Star Wars Master Replicas Rebel Snowspeeder *new* Studio Scale Prop Replica Esb

Star Wars Master Replicas Rebel Snowspeeder *new* Studio Scale Prop Replica Esb

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Star Wars Master Replicas Rebel Snowspeeder *new* Studio Scale Prop Replica Esb:

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
* Rebel Snowspeeder *
Limited Edition Studio Scale Replica
** Brand New ** Factory Sealed **
By Master Replicas
Up for sale is a brand new limited edition Rebel Snowspeeder studio scale prop replica model from Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Designed by Master Replicas, this prop replica is created from digital scans of an original studio scale model used during filming. The Rebel Snowspeeder replica model is carefully constructed from cast resin, injection-molded plastic, and machined aluminum and measures approximately 16" L x 14" W x 4" H. Master Replicas is no longer operating, and this replica has long since been sold out. This limited edition replica is brand new in its original manufacturer sealed shipping carton. The unit was purchased through an authorized Master Replicas dealer and has been in storage ever since. Photos of the actual item in its sealed factory shipping carton are provided below. Stock photos of the items are also provided, courtesy of Based on the indications on the shipping carton, this is replica number 420/1500. The unit includes a custom mirrored display case, acrylic dust cover, numbered plaque, and certificate of authenticity. Item will ship in the original manufacturer shipping carton as photographed below. Item is in-hand and ready to ship from a smoke-free home.
Product Features
• The Rebel Snow speeder the ultra-fast, ultra-versatile flying vehicle used by Luke Skywalker to bring down the Imperial AT-ATs in the battle of Hoth is a studio scale replica of the original studio model used in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. • • Like the original, the snowspeeder is cast from high quality cast resin with many of the fine details reproduced from injection molded plastic. The main guns were created from aluminum tubing. • • Prop replica matches Luke's own speeder, the Rogue One, down to every detail, including the distinctive gray markings plus the weathering and battle damage endured in the inhospitably frigid Hoth Environment. • • Comes with a custom display case, numbered plaque, and certificate of authenticity. • • Includes an exclusively designed expanded prop story and snowspeeder screen shot. •

Manufacturer Description
At the climax of the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, the Imperial forces seemed unstoppable. The battle appeared to be one-sided as the AT-AT Imperial walkers lumbered towards their intended targets unhindered by cannon fire or Rebel heavy blasters. However, the Rebels had another weapon in their arsenal: the modified T-47 airspeeder, known more commonly as the snowspeeder. These swift, two-man vehicles utilize repulsor-lift technology to hover above the ground. Two primary engines in the rear provide forward momentum, while a pilot and a rear gunner occupy the tiny cockpit in the center. In addition to two blaster cannons mounted atop the wings, this light-weight craft also carries a cannon/harpoon launcher in the rear. Using this harpoon and an attached tow-cable one of these small snowspeeders was able to topple over a mighty AT-AT. These fascinating vehicles were created by the ILM model crew in resin, metal, and plastic. There were several different sizes of miniature models created for filming. These ranged from tiny models only a few inches long, to a four-foot long model used for close-up shots like the scene when the foot of an AT-AT crushes Luke's snowspeeder. Several full-sized speeder mockups were also created for action shots of the actors. Master Replicas focused on the 21-inch studio scale models that were used for most of the primary shots in the film. The models varied substantially in detailing and markings, so our designers sought out the model with the gray stripes that was used by Luke Skywalker. By comparing the archived models to screen grabs we were able to locate the exact model and used it as our master reference pattern. Our design team took hundreds of photographs of the prop and obtained color chips of the paint in order to create an exact match of the prop's coloring. Our designers took a digital scan of the model to capture the hundreds of surface details, including the blast patterns that were added to the models by the ILM crew during filming. This scan data was then recreated by our factory in CNC machined plastic and metal. The fuselage of the snowspeeder replica is cast in durable resin with numerous fine-detail parts reproduced in injection-molded ABS. For added strength the twin blaster cannons are recreated in machined aluminum with plastic detailing. Because the cockpit of the 21-inch studio model was not designed for close up shots, Master Replicas' designers worked with Lucasfilm to create a composite of both the studio model and full-size sets. The result is a replica that looks realistic and maintains the attention to detail expected by our collectors. The Master Replicas 3/4 studio-scale snowspeeder replica is a perfect balance of size, value and collectability. Almost a year of research and development has gone into the creation of this second model in Master Replicas' collection of Star Wars vehicles. It has been designed and engineered to last for many years and we hope that it will become a centerpiece of your collection.

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Star Wars Master Replicas Rebel Snowspeeder *new* Studio Scale Prop Replica Esb:

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