Launch Umbilical Tower Lut Model For Estes,4d Vision 1:100 Saturn V, Pls Read

Launch Umbilical Tower Lut Model For Estes,4d Vision 1:100  Saturn V, Pls Read

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Launch Umbilical Tower Lut Model For Estes,4d Vision 1:100 Saturn V, Pls Read:

Please Note: This paper craft kit was made by Edu-Craft*Diversions not Estes, but is for Estes, or any 1:100 scaled Saturn V Model.
Search "EduCraftDiversions LUT 100" online for larger pictures
and MFG DISCOUNTS...!1000s of satisfied builders...!This is a heavy paperUNBUILT model craft kit of NASA's Apollo Saturn V Rocket Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT) with Mobile Launcher Platformin 1:100 scale. The rocket is not included.It isnot built. Intended for Estes, Daronor any1:100 scale model.If you have aneeded size not offered, please email your desired scale.APOLLO CRAWLER TRANSPORTER is also available
separately at Edu*Craft Diversions online... The paper kit is intended for display only and cannot be used for launching. It is an accurate, generic model and may need adapting to your Saturn V for securing to the Launch Platform. NOTE: The rocket sits atop the launcher and is held in place by gravity, sometactileresistance from the 4 hold-downs (support mounts), and swingarm contact. Unless it is bumped, it should stay safely mounted. The kit is generic to any 1:100 scale Saturn V model.If further securing of the rocket is desired, the builder (you)would be called upon to implement a hold-down application specific to the model brand.

This heavy PAPER (60 lbs. test) model kit includes:

  • 1 set of38 quantity 11"x17" color laser 60 lbs.paper card stock parts sheets .
  • 1 CD containing the90 pageAssembly Procedure Manual inPDF file.

The heavy paper (60 lbs.) is tested and deemed best for precision and other factors. After glueing, laminating, folding and assembly, it bears up strongly.

Will require scissors, water based various color marking pens, cutting board, white glue, cardboard (or foamcore) for sub-support on some parts, etc (Not included). Themodel shown uses cardboard. But all color cover and graphics are included. If spare parts are needed they will be provided at little or no cost.

The model accurately depicts the Apollo era Launch Umbilical Tower and Moblile Launcher Platform. Minimal adaptation of the rocket base "hold-down" supports might be required, but is not anticipated.

A vintageSaturn V model is shown, but is not included. This will mate to the Estes and 4D Vision 1/100 models.

Bare bones "kit" to reduce costs to you... No packaging... Comes rolledin a USPS Priority package. Includes 38 parts sheets and 90 pageinstructions manual CD. Lay the sheets flat at room temp under a load (books) for 48 hours or so.

PLEASE NOTE: These are printed to order so please add 1 additional week of delivery timeexpectation. The printing company sometimes experiences delays and posting of items is made about once a week, so delivery time will be reflected accordingly, OK?Shipping costs reflect required time and resources,not postage fees only. Paypal is required but other arrangementswill bemade if requested.

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Every effort is always made to insure your experience to be FUN and complete customer satisfaction secured...

Your questions and concerns are always welcome. Please be sure to read the above description carefully. This item is sold with money back guarantee on purchase price only.

response: If response is desired, it'll gladly be given when it is requested after positive response has been left, due to policies.

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This is a verbatim re-scaling of the 1:96 kit. Rendered by artist David R. Maier, it is printed on 60 lbs. card stock. Please see the 144 and 96sales for additional detail pictures.

It occurs how silly theSaturn5 model rocket looks, displayed without it's Launch Umbilical Tower. In reality... the Saturn V rocket existed on its Mobile Launcher Platform for the entirety of its tenure on the planet... having been constructed upon it. Indeed, it existed in flight wholly, for a matter of only 3 or so minutes on its flight to the Moon. You can get away with Gemini, Mercury, even Constellation... But, this rocket's just got to have a tower next to it.

So, here it is! An excellent display accouterment for your plastic model launch vehicle.

Assembling this piece might seem daunting, but it is really only a matter of just starting... Then going step by step through the Procedures Plan. Oh, maybe have a stack or 2 of your favorite dvds running in the background. It can be likened to being a less arduous build than the famed U.S.S. Constitution sailing vessel.... C'mon... show a little backbone, will ya?

The printing on the parts sheets is quite rugged, but if replacements are needed, they will be made available. Anticipate full project support and simply email.

No painting required, at all! All the intricate graphics detailing is already done. Just coloring of exposed white paper surfaces and edgeswith your water based (preferred)color marking pens (not included).

The strength of the paper is more than adequate, especially in load bearing parts, which will be folded and glue-laminated, creating a type of "ply-paper" strength. The engineering design of the actual L.U.T. also comes into play.Larger, load-bearingparts will have a cardboard, (not included)sub-support. It ends up being sturdy. Included is a 'desk wedge/bar" display sign depictinglunar moon rock.

This paper model kit comes professionally colorlaserprinted on 38, 11"x 17" card-stocksheets. The90 page instruction manual ispatterned after the official Apollo program Flight Plan (just for fun) andis on a CD. A trip to Kinko's will provide you with a hard copy... black & white or color.

The partsgraphics capture a lovely, weathered, flight used LUT, which is how it looked for the majority of its service. It is as complete and accurate as the medium will allow for. I will say this, though... it is quite more accurate than the one seen in Tom Hank's Apollo 13 movie, excellent dvd as it is.

The detailed photographic images on the model add a trompe l'oeil 3D effect. In many ways, it ismore realistic than plastic,resin orphoto-etched brass parts can possibly achieve. As it turns out, there is just something about a plastic model, as fine as it may be,which the viewer thinks, "That's a really detailed plastic model." Butwhen you take actual photographs of the real item anduse them for your colorcover, the brain doesn'tquiteknow what to think. It's seeing the real thing...With plastic or brass etched kits in general,you'veperhaps got a precision form, but it's covered with a layer of non-scale glomularpaint, which has always lessened the viewing effect of the model. With printed on imagery, you have a higher scale precision in many respects. Even unpainted plastic parts add an undesirable translucence which again, is non-scale. The printed parts read as opaque.

... Are you GO or no-GO?

There is one word you will hear as your friends enter the room and see the impressive piece you're building. And that word is, "Wow." The paper idea lent itself quite nicely to the actual LUT construction, since it was essentially made from flat metal stock, and the card-stock finishes with a higher crispness in edgesand precision feel in many of the parts. One advantage to having partswithprinted graphics is thatno painting is required and lends much higher detail. Thisgives ita level of artistic expertise in its texture not commonly available, creating a fine faux effect to many of the surfaces.

It will take some doing, (sometimes arduous).... and a bit ofoverall "MacGyver-ing" to craft this stately addition to your denor party room'sdecor. (I view the more painstaking phases as being a sort of astronaut psychological training test as in the movie The Right Stuff...! which really took the edge off...). But, once done... it's done!It is designed to allow for a bit more of asimplified construction, if fewer parts are used at the builder's discretion, still capturing a sense of being a worthy platform for this grand piece of space equipment. So... one may skip or simplifymany of the more intricate assemblies and still have an impressive piece.

I liken the construction of this Apollo Launch Umbilical Tower Model Kit in card stock, to that of building say,the larger sea vessel models such as The Constitution Sail Ship or Academy 350 Titanic with rigging and brass etched add-ons. So now ... a more recent addition to the history of exploration is added!

Expect to trim and fit a few parts, since no 2 towers will be precisely identical, due to variations in individual assembly. I would say there is more "trimming to fit" involved than a ship model... but less than a balsa wood B17 aircraft. If you would like one built for you, just let me know. Probably cost prohibitive, due to time, etc... But, you never know.

The 144th and 96 scale towersare online... The 1:96 Crawler Transporter (CT)paper model is now online. The 144 CT is soon to be online.Be sure to add to your emailed search notification list and you'll receive a code 3 response. Other Apollo kit ideas are also being considered including1/24scale Apollo CSM/LM/Adapter spacecraft, as well as a 1:32 Lunar Module for Monogram's CSM. Whatever suggestions you may have would be welcome and can be emailed.

You are looking at the first prototype, which has been slightly revised, but without any casually noticeable changes. Over 1000hours of painstaking engineering and rendering have gone into this unique piece.

Equitably priced... considering printing costs alone... (Kinko's charges $3.50 per 11x17 color sheet and they don't even offer 12 x 18) But, add to that... your completed Apollo Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower model will be worth quite a pretty penny... So if anyone gives you guff about how much time this is taking... They can be informed that the finished piece will be worth 100s and 100s and 100s and 100s... (and 100s). To put it in 2001: a space odyssey terms... I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill and think things over...


The LUT andCommand Module (CM)represents the only flight used piece of hardware that survived theApollo program, the only endeavor in historywhich succeeded in landing a human on another satellite.

Sadly... the actual, originalLaunch Towers were only recently destroyed because of lead paint Environmental concerns. There was a most illuminated and concerted effort to save LUT #1 and erect a monument to human kind's singular successful venture to another satellite, but, though a superbly gallant effort was made to save it, unbelievably, this unique piece of space flight history is now gone forever. Can you imagine if the USS Arizona wreckor mighty Memphis Belle had been scrapped? ...Or the Mayflower had been saved? Since the only part of the Apollo mission to return to the Earth was the space capsule itself, the LUT represented the only other piece of actual, direct, flight used hardware which survived. The mostultimate of historical artifactlosses. But... nice to know that parts of the original launch system were incorporated into the STS Space Shuttle's... the Colby Crane,many of the tower sections and launcher platform basecan be discerned in the current pad array. Perhaps they will be used in NASA's new Moon Shot program, Constellation.

As we embark on the next chapter of manned space flight... This is sure to be an impressive... and valuablehomage to one moment of pure, inspired human endeavor in exploration... space or otherwise.

~ ~ ~

Launch Umbilical Tower Lut Model For Estes,4d Vision 1:100 Saturn V, Pls Read:

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