Solid Silver Shillng 1913 Coin Antique Vintage Psv Eindhoven Dutch Holland Retro

Solid Silver Shillng 1913 Coin Antique Vintage Psv Eindhoven Dutch Holland Retro

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Solid Silver Shillng 1913 Coin Antique Vintage Psv Eindhoven Dutch Holland Retro:

1913 Shilling Coin
The Year PSV Eindhoven Were FoundedNinety Nine Year old British Shilling Coin from 1913Solid 0.925 Silver
It has quite a few marks and in need of a clean in fair condition it is almost over one hundred years old
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The threepence or thruppenny bit was a denomination of currency used by various jurisdictions in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, valued at 1/80 of a pound or ¼ of a shilling until decimalisation of the pound sterling and Irish pound in 1971. It was also used in some parts of the British Empire (later known as the Commonwealth), notably Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The shilling is a unit of currency formerly used in Britain and some current and former British Commonwealth countries. The word shilling comes from scilling, an accounting term that dates back to Anglo-Saxon times where it was deemed to be the value of a cow in Kent or a sheep elsewhere. The word is thought to derive from the base skell-, "to ring/resound" and the diminutive suffix -ling.[1] The slang term for a shilling as a currency unit was a "bob".The abbreviation for shilling is s, from the Latin solidus, the name of a Roman coin. Often it was informally represented by a slash, standing for a long s: e.g., "1/6" would be 1 shilling and sixpence, often pronounced "one and six" (and equivalent to 18d; the shilling itself was valued at 12d). A price with no pence would be written with a slash and a dash, e.g., "11/-". Quite often a triangle or (serif) apostrophe would be used to give a neater appearance, e.g., "1'6" and "11'-". In Africa it is often abbreviated sh.During the Great Recoinage of 1816, the mint was instructed to coin one troy pound (weighing 5760 grains) of standard (0.925 fine) silver into 66 shillings, or its equivalent in other denominations. This effectively set the weight of the shilling, and its subsequent decimal replacement 5 new pence coin, at 87.2727 grains or 5.655 grams from 1816 to 1990, when a new smaller 5p coin was introduced.The common currency created in 1707 by Article 16 of the Articles of Union continued in use until decimalisation in 1971. Before decimalisation, there were 20 shillings per pound and 12 pence per shilling, and thus there were 240 pence in a pound. Three coins denominated in multiple shillings were also in circulation at this time. They were: the florin, two shillings (2/-), which adopted the value of 10 new pence (10p) at decimalisation;
the half-crown, two shillings and sixpence (2/6) or one-eighth of a pound, which was abolished at decimalisation (otherwise it would have had the value of 12½p);
the crown (five shillings), the highest denominated non-bullion UK coin in circulation at decimalisation (in practice, crowns were commemorative coins not used in everyday transactions).At decimalisation, the shilling coin was superseded by the new five-pence piece, which initially was of identical size and weight and had the same value, and inherited the shilling's slang name of a bob.Before decimalisation brought about a new currency with new coinage, the sum of three pence was pronounced variously /ˈθrʊpəns/throop-ence, /ˈθrɛpəns/threpp-ence or /ˈθrʌpəns/thrupp-ence, reflecting different pronunciations in the various regions and nations of Great Britain. Likewise, the coin was usually referred to in conversation as a /ˈθrʊpni/throop-nee, /ˈθrɛpni/threpp-nee or /ˈθrʌpni/thrupp-nee bit.British coinage
Current circulation
One penny Two pence Five pence Ten pence Twenty pence Fifty pence One pound Two pounds
Commemorative and bullion
Twenty-five pence Five pounds Maundy money Quarter sovereign Half sovereign Sovereign Britannia
Withdrawn (decimal)
Half penny
Withdrawn (pre-decimal,
selected coins)
Quarter-farthing Third-farthing Half-farthing Farthing Halfpenny Penny Threepence Groat Sixpence One shilling Two shillings (florin) Half crown Double florin (four shillings) Crown Half guinea Guinea
See also
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Monarchs of England before 1603 Monarchs of Scotland before 1603
Æthelstan Edmund the Magnificent Eadred Eadwig Edgar the Peaceful Edward the Martyr Æthelred the Unready Sweyn Forkbeard Edmund Ironside Cnut the Great Harold Harefoot Harthacnut Edward the Confessor Harold Godwinson Edgar the Ætheling William I William II Henry I Stephen Matilda Henry II Henry the Young King Richard I John Henry III Edward I Edward II Edward III Richard II Henry IV Henry V Henry VI Edward IV Edward V Richard III Henry VII Henry VIII Edward VI Jane Mary I and Philip Elizabeth I
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Philips Sport Vereniging (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈfi.lɪps ˌspɔrt fə.ˌreː.nə.ɣɪŋ], English: Philips Sports Union), abbreviated as PSV and widely known as PSV Eindhoven [ˌpe.jɛs.ˈfeː ˈɛi̯nt.ˌɦoː.və(n)], is a sports club from Eindhoven, Netherlands. It is best known for its professional football department which has been the home for many Dutch and foreign football talents.
Founded in 1913, PSV is one of three European Cup-winning clubs in the Netherlands, alongside AFC Ajax and Feyenoord. They won the European Cup in 1988 against Benfica, making them the second Dutch club to win The Treble, and the UEFA Cup in 1978 against SC Bastia. The club has won the national league 21 times, the national cup nine times and the Johan Cruijff Schaal nine times.
They are often nicknamed Boeren (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbuːrə(n)], Dutch for either peasants or farmers) This nickname was first used as a derogatory name by rival supporters, due to Eindhoven's status of being a provincial city. However, PSV fans took on this nickname, taking pride in their Brabantian heritage, this Brabantian identity also plays a fundamental role in the club's culture with the Flag of North Brabant being incorporated in shirt design and being displayed in and around the stadium. Their home is Philips Stadion, which is based in the Eindhoven borough of Strijp.Full name Philips Sport Vereniging NV
Nickname(s) Boeren (Peasants)
Rood-witten (Red-whites)
Red White Army
Founded 31 August 1913
Ground Philips Stadion
(capacity: Dick Advocaat
League Eredivisie, 3rdCurrent squadNote: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.
No. Position Player
1 GK Przemysław Tytoń
2 DF Mathias "Zanka" Jørgensen
3 DF Wilfred Bouma
4 DF Marcelo
5 DF Erik Pieters
6 MF Mark van Bommel (captain)
7 FW Ola Toivonen
8 MF Kevin Strootman
9 FW Tim Matavž
10 MF Georginio Wijnaldum
11 FW Jeremain Lens
13 DF Atiba Hutchinson
No. Position Player
14 FW Dries Mertens
15 DF Jetro Willems
16 MF Orlando Engelaar
17 FW Luciano Narsingh
18 DF Timothy Derijck
19 FW Jürgen Locadia
20 MF Peter van Ooijen
21 GK Boy Waterman
22 FW Memphis Depay
23 DF Stanislav Manolev
24 MF Marcel Ritzmaier
31 GK Ruud Swinkels
[edit]Players out on loan
Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.
No. Position Player
GK Jeroen Zoet (at RKC Waalwijk until 30 June 2013)
DF Abel Tamata (at Roda JC Kerkrade until 30 June 2013)PSV Eindhoven
Players Captains Managers Europe Current season
History of PSV Eindhoven Honours
Home stadium
Philips Stadion
Training Ground
1994–95 * 2004–05
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Superleague Formula team
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Kyocera Stadion Amsterdam Arena AFAS Stadion De Kuip Euroborg Abe Lenstra Stadion Polman Stadion Rat Verlegh Stadion De Goffert FC Zwolle Stadion Philips Stadion Mandemakers Stadion Parkstad Limburg Stadion Grolsch Veste Galgenwaard GelreDome De Koel Koning Willem II Stadion
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Champions Players (foreign) Managers Derbies Eredivisie Live
Footballer of the Year Rinus Michels Award
Associated competitions
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Anzhi Makhachkala Liverpool Udinese Young Boys
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Académica Atlético Madrid Hapoel Tel Aviv Viktoria Plzeň
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AEL Limassol Borussia Mönchengladbach Fenerbahçe Marseille
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Bordeaux Club Brugge Marítimo Newcastle United
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Basel Genk Sporting CP Videoton
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Internazionale Neftchi Baku Partizan Rubin Kazan
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Baku Bangor City Birkirkara Bohemians Borac Banja Luka Cefn Druids Celje Cliftonville Crusaders Daugava EB/Streymur Eschen/Mauren FC Santa Coloma Flamurtari Vlorë Floriana Grevenmacher Hibernians ÍBV Jeunesse Esch La Fiorita Libertas Llanelli MTK Budapest Narva Trans Nõmme Kalju NSÍ Runavík Pyunik Rudar Pljevlja Šiauliai Shkëndija Stabæk Teuta Durrës Torpedo Kutaisi UE Santa Coloma Víkingur Zhetysu
Round and draw dates Qualifying phase and play-off round Group stage Knockout phase Final
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Original UEFA Champions League clubs, 1992–93
Club Brugge CSKA Moscow Göteborg Marseille Milan Porto PSV Eindhoven Rangers
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Philips Consumer Lifestyle Gaggia Saeco Philips Healthcare Philips AVENT Respironics Shenzhen Goldway Industrial Philips Lighting Philips Lumileds Lighting Company Corporate Technologies
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NXP Semiconductors (19.9%) Philips-Neusoft Medical Systems (51%) TCL Corporation (6.3%) TP Vision (30%)
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Cor Boonstra President and Chief Executive Officer Gerard Kleisterlee Co-founders Anton Philips and Gerard Philips Frits Philips
High Tech Campus Eindhoven Philips Arena Philips Stadion
Carousel HDMI Licensing Philips Sports Manager of the Year Phoebus cartelList of playersName Nationality Position PSV Eindhoven career Captaincy Notes
Eric Addo Ghana Defender 1999–2009 — [B]
Berry van Aerle Netherlands Defender 1981–1994 —
Ibrahim Afellay Netherlands Midfielder 2003–2010 2009–2010
Otman Bakkal Netherlands Midfielder 2003–2012 — [H]
DaMarcus Beasley United States Forward 2004–2007 —
Jan van Beveren Netherlands Goalkeeper 1970–1980 1973–1980
Gilles De Bilde Belgium Forward 1997–1999 —
Kasper Bøgelund Denmark Defender 1998–2005 —
Mark van Bommel Netherlands Midfielder 1999–2005; 2012-present 2000–2005
Wilfred Bouma Netherlands Defender 1994–2005; 2010–present — [C]
Ernie Brandts Netherlands Defender 1977–1986 —
Hans van Breukelen Netherlands Goalkeeper 1984–1994 —
Arnold Bruggink Netherlands Forward 1997–2003 —
Kalusha Bwalya Zambia Forward 1989–1994 —
Philip Cocu Netherlands Midfielder 1995–1998; 2004–2007 2005–2007
Jason Culina Australia Midfielder 2005–2009 —
Coen Dillen Netherlands Forward 1941–1945; 1949–1961 —
Balázs Dzsudzsák Hungary Forward 2008–2011 —
Ralf Edström Sweden Midfielder 1973–1977 —
Ernest Faber Netherlands Defender 1992–2004 — [D]
Jefferson Farfán Peru Forward 2004–2008 —
Eric Gerets Belgium Defender 1985–1992 1987–1992 [A]
René van der Gijp Netherlands Midfielder 1984–1987 —
Heurelho Gomes Brazil Goalkeeper 2004–2008 —
Ruud Gullit Netherlands Midfielder 1985–1987 1986–1987
Jan Heintze Denmark Defender 1982–1994; 1999–2003 —
Guus Hiddink Netherlands Midfielder 1970–1972 — [A]
Kevin Hofland Netherlands Defender 2000–2004 —
Huh Jung-Moo South Korea Midfielder 1980–1983 —
Wim Jonk Netherlands Midfielder 1995–1998 —
Willy van de Kerkhof Netherlands Midfielder 1973–1988 —
René van de Kerkhof Netherlands Forward 1973–1983 —
Pierre Kerkhoffs Netherlands Forward 1961–1964 —
Mateja Kežman Serbia Forward 2000–2004 —
Wim Kieft Netherlands Forward 1987–1990; 1991–1994 —
Patrick Kluivert Netherlands Forward 2006–2007 —
Erwin Koeman Netherlands Defender 1979–1982; 1990–1994 1993–1994
Ronald Koeman Netherlands Defender 1986–1989 — [A]
Joonas Kolkka Finland Forward 1998–2001 —
Arouna Koné Ivory Coast Forward 2005–2007 —
Jurrie Koolhof Netherlands Forward 1982–1987 —
Addick Koot Netherlands Defender 1983–1991 —
Adrie van Kraay Netherlands Defender 1971–1982 —
Kees Krijgh Netherlands Defender 1972–1979 —
Willy van der Kuijlen Netherlands Forward 1964–1981 1965–1973 [E]
Zakaria Labyad Netherlands Forward 2009–2012 —
Danko Lazović Serbia Forward 2007–2010 —
Lee Young-Pyo South Korea Defender 2003–2005 —
Søren Lerby Denmark Midfielder 1987–1990 —
Edward Linskens Netherlands Midfielder 1987–1995 —
Ton Lokhoff Netherlands Midfielder 1982–1986 —
Harry Lubse Netherlands Forward 1968–1980 —
Theo Lucius Netherlands Midfielder 1998–2006 — [F]
Edison Mendez Ecuador Midfielder 2006–2009 —
Yuriy Nikiforov Russia Defender 1998–2002 —
Ivan Nielsen Denmark Defender 1986–1990 —
Luc Nilis Belgium Forward 1994–2000 1998–2000
Ruud van Nistelrooy Netherlands Forward 1998–2001 —
Björn Nordqvist Sweden Defender 1972–1975 —
Arthur Numan Netherlands Defender 1992–1998 1994–1998
André Ooijer Netherlands Defender 1998–2006; 2009–2010 —
Park Ji-Sung South Korea Midfielder 2003–2005 —
Jan Poortvliet Netherlands Defender 1974–1983 —
Gica Popescu Romania Defender 1990–1994 —
Ovidiu Stîngă Romania Midfielder 1996–2001 -
Arjen Robben Netherlands Forward 2002–2004 —
Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa Brazil Defender 2004–2007 —
Romário Brazil Forward 1988–1993 —
Dennis Rommedahl Denmark Forward 1997–2004 —
Ronaldo Brazil Forward 1994–1996 —
Carlos Salcido Mexico Defender 2006–2010 —
Maza Rodriguez Mexico Defender 2008–2011 —
Timmy Simons Belgium Midfielder 2005–2010 2007–2010
Jaap Stam Netherlands Defender 1996–1998 —
Huub Stevens Netherlands Defender 1975–1986 — [A]
Pleun Strik Netherlands Defender 1967–1976 —
Hallvar Thoresen Norway Midfielder 1981–1988 1983–1986
Stan Valckx Netherlands Defender 1988–1992; 1995–2000 —
Michel Valke Netherlands Defender 1978–1982; 1983–1987 —
Vampeta Brazil Defender 1994–1998 — [G]
Gerald Vanenburg Netherlands Defender 1986–1993 1992–1993
Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink Netherlands Forward 2001–2006; 2011–2012 —
Johann Vogel Switzerland Midfielder 1999–2005 —
Ronald Waterreus Netherlands Goalkeeper 1994–2004 —
Roel Wiersma Netherlands Defender 1954–1965 1954–1965
Jan Wouters Netherlands Defender 1994–1996 — [A]
Boudewijn Zenden Netherlands Forward 1993–1998 —
[edit]PSV players on international cupsCup Players
1974 FIFA World Cup René van de Kerkhof
Willy van de Kerkhof
Pleun Strik
Ralf Edström
Björn Nordqvist
UEFA Euro 1976 René van de Kerkhof
Willy van de Kerkhof
Adrie van Kraay
1978 FIFA World Cup Ernie Brandts
René van de Kerkhof
Willy van de Kerkhof
Adrie van Kraay
Harry Lubse
Jan Poortvliet
UEFA Euro 1980 Ernie Brandts
René van de Kerkhof
Willy van de Kerkhof
Adrie Koster
Jan Poortvliet
Huub Stevens
1986 FIFA World Cup Eric Gerets
Frank Arnesen
UEFA Euro 1988 Jan Heintze
Søren Lerby
Ivan Nielsen
Berry van Aerle
Hans van Breukelen
Wim Kieft
Ronald Koeman
Gerald Vanenburg
1990 FIFA World Cup Eric Gerets
Jozef Chovanec
Berry van Aerle
Hans van Breukelen
Wim Kieft
Gerald Vanenburg
1992 Africa Cup of Nations Kalusha Bwalya
UEFA Euro 1992 Berry van Aerle
Hans van Breukelen
Wim Kieft
Adri van Tiggelen
1994 Africa Cup of Nations Kalusha Bwalya
Nii Lamptey
1994 FIFA World Cup Jan Wouters
Arthur Numan
Gheorghe Popescu
Klas Ingesson
1995 Copa América Ronaldo
UEFA Euro 1996 Philip Cocu
Arthur Numan
Jaap Stam
1998 FIFA World Cup Luc Nilis
Peter Møller
Philip Cocu
Wim Jonk
Arthur Numan
André Ooijer
Jaap Stam
Boudewijn Zenden
Ovidiu Stîngă
UEFA Euro 2000 Luc Nilis
Jan Heintze
Ivica Kralj
2002 Africa Cup of Nations Adil Ramzi
2002 FIFA World Cup Kasper Bøgelund
Jan Heintze
Dennis Rommedahl
Yuri Nikiforov
2004 AFC Asian Cup Lee Young-Pyo
UEFA Euro 2004 Kasper Bøgelund
Dennis Rommedahl
Wilfred Bouma
Arjen Robben
Ronald Waterreus
Johann Vogel
Johan Vonlanthen
2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup DaMarcus Beasley
2006 Africa Cup of Nations Arouna Koné
2006 FIFA World Cup Jason Čulina
Eric Addo
Philip Cocu
André Ooijer
Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink
DaMarcus Beasley
2007 AFC Asian Cup Jason Čulina
2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup DaMarcus Beasley
Carlos Salcido
2007 Copa América Jefferson Farfán
Edison Méndez
Lee Nguyen
2008 Africa Cup of Nations Eric Addo
UEFA Euro 2008 Ibrahim Afellay
2010 FIFA World Cup Francisco Javier Rodríguez
Carlos Salcido
Ibrahim Afellay
André Ooijer
2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup Atiba Hutchinson
Francisco Javier Rodríguez
UEFA Euro 2012 Wilfred Bouma
Kevin Strootman
Jetro Willems
Przemysław Tytoń
Andreas Isaksson
Ola Toivonen

Solid Silver Shillng 1913 Coin Antique Vintage Psv Eindhoven Dutch Holland Retro:

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Erte "la Coquette” (romain De Tirtoff) Bronze Sculpture

15x8  Bronze Sculpture Statue Marble Eagle Head Bust Military Army Air Force Mar picture
15x8 Bronze Sculpture Statue Marble Eagle Head Bust Military Army Air Force Mar

Rare Bronze Of Carnival Barker By Hans Latt Signed Rom 85 picture
Rare Bronze Of Carnival Barker By Hans Latt Signed Rom 85

 Shark With Prey Sculpture Brass Marble Art Statue Nautical Beach Ocean Sea Life picture
Shark With Prey Sculpture Brass Marble Art Statue Nautical Beach Ocean Sea Life

5x4  Bronze Sculpture Statue Young Mother W/ Newborn Baby Milo Signed Art Nr picture
5x4 Bronze Sculpture Statue Young Mother W/ Newborn Baby Milo Signed Art Nr

11x5  Bronze Sculpture Statue Vintage Signed Arab Boy Server Book-end Bookend picture
11x5 Bronze Sculpture Statue Vintage Signed Arab Boy Server Book-end Bookend