Sterling Silver Aw Carolyn Pollack Brown Jasper Changeable Insert Ring Size 6

Sterling Silver Aw Carolyn Pollack Brown Jasper Changeable Insert Ring Size 6

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Sterling Silver Aw Carolyn Pollack Brown Jasper Changeable Insert Ring Size 6:

sterling silver vintage ring

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This is a sterling silver, 925 hallmarked
Also marked with

Carolyn Pollack Relios and has a copyright symboland AW for American West
American West Carolyn Pollack Brown Picture Jasper insert ringthe interchangeable insert is from the Treasures Collection and will interchangewith the Treasures pendant and cuff as wellring is size 6
insert is 1 1/8 by 7/8 inchestotal ring face is about 1 1/4 by 1 inch
it weighs about 22.8 gramsthis is a stock photoYou will not be receiving the exact stone in the photothis piece shows NO signs of wearI may have an additional size available inthis ring, feel free to contact meadditional inserts available in my store



international buyers will pay all

taxes, tariffs, and handling fees

for import of this item


1/4 inch = 6.5mm

dime = 18mm

penny = 19mm

nickel = 21mm

quarter = 24mm


I find it important to first note that I am not a jeweler. I do my best to describe- or under describe- items to exceed your satisfaction when you receive it. I want your repeat business and am not out for a quick sale at the highest possible price. I am never out to mislead anyone. I continue to learn as I go and hopefully will become better as time goes on. I purchase jewelry boxes/ bags from estate sales and other venues. I acid test 33% of items that come in hallmarked and test 100% of items that are not hallmarked. If I state in the listing the piece was tested, then rest assured it was. There is always a possibility something might slip through the cracks. It’s unlikely, but not impossible. Some items are older and some are nearly new. I do list items as newer if they appear that way, there’s no telling how long someone has owned them. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, check the "snuggabiltiy" of your stones. They were secure when I photographed them, unless otherwise noted, but I will not promise they will remain that way. (Especially the marcasite ones) so please check them to ensure they remain that way.


Ladies and gentlemen? Let’s face it, we all want to look our best when we put ourselves out there. We either get gussied up or take multiple photos until we get our best side/ or look. Selling rings is no different. I use natural light from the back window, a room light, and a table lamp. I take several photos at times and choose the best ones, HOWEVER, I do my best to be honest about the missing teeth and the mole if it exists- so to speak! Most photos will clearly expose a negative and if it’s really bad, you will find it noted in the description as well. Most folks will say the item was way better than pictured, but occasionally sometimes it’s not. I try….what can I say?


Shipping is both the material and postage cost, as well as a handling charge. I wish would let us separate it, but they won’t. I am a company of one person…. I get some part time help from a gal with lots of kids. She is not paid an hourly wage, but by the item. She earns 50 cents. No matter how many pieces you purchase, I collect only the original postage price, less 50 cents, and the rest pays her wage. I do understand that many pieces can fit in a parcel under 3 ounces but that’s the only means by which I pay her. With that you get the promise that items are shipped not only within 1 business day, but often the same day as payment is made. I WANT YOUR REPEAT BUSINESS!! As does she!!


Payment is expected within 7 days of sale end. will remind you daily on my behalf. If you are combining items, please holler when you are done. They should get automatically combined for US buyers, but be assured if you pay and they don’t, I will refund any overage before shipping out your items. I would most appreciate it if you only made one payment when all items are done. If you pay more often and I ship your parcel out, I will be unable to combine the other items at the reduced rate…it happens….lots!! I gladly will combine your wins for up to one week, give or take a day or two.


I gladly ship internationally to most countries. Canada, most of Europe, Australia, and some assorted others. There is a flat cost for one item and the others combine for 50 cents each. There are some that I will not ship to due to both the cost to prove shipment, and the postal security. I need to reserve the right to cancel a sale if you sadly reside in one of these. Contact me first with any questions.


Send anything back you are not happy with within a week or two without issue. (please contact me first) If I made a mistake, I will take care of the shipping cost. If I did not, it’s important to note that shipping both ways is NOT REFUNDABLE. The service was provided. The most common issue is sizing. I will provide a photo of the ring on a sizer if it’s in question. I check sizing twice. Once when listing and again when shipping out. It is possible that I might have made a mistake. Please try your ring on at two different times of the day before thinking there might be an issue as sometimes other factors might influence the way a ring fits. I do not do many returns but have the most lenient policy my sanctity will allow. There is no restocking fee.


I leave response as soon as you pay for your item. I believe that is important as you have completed your part of our transaction. I appreciate your positive response after you receive your piece at lightning speed as I have done my best to complete my part. All my paying customers are rock stars and I want everyone to know it!! I do not withhold response until I receive it….what’s the point?


Folks, I try to be available during all normal hours of the day for questions. I do not work, nor have I ever, worked banker’s hours Monday through Friday. You can generally expect an answer to a question within hours- not days. I am also a customer on and treat you the way I would love to be treated myself. You will not get lost in the shuffle as I am not a large company with hired hands to answer queries. I try and work very hard/ quickly for your business!!


I consider myself a service guru. No policies, no fences, no rules, just whatever I need to do to make you happy today and earn your repeat business. I have a mascot, as pictured, when you click on my response page. His name is Baxter and he is ever so spoiled. Anytime someone contacts me to give a shout out to Baxter he earns a treat……he is not starving by any means! I am extremely easy to talk to and am here during normal “waking” hours to help you. Give me a try!!

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Sterling Silver Aw Carolyn Pollack Brown Jasper Changeable Insert Ring Size 6:

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