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Sunken Treasure Key West Medallion Pirate Reale Silver Cob Piece Of Eight 1622 For Sale

Sunken Treasure Key West Medallion Pirate Reale Silver Cob Piece Of Eight 1622


On September 4, 1622, the Spanish Treasure Ship Nuestra Senora de Atocha, was driven by a severe hurricane onto the coral reefs near the Marquesas, about twenty miles west of the Florida Keys. With her hull savagely ripped open, the vessel quickly sank, drowning every one aboard with the exception of three survivors.
The Atocha was heavily laden with gold, silver and precious gems, bound for the treasuries of Spain. This remarkably rich cargo, valued at hundreds of millions of dollars by today's standards, lay lost beneath the sea for nearly 360 years.
The wreck of the Atocha and her amazing mother lode of silver, gold and emeralds was finally located in 1985 by Mel Fisher and his team of dedicated treasure hunters who had scoured the sea bed for more than twenty years in search of this fabulous fortune.
Your Official Treasure Coin Replica is an exact reproduction of an actual Atocha Spanish treasure coin and is minted with 100% 71 Troy pound Atocha silver bar number 85A-S822, Tag Number 2316 which was actually salvaged from the legendary galleon's watery grave! It is an authentic piece of history, hailing from the fantastic days of fabulous treasure ships on the Spanish Main!

This pendant sells for $99.00 in Key West.

#77137/8" WIDE

My wife Laura, Mel, and me March 1997.

Your Official Atocha Treasure Coin Replica comes in a blue velvet gift box with a numbered Certificate Of Authenticity from the silver bar used to make your coin.

We take immediate legal action against any copyright infringements of any kind. Violations of U.S. Copyright law are punishable by up to $50,000 per incident.


Atocha Booklet With 16 Drawings Plus HistoryAtocha 1622 Pewter Collectable CoinMinting Procedures In The "New World" Treasures Of The Atocha And Her Sister Ship the Santa Margarita

We accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover by calling our toll free 800 number or PayPal.
Winning buyer pays $5.00 Priority Mail shipping.
Florida Residents Add 6% Sales Tax
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

No One Has The Selection We Do
Largest Atocha Coin Web Site On The Internet!

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was when the Atocha coin I purchased came only a few days later. It's beautiful. I'm very interested in this period of history, and owning a coin from the wreckage is great for any collection or fan. I'd recommend something like this to anyone fascinated with the history of Spanish treasure ships, especially the Atocha. The extra information and coin you give are an amazing bonus. It's great going through the booklet and learning more about it.
Shipping was SUPER fast! Thanks a bunch!

Kenny, Just got the ring and couldn't be more pleased. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Hi Kenny, All I can say is WOW! I'm sure you receive email like this all-the-time, so add my name to the list of verrrrry pleased buyers. I just received the package today and was so surprised at what I found. The coin pendant is beautiful and the bonus gift replicascoins are such a nice touch, more than what I expected. You are a real find and very professional, the presentation and literature is most impressive, I left response accordingly. I will buy from your company again. Thank you, Lin Schmelzer lov2shopok

I would like to let you know YOU ARE THE BEST SELLER ON ! You sent me sooo much stuff with this beautiful fish!!!!!!!!! I am trying to convince my boyfriend to buy one with a emerald eye. Do you have more? Do you have any other jewelry with the coin in it they may be unique? Thank you again! I LOVE it!!!! =) Katherine

Kenny- I received this item today, and it's even better than I expected. What a great looking piece! I look forward to future purchases. Thanks for the great products. Also, I left you positive response as well. Take care! Rich in Daytona Beach (FLHRICH)

HI! I just wanted you to know that I received my 2 Four Reale pieces today (the ones set in sterling silver bezels). My jaw dropped These items are SPECTACULAR!!!! Not only are the bezel-set coins of uncomparable quality, but the presentation, accompanying literature and bonus coin replicas are just too good to be true. I, who am not easily impressed, was floored! You do magnificent work and I promise that I will recommend you to anyone who'll listen. In fact, I'm so excited about these items, that I'm reluctant to let them go (if you remember our conversation last week, my original intention was to set them on necklaces and give them as gifts). Hope all is well and that you've been able to weather Charlie and Frances (not to mention the upcoming Ivan) intact. Keep safe and THANK YOU! Sincerely, Marianne Lobosco-Vilardi

Sunken Treasure Key West Medallion Pirate Reale Silver Cob Piece Of Eight 1622

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Sunken Treasure Key West Medallion Pirate Reale Silver Cob Piece Of Eight 1622:

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