Super Fine Traditional Loose Stuffing - For Antique Furniture Restoration 250g

Super Fine Traditional Loose Stuffing -  For Antique Furniture Restoration 250g

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Super Fine Traditional Loose Stuffing - For Antique Furniture Restoration 250g:

Traditionalwood fibre loose fill dry stuffing - Super Fine Grade

250gSuper Fine

Chemical and OdourFree

Environment Friendly, Biodegradable & Compostable

As used by Professional Antique restorers, Upholsterersand Taxidermists

Our traditional wood fibre stuffing is a long lasting stuffing, that can be suitable for loose fill and stuffing to make cushioned pads.

This filler is the traditional and best filling for repair of classic / vintage Teddy Bears and similar stuffed soft toys, it is also used by Rocking Horse makers, Taxidermists and for upholstery work, it is also suitable for packing food & wine hampers and packaged food for retail display. This stuffing is also suitable to be coloured using a wood dye. Also suitable as a packing material for fine goods such as delicate ceramic, porcelain and pottery.

Material Data: Super Fine grade: Moisture content 14 - 20% standard thickness 0.10mm and standard width of 2.00mm (approx)

Material Data

Please read the safety data printed below - before purchase

SAFETY NOTICE: Please note that this product is a natural untreated material that is flammable, it is not treated with any chemical or Fire retardant, the stuffing therefore (whilst untreated) does not comply with current legal requirements for Fire & Safety Regulations. In order for this product to comply with Fire & Safety Regulations the stuffing would need to be first treated with an appropriate Fire retardant.

We also sell in our shop this stuffing in various weight bags and it is classified under a recognised standard grading system:

Coarse, Standard, Fine & Super Fine, the Super fine is the most commonly used because its the most versatile. Please see our other listings for details. This listing is for the Super fine grade.

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Web Stretcher

Emir 31/50 Professional Web Stretcher

As used by Profesional Furniture Restorers

Ideal for all types of upholstery webbing, includingBlack & White and Jute webbing

Made In the UK

A solid beechtensioning tool for upholstery webbing. Rebated on one edge and slotted for frame location and slotted with peg on retaining chain. The webbing is looped through the slot and held by the dowel so that the stretcher can adjust the tension in the web.

Maximum width of webbing that can be used is 2in/50mm (2" is the most common size of furniture webbing)

The Emir Web stretcher is commonly called a"Peg type stretcher" and thispatternis preferred bymost professional furniture restorers,because its a very simple andefficent tool to use and it alsowastes less webbing,because there is no need to pre cut the webbing to length, just work the webbing from the roll (or long length).

To use: There is no need to pre cut the webbing to length,work by using the webbing still onthe roll or long length.Start by nailingor stapling one end of the webbing to the first rail of the frame.Then fold thewebbing to form a loop andpass the loop through theslot of the web stretcher,pass the peg through the loop and pullthe webbing tight. Trap the free end of the webbing between stretcher and frame. Lever the stretcher to tension webbing and nail offnail to the second rail and then finally cut the webbing.The process is actually very simple,itjust soundsmore complicated written down than it actually is! but the tool does come with anillustration and instructions that are easy to follow.

Wealso sell other upholstery tools like Tack lifters, Tack hammers, Pin hammers, Mallets, Revolving Hole punch pliers, Tailors Shears, Chisels, Scrapers, Screwdrivers etc as well as a wide range of traditional and modern glues and finishesetc, these can be found listed in our shop.

Stanley Electric Staple / Nail Gun

Heavy duty - Anti Jam model

Ideal for all Upholstery webbing and material fixing, although equaly suitable for many other tasks like fixing carpet underlay, insulation, frame & mouldings fixing and various craft projects

A heavy-duty, electric, multi-purpose staple/nail gun with anti-jam feature and ergonomic soft-grip handle. Easy access staple insertion for quick loading. Accepts heavy-duty 0-TRA7 series staples and brads.
Hi/Lo adjustments for wide range of applications.
Extra long cord for ease of use. 2.4m (8ft)
Can be used on plywood and MDF etc.

Tack Lifter

For Carpets, Leather & Fabric Upholstery

Hardened chrome vanadium steel blade.

Well designed Steel Prong Lifter with good leverage and a comfortable soft grip handle makes extracting Tacks, Brads, Staples and small nails easy, also suitable for lifting mouldings.

The shape of the handle also stops the Tool from rolling away!

Liberon Easy French Polish


  • Excellent for furniture restoration & repair
  • Brush on - Quick drying formula

Liberon Easy French Polish is an excellent product that produces great results. It’s very easy to use, simply brush on! It’s a quick drying, clear shellac and resin blended polish that is ideal for furniture restoration and carved woodwork and will beautifully enhance the wood’s natural finish.

  • Easy to use French polish that produces great results quickly
  • Ideal for beginners to furniture restoration
  • Suitable for use on small surfaces
  • Clear for a natural effect
  • Usage : Interior

"Chair Fix"

FirstAid for Chairs

As used by the Antique & Furniture trade

Briwax Chair Fix's unique formula swells the joints, making the jointas tight as whenit first left the workshop and then seals the joint, stopping further shrinkage. It is great for all types of hard and soft wood and for many types of joinery includinground or square tenons as used forwooden chairs, tables, Stools, Benches,Staircases and for Mouldings etc. "Chair Fix"comes with a syringe and a set of industrial needles, as well as an application cap to get into all those really awkward places. Chair Fix has been highly recommended by antique restorers and fine master craftsmen. Ideal for fluctuating humidity levels caused by central heating and air conditioning systems.

Best Quality - High Purity
Pearl Glue
  • Natural bone / hide glue
  • Traditional glue for gluing antique furniture and Musical instruments
  • Suitable for Wood, Cloth and Leather
  • No Toxic fumes
  • Interior use only
  • Setting time 12 - 24 hours
This is best quality Hide glue as used and recommended by the Antique furniture trade and high class Luthiers. Pearl Glue is the traditional and extremely strong wood glue that is used for antique furniture restoration, veneering, traditional joinery work and for the making and repair of musical instruments.

This is the same glue we sell to the Antiques trade for antique furniture restoration and to Luthiers for musical repairs, but that’s not just because it’s traditional or because it was original used, but because it still has many unique and desirable qualities that modern glues cannot equal. Our Pearl glue dries hard upon cooling; it does not allow creep between the assembled components and has excellent resistance to changes of humidity and temperature, which are important features for any furniture glue. Another major benefit of using Pearl glue is that the joints can if required, be re-done, because the glue can be re-softened and the joint disassembled by injecting (or soaking) the joint in warm water. This ability to re- soften the glue cannot be equaled or repeated with modern glues like PVA or Polyurethane. However Pearl glue has its limits and is not especially resistant to damp, moisture or alcohol, but if you are restoring antique furniture then Pearl Glue is the main glue that you should use.

How to use

Soak the glue overnight in about 3 to 4 times its volume of water. Heat this solution in a double pot until all the glue has melted. If the glue is too thick then just add some more water to the solution. Do not allow to boil. The glue is used warm because it dries as it cools. Keep the glue warm by sitting the glue pot in a bath of warm water. Any unused glue in the pot can be re-heated / melted and re-used a further two or three times although old or dirty glue must be discarded and a fresh solution made. If you are using Pearl glue then a 4" x 2" Cabinet Scraper is a handy tool to have, we sell Cabinet Scrapers all singly and in sets in our Shop

Blue Handle - Bevel Edge Wood Chisel

Faithfull Chisels are available in the following sizes from our Shop

6mm (1/4") 10mm (3/8") 12mm (1/2" ) 16mm (5/8") 19mm ( 3/4") 25mm (1") 32mm (11/4") 38mm (11/2") 50mm (2")

Faithfull quality Wood Chisels for professional work as well as for DIY.

The blue PVC handles on these Faithfull chisels are impact resistant and designed for use with a mallet, or an occasional hammer blow.

The blade is manufactured from drop-forged chrome vanadium steel and is hardened and tempered to exacting standards, ensuring that the cutting edge remains sharper for longer.

Faithfull bevelled edge chisels are versatile chisels suitable for all general carpentry work, ( the bevelled edge is the tapered sides ) these bevelled edges are a designed undercut, this reduces surface contact and makes the chisel easier to push into a tight corner to remove waste and also making them ideal for fine work like finishing a dovetail joints. All chisels are supplied with a blade guard.

Faithfull Combination Square

Available in 3 sizes: 6", 12" & 16" from our Shop

Multi-purpose combination square for use in both wood and metalworking applications. Each square features a high quality cast and machined sliding stock, fitted with a stainless steel rule engraved with both imperial and metric graduations, a spirit level and marking scribe.

The Faithfull combination square has at least 10 different uses including:-
Measuring rule with metric and imperial scale, 90° inside square, 90° outside square, 135° inside square, 45° inside square, horizontal level, vertical level, T-square slide, marking gauge and depth gauge.

Faithfull Coping Saw

Metal Frame Coping Saw with comfortable wooden handle.

Ideal for cutting curves and intricate shapes in wood, fibreboard, plywood, and plastic laminates.

Blade can be set to any angle.
Depth of bow. 5in.
Length of blade. 6.1/2in.

Quick tip: The blade fits with the Points of blade pointing towards the handle, otherwise it is difficult to cut.

Handmade Craft Apron

Green Apron

Ideal for Antique restoration, French polishing, Woodworking & Craftworkingetc

Medium weight. Close weave 33% cotton & 66% polyester. Extremely hardwearing and more crease resistant than 100% cotton. Machine washable. Large front double pocket Features a wide neck strap and two tapes which tie at the rear

Cabinetmaker's Original Victorian & Edwardian Wood Dye

Walnut Crystal Wood dye (water based)

250 grams of Walnut Crystals will make approx2.5 Litres of wood dye and this will cover an area between20 -40 square metresMakes an excellent water based wood dye, vary the colour from a very light to dark brown, or almost Black

  • Traditional - Original Victorian / Edwardian Wood dye powder
  • Totally Natural
  • Made from Recycled material - Walnut Husks (as originally made)
  • No Toxic Chemicals - no Solvents – No Fumes
  • Light Fast Dye
  • Suitable for interior and exterior wood
  • As used by the Antique's Trade & Reproduction Trade
  • Ideal for furniture, Beds, Doors, Panels & Bannisters etcSimply mix the dye powder with warm water!

Cabinetmakers Walnut Crystal Wood dye is a trade secret, but it's one of the most widely used wood stains by the Antiques trade and by high class reproduction furniture makers, commonly used to colour Oak, Mahogany and Walnut, but it is equally suitable for use on Pine and other softwoods.

This dye is used to make the traditional wood stain colours used on Victorian & Edwardian period furniture, doors, architectural features and reproduction furniture. These Cabinetmakers Walnut Crystals are very light fast so they are also a good choice to stain your front door.

In recent years the real benefits of Walnut Crystal wood dye has been re discovered, the dye is apart from being traditional, is totally natural, non toxic, its recycled (made from Walnut husks) and because you mix it with water, there are no toxic solvents or fumes to worry about, which is great especially if you have children around, and it makes a very good light fast, cost effective wood dye!

Walnut Crystals are very easy to use and can produce a wood dye colour that can range from a very light to dark brown, to almost Black (Jacobean / Tudor style) the colour shade is altered by simply changing the amount of Walnut Crystals added to the water, about 3 full teaspoons of Cabinetmakers Walnut Crystals mixed with half a cup of warm water makes a nice brown wood dye. The dye can also be made with cold water, simply put the crystals in a jar of water and leave it overnight, give the mixture the occasional stir or shake and its ready to use. The dye can be applied with either a brush, sponge, cloth or with a spray gun. Once applied, the dye will be touch dry in about 40 minutes, but I would recommend that it allowed to dry for a minimum of 4 hours (ideally 12 hours) before final finishing / wax polishing.

Many of our regular customers are Antique dealers or professional Antique restorers and they normally make up a batch stock of concentrated dye to produce a very dark almost black dye and commonly use it on Victorian, Edwardian and Jacobean period furniture. The concentrated dye stock is then used neat, strengthened or diluted as required. It’s a good idea to note the quantity of Walnut Crystals used and the amount of water added so that you can replicate the exact colour again without trial and error. The dye has good penetration and this penetration can be improved (if required) by adding by a dash of ammonia to the dye (the ammonia breaks down the surface tension and improves penetration depth)

Dye Coverage: This will depend on the absorbency of the wood and density of the dye colour required, but as a rough guide 25 grams of Walnut Crystals will make approx 250ml of dye and this will cover an area between 2 - 4 square metres (approx).

Quick trade repair tip: Use these Cabinetmaker’s Walnut Crystals to repair holes and cracks in furniture by mixing the crystals with an epoxy resin (Araldite) Epoxy resin is not included in this sale!

How to apply wood dye

Put some wood dye in a clean glass jar, ceramic dish or takeaway foil container. Whilst you can apply dyes with brushes or foam pads, I find the best method is to use Liberon lint-free, clean cotton rags, fold the rag into a pad and dip the pad into the dye and wring out any excess dye. A lint- free cotton rag pad gives a better more even finish and does not leave brush marks, is more controllable, less messy and is a faster method than brushing. It’s a good idea to wear gloves to avoid staining your hands. We have Liberon cotton rags listed in our Shop.


Scheppach bts900x 240v
Economic belt and disc sanding - the bts900 bench top sander.

Belt and disc sanding are combined with the bts900 sander. This is the major benefit with the bts900. Belt and disc sanding in one compact unit that can be easily stored when not in use. The belt sanding option can be adjusted vertically through 90 degrees and the sanding table can be mounted for both belt and disc sanding operations. The mitre attachment can be set to any angle up to 45 degrees

Super Fine Traditional Loose Stuffing - For Antique Furniture Restoration 250g:

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