life adding untold joy each day you own them. They can be handed down from one generation to another as they increase daily in value. Antique clocks serve many purposes other than being useful in telling time, decorative in your home, a valuable asset in your estate and above all a faithful servant and friend which will be true to you to the end of time. This clock will be packed very very carefully by our elite packing department (Donna and Wild Thing) – given a perfect “10” by a gracious customer - to insure a safe delivery and the buyer is to pay $32.50 for shipping and ins. (The clock is large requiring a new double wall double oversize box and lots of packing materials) and heavy – the weights alone weigh about 3 pounds each. I will gladly answer any emails promptly. I have always hated that "reserve" when I have offer myself so this fine clock has and a very very low starting offer (gulp). We love these clocks and we’ll be glad to help you set up your clock, or answer questions long after the sale via email. We will be at the NAWCC National clock convention at Dayton OH. Going in our vintage Airstream (with all the kitties!) June 29 through the end of July. This is a great convention. Then we’re planning on visiting Donna’s Sister and brother in law in Conway MO. Then we’re planning on taking a vacation camping in Colorado! It looks like we’ll probably not have much internet access during the trip. If we receive payment right away before we leave we can ship before we leave. If not, we’ll ship ASAP right after returning. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Seth Thomas Early Large Antique Column & Cornice Mantel Clock Looks & Runs Great:

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