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Stairs Ghost Window Projection Dvd Jon Hyers Halloween For Sale

Stairs Ghost Window Projection Dvd Jon Hyers Halloween

Jon Hyers Video Projection Effects DVD - STAIRS GHOSTTwo Stairs Ghost, a woman walking down a stairs towards a front door area.(more description follows terms)

Watch the Youtube Video[s], it explains what is in the DVD/CD, like a good long TV commercial. There should be little to no questions once you watch it. Also, read the Yellow Photos Above, they are Web Pages with lots of information on projectors, DVD players, and some of my policies.

The girl and the stairs come on the DVD. Project it on a 2.5-3 foot wide x 5-7foot Clear Storm door, cover with a variety of Rear Screen Materials, discussed indetail on PR3 How To DVD. A 2nd Sideways View Colonial Ghost is also on theDVD, with instructions for usage.Projected Reality 3, IS EMBEDDED -EDITED - INCLUDED in thisDVD, it is NOT separable, as it was physically Authored in with the EffectsChapters of Stairs Ghost, therefore,Stairs Ghostis NOT offered at a discountwith just the Ghosts. It does not exist as a Standalone DVD, because the companyplan WAS to include PR3 on the same disc as other effects DVDs, however becausesome of these DVDs were created, prior to PR3, it was not added. It's not availableby custom order to remove the how to PR3, unless you wanted to pay us $500.
HERE IS A LITTLE MORE BACKGROUND ON THIS PRODUCT, WELL WORTHYOUR READING AND WATCHING IF YOU ARE BIG INTO Halloween ANDHAUNTED HOUSES. GIN News Youtube: Halloween Night at Jon Hyers. Seewhat Hyers doeswith his own productline at his house. And after that, you cansee what one of Jon Hyers biggest customers did with his home using 15 VideoProjectors.enjoy the news. GIN News Part 2: Jon Hyers, interviewed at his home a month before Halloween. Jon talks abouthis ongoing film series, Harry Murdoch and the Curse of the Grim Reaper - a moviewhich uses a number of Hyers Visual Effects for Haunted Houses, actually in themovie. The movie used the effects, and the making of the movie "gave rise" to moreeffects as the plot continued to grow. The first initial product to come out of the filmis called Wizards and Magic DVD. Additional DVDs, Spiders Snakes and Bats, Ghostsof History, Frankenstein Scenes, Dracula, Vampire Girl DVDs have all been used invarious places in the Harry Murdoch Series....
PR3: Projected Reality 3, The Home Haunters Guide to Video Projection Effects. This DVD was conceptualized after Hyer's two TV interviews, and has grown to be a great tool for the average haunted house and home haunter. This 90 minute DVD comes FREE with the purchase of this item listed. JON HYERS VISUAL EFFECTS DVD REGULARLY LISTED ITEM, THIS IS MY TERMS, FINE PRINT, BOLD PRINT, ETC.

Here are quick terms. After the product description is FULL SENTENCE versions of these terms.

1. Jan-August shipping is once-a-week to once-a-month.

Sept-Dec, shipping is more often. When it gets 2-weeks from the Holiday, shipping done on Saturday too. Times - my time, central time.

ORDERS PAID FOR* from Friday after 4pm - Monday 4pm, are shipped Monday at 4:30pm.

ORDERS PAID FOR* between Monday after 4pm - Wed 4pm orders, shipped Wed at 4:30pm.

ORDERS PAID FOR* between Wed after 4pm - Friday 4pm orders, shipped Friday at 4:30pm.

*Cash in my account, no holds. Holidays don't count, and result in delays.

ANY QUESTIONS: You may need to mail me at my office, If you PM me on , I may not always reply, because of some problem I don't alway get notified. Goggle search Outrageous-Media and my website SHOULD come up, but you BUY on !

USA ONLY 2013 SHIPPING UPDATES: Folks here's what I am doing on shipping, insurance, lost packages. Because 2012 was an outstanding year for delivery, with the Post Office delivering more than 99.5 percent of the packages, intact, I decided to make it a little easier for you IF the package was not delivered as far as you 100% certain. My company is insuring the first shipment for this item. If you don't receive it within 2 weeks of the Recorded Ship Date for Priority Mail, and 3 weeks for first Class mail, I will ship you another one! This 2nd one WILL require your signature. Because there are thieves out there who DO sign for a package that is not theirs, IF you claim that the 2nd box is not delivered - and the USPS has it recorded as delivered and signed for, you WILL have to buy it again. But I felt the odds of successful delivery were high enough, for me to just make it easier for you. Please give it 2 weeks or 3 weeks to arrive, or be found in your car, house, children's bed room, ask family members - BEFORE reporting to me that you didn't get it.

REMEMBER, that the delivery confirmation PROVES that the package was in the hand of your local Post Office employees - [assuming the route clearly shows your town]. KEEP that tracking email you get when I ship, and follow the progress of your order across the USA. And PLEASE, if that tracking information shows that box in Your Town, then you know it's made it that far and I ASK that you go into your local post office to search for it, before telling me you didn't get it. I'm happy to help when I can, but remember also, I am shipping 100 packages a day at peak time. So my own time is NOT available to track packages for customers.

This IS a better deal, because you don't have to buy it again, nor do you have to file the claim. This is NOT an open invitation to rip me off, by claiming you didn't receive the package just so you can get another one free. This offer of niceness, is Jon Hyers showing appreciation of your business. This offer will last as long as this kindness is not abused.

You receive an email WITH the Tracking Number, it's for YOU, keep it, don't lose it,I do not track orders for customers.

BUT IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, THIS IS NOT BEING SOLVED, BY ALL MEANS YOU MAY CONTACT ME - This is not a guarantee that I CAN help, but I might have an acceptable option.

3. Digital Downloads??? These are not a product sold on , but are being tested at jonhyersvisualeffects started fall 2012 for select items.

4. RETURNS: are allowed for exchanges of damaged or non-playing DVDs only. I DO NOT EVER pay Overnight Postage to get you a replacement, PERIOD.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Additional Terms [Orders shipped outside of the United States]

DVDS ARE WORLD-WIDE COMPATIBLE AND DO NOT CONTAIN REGION CODE BLOCKERS. This means, with exception of those rare times where a DVD player will not read a particular DVD, these DVDs are designed for all countries.

1. It almost ALWAYS takes4-6 weeks from the time you order, to receive your package, even if I ship within 2 days! Plan Ahead. Jon Hyers CANNOT ADVISE YOU on how long delivery will take.

2. FACT: 25% of the Intl. orders get lost and are NOT EVER DELIVERED.

3. We ship First Class and Priority Flat Rate, $20.00-$40.00, has a tracking number, which you can use to follow the package across the world to your home or office.

4. THESE ARE INSURED THROUGHSHIPCOVER, WHICH HAS ADDED. If you don't get the boxyou can contact to find out HOW to turn in a claim, Jon Hyers DOES NOT assist with claims. I raised my previous $17.00 price to $20.00 to add insurance.

5. Faster Delivery: Express Mail International costs $40+ dollars [again, depending on how much you order] , usually arrives in 7-10 days, has better tracking information, and is automatically insured for $100.00 If you choose to do this, you need to email me to get an invoice via paypal for additional shipping.


NOTE: This is my normal terms, though I agreed above to resend a lost order a 2nd time, below is the normal procedures, and other important facts.

Because I am a 1-person business and ship close to 20,000 DVDs/CDs a year and growing, I MUST explain TERMS and POLICIES in great detail upfront. If you refuse to read this, you are still responsible for understanding my terms. If you contact me with a problem and start making demands contrary to my terms, I will refer you back to my listing to read the terms. If you cannot read English, please get a translator. The biggest problem causing this big terms statement, IS SHIPPING, DELIVERY, BREAKAGE, LOSS DURING DELIVERY or CLAIMED BY CUSTOMERS AS NOT DELIVERED, A 5-6 WEEK DELIVERY TIME, OR DELIVERED "JUST TOTALLY SMASHED". These happen every week.

1. Order Processing time and Questions for me: ME, Jon Hyers is the artist who creates all these DVDs, I'm not a reseller, "I am the MAN", I am the creator. The upcoming terms below are in part because I do ALL of this myself, from designing the effects, to creating/producing with some freelance artists working for me. Shipping and DVD duplication, labeling, packing is ALL done by me. I MAKE the content on these DVDs in my studio from January - August. During those months orders are shipped ONCE A WEEK- ONCE A MONTH. -I also am an Internationally Traveling Effects Artist doing On-Location consulting for Attractions, and Museums. I can't be working/shooting, editing new products and shipping the same day. So Jan-August shipping is once a week- once a month. If you can't wait, then I suggest you go to Morris Costumes web site, they carry some of my Projected Reality and Projection Effects DVDs.

In Sept shipping becomes 3-5 days week. I may not always remember to change 30 plus items, but understand if you are reading this in Sept-Dec, I ship a minimum of 3 days a week. BUT it still can take 3-6 weeks for non US orders - because boxes SIT in the CUSTOMS office to be inspected, for varying times.

QUESTIONS: Putting them in the PM system is not good any more, because there is some bug in the software that will not CANCEL Lots of People's Red Questions Flags once answered. I don't check them ANYMORE, because they won't go away. I don't have time to keep going back and "checking to see, did I answer that one??? Oh I see I did already". So email me at my office. Since does not allow outside email addresses, goggle search my company Outrageous-Media and my website SHOULD come up at the top of the list, my email is found by clicking on the red Contact Button. NOTICE: WE WILL COMPLETE THE SALE ON , BUT IF YOU TRY SENDING ME AN MESSAGE, AND I DON'T RESPOND, YOU MAY NEED TO CONTACT ME AT MY OFFICE EMAIL. You can surf the web looking for Jon Hyers OR outrageous-media and will no doubt find my email. If you PM me on , I may not reply, because of some problem I don't alway get notified, furthermore since the RED FLAGS never go away, I have no way to quickly find new questions. I don't usually go check my MANY listings for messages, because of this. I understand from the Users forum this is a major problem with many people. Furthermore I may not be able to FIND your question even if I get notified because of some BUG. The big thing is, IF you have a question, it may not get answered if you don't email me at my office. PLEASE: If you do PMail me, and I give you the anwer, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not reply again to say "THANKS", as this creates another Red Flag and another PM for me to try to find, and think I need to answer. If you do this, it will keep other people from getting an answer, because the numbers of supposed unanswered questions keeps growing. I ASSUME YOU MEAN TO SAY THANKS, so please for everyone's benefit, don't thank me on the message system.

2. Your Order[s] and your money spent buying me DVDs become 100% the responsibility of the Delivery Service *

* as in Post Office, UPS, or any other company used.

3. Although I am willing to ship a 2nd package if you don't get the first, understand that I accept ZERO Financial responsibility nor any other responsibility for their conduct in delivering or not delivering your order.Jon Hyers DOES NOT, NOR DO I GET INVOLVED IN ANY WAY ONCE I SHIPPED YOUR ORDER. This is not because I've got bad customer service, there IS no customer service dept, I'm a one man operations, and BUSINESS, not PERSONAL dictates the situation. More Importantly, I hold [as you should hold] The Delivery Service responsible for their job, and under NO circumstances am I responsible for bringing your package to you! Period.

4. Once I ship, you receive an email WITH the Tracking Number. You are free to track it from your computer if you want to, I do not track orders for customers.

5. YOUR ADDRESS: You need to be sure your paypal Street/Home/Business mailing address is not only correct, but current. Jon Hyers is NOT involved with this. 2-3 Week delays in delivery WILL occur if this is not correct. The post office website REJECTS addresses it "believes" are wrong, and prevents the printing of shipping of labels. IF it will not let me print YOUR label, I will email you and ask for address verification. IF the address is RIGHT, but the label won't print, I will HAND-WRITE and STAMP the box, mail it without ANY tracking information.

6. I take care in packing, and I don't break the products when I ship. I use Post Office Supplied Shippers meant for DVDs and other small items. I DEMAND that the customer agree to hold the delivery service 100% responsible for the job they do, and understand Jon Hyers does NOT do their job. Time has shown, that to be 100% SURE, that even a little DVD will arrive unbroken, it MUST be packed inside a Refrigerator box full of Styrofoam and inner boxes. The Post Office supplies DVD Mailers, they are meant to be mailed. So, like Disney Stores and NetFlix, I used mailers like that. They are considered appropriate for mailing. Customers get upset on "TWO sides of the COIN". If I use too many inner boxes, customers complain about a $25.00 shipping charge. HOWEVER, if the DVD arrives broken, they tell me I should be using triple inner boxes and charging more. SO I try to strike the right balance, but I must insist, if the delivery service breaks it using their own shipper, please direct your anger towards them, not me. Understand PLEASE, all I want is people to get and use my products, but problems with delivery DO and WILL occur, and these statements are for those times when problems happen.

7.REMEMBER, I'm NEVER the person or company who failed to deliver. If you cannot accept my policies, please order my DVDs from other webstores.

8. EXCEPTIONS? Of COURSE, if you happen to by a big spending long-time customer of mine, and I recognize your name, and we've had a long standing relationship, you have bought MANY of my DVDs, and much communication I will make allowances. My products are popular, and many customers BUY everything I make. Some out there have spent $2500. So, at my own discretion, I might make an exception when the delivery service fails. AND as i said above, in 2013 I am self insuring the order, [where noted]

But understand there's a REAL GOOD REASON insurance was invented, since it's part of our deal, if you don't get the package, you know where to go to get your money, the Delivery Service. I got one more example here, I love analogies: If your home gets damaged by a Tornado, who do you go to? You don't go to the guy who BUILT your house and ask for a new house, you go to your insurance company, right? Well if your DVD is not delivered or arrives crushed, you don't go to Jon Hyers, you go to the Postal Service or other Delivery service. Same deal.

9. TOTALLY BUSTED orders, same thing. Take it to the post office [or other] and file a damage claim. I'm not the person who broke it, I will not PAY for their vandalism.

10. Last Minute Orders - "I need it in 2 days, etc". Never a good idea, for reasons stated above. I've LOST customers, mad at ME PERSONALLY when their overnighted order doesn't arrive. Please don't place the blame on me. Folks, plan ahead, order early when possible, and hold those responsible for their jobs.

11. Digital Downloads??? Being worked at and tested at jonhyersvisualeffects.

12. RETURNS: As IS and HAS BEEN the standard policy of Thousands of DVD stores before me, I do not accept returns for any other reason except to exchange the DVD if it does not play. 's "Tick Boxes" seemed to have changed to not allow me to say, no returns. So I'm telling you here, exchanges only. My youtubes are totally accurate as to the content and quality of my visual effects. If a DVD does not play, usually it is because of a player not reading a GOOD DVD, which I cannot every do anything about. Thus I don't ever pay overnight postage if this occurs. but I will ship another one of the +R kind priority mail, and I will pay for that shipping.

13. FINALLY - Please don't email or Pmail me, if a problem above happens and start making demands that go against any of my Terms/Policies. If you are someone I recognize, at TIMES I can compromise, but that's only if I TRULY recognize you. And remember also, INSURANCE was invented to cover the delivery, you paid for it, use it to resolve NOT GETTING YOUR ORDER.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: [Orders shipped outside of the United States]

10% of my DVD/CD orders come from other countries, but I am actively looking for a European [UK probably], Australian and Canadian Stores/ Distributors to buy quantities in bulk to reship closer to the customers, [look for JON HYERS BULK orders on ]. WHY? Because 1/4 [25%] of Intl orders never arrive. Before you order from me understand the following facts.

1. You MUST expect to wait as long as 4-6 weeks from the time you order [January - August] or up to 4-5 weeks in Sept - December, for your Package to Arrive at your Home or Office. In 2011, 50% [half] of orders shipped OUT of the USA took 4 weeks or longer to arrive. Only 25% arrived in 2 weeks time, however I warn you now, expect to wait 4-6 weeks. Australia was often 2 months. The package moves from 10-20 different trucks, planes, offices, and possibly 100 different people by the time it gets to the customer's address. They probably get held up in customs offices. AND 25% of the orders were reported back to me as NOT EVER DELIVERED. This is a big problem, and Jon Hyers WILL NOT pay for it.

2. We ship Priority Flat Rate, which is a reasonable $16.00-$40.00 cost [depending upon how many DVDs you buy], and has a tracking number, and as if July 2012 is also insured by Shipcover Insurance- all this information which you are supposed to get in email. This tracking number works to varying levels of accuracy depending on What Country its going to. When I ship your order, The Delivery Services are the one responsible. If you don't get the DVD you are out the money, and Jon Hyers is also out the DVD, we are equal in our loss, and I do not refund your money for this problem if it occurs. The SHIPCOVER insurance included in the Mail Service, is offered by /paypal and it is your job to turn in a claim. I cannot do ANYTHING about this process. It's possible some countries are not insured, but that is not my responsibility. If you want to check on this for your country, contact .

3. Express Mail International is what you want to do, IF you want your order quicker. This costs $40 dollars [maybe more if you buy more items], usually arrives in 5-7 days, has better tracking information, and is automatically insured for $100.00 If you choose to do this, you need to email me to get an invoice via paypal for additional shipping.

Stairs Ghost Window Projection Dvd Jon Hyers Halloween

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Stairs Ghost Window Projection Dvd Jon Hyers Halloween :

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