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Save Money Combo Gt & St Replating Kit Combo For Sale

Save Money Combo Gt & St Replating Kit Combo

Save Money Combo GT & ST Replating Kit Combo

FINALLY, after about 6 years of trying Ihave come up with a formula to re-plate tarnished or discolored vintage gold and silver tone pieces and to re-foil the back of colored vintage rhinestones.I originally was working just to re-foil stones but realized what a wonder it was to re finish or replate a beautiful old piece that had some bad places on it.

Each kit is a mixture of 7-8different colors of ultra fine gold or silver leaf and mica metallic powdersto most closely resemble the actual color of most gold or silver foil backings and settings.(except for brass,see my example below). It might not be exact for some pieces or stones, but I have found it does not matter.There are billions of light reflecting particles in each tiny pinch of the product which allows thepiece to shine, andit blends in magically to practically any gold tone and practically any silver tone.It does not obscure delicate etchings (see the back of the Germany brooch and the writing on the medal), or fine lines like the goldor silver foil"paints" you can purchase. I know the color on the Germany brooch looks different in the pictures, but I only touched up the dark spots, not the entire back. It was just my camera or change in lighting that makes it look a different color. You can refinish or replate an entire piece or just a bad part. I have even usedthem ontiny mesh bracelets, and it does not glob and fill in the holes. It worked perfectly. I used a wider brush and just kind of squished it through.

Like many who have tried to come up with a solution Ihave found that if you try the gold or silverleaf metallic paints,they do not blend with the originaltone,and on settings looks like paint and on rhinestones does not let the light come through.

There are so many uses for these. One customer mixed it with irridescent eye shadow to refinish some beads on a vintage Trifari necklace.

With this method, you do not need to remove the old foil, you can just re-cover the entire back of the special rhinestone you are trying to save. It all blends and the stone retains the sparkle and light reflection. If you ever need a refill of the mixing medium, please see item # 251466157454

The kit consists of about 1/8th ounce of the powder and 1/4 ounce of clear gloss mixing medium made specially for the powder. You only need a tiny tiny pinch of the powder and a tiny dollup of the medium. The kits should contain enough to re-foil hundreds of stones or quite a few vintage pieces. The only mistake Ihave made is to use too much, and have to throw away what Idid not use, so gather up all you want to do at one time. If you don't mix enough you can always add a little more. I also have the kits listed seperately in case you only need one color.

I have taken quite a few pictures showing the process (which is really easy - mix and paint on with a soft small paintbrush - sable works best, but for my examples I used a cheap brush, but a sable brush leaves a smoother finish on the back)

I apologize for the pictures of the refinishing the gold tone pieces, I had to search high and low forpiecesthat weredarkened or tarnished since I already sold all of them in repair lots years ago. The picture of the medal - the medal is actually brass, but even though it did not take on the brass color you can see how it brightens it.

The picturesfor re-foling the gold toned foiledstones show the stones from start to finish, front and back. again with the last pics showing a botched repair with liquid gold metallic paint. You can see how the sparkle of the stones does not shine through.

This is especially great to repair stones that you are putting into an open back setting, but it's best use is to replate or repair special pieces that have tarnished or have bad spots. The re-foil does not wash off with water, soap or ammonia based jewelry cleaners. It is permanent.

The only caveat is that I find it does not workwithclear stones.Clear stones have a base of silver foil actually containing real silver, topped with the gold foil.So, I would suggest these mainly or only for colored stones.With the clear(except for silver foiled AB's, it gives the stone a goldish tint.

It also works beautifully for special effect gold foiled colored stones. Almost seems to increase the special effects. After you try this once and see the gorgeous sparkle, you will no doubt come up with lots of other craft uses. One customer used it to replate the hood ornament on a vintage Caddy. He had tried everything else imaginable and this worked! It has been two years now and it has not dulled even in the rain.

Iwill include instruction sheets with each combo kit.

There are many more, but here are some copies of some of the response I have received from the kits.

This is a little miracle-worker!!!!! Quick ship, great price A+++++

Perfect 5-Star Seller! AMAZING Product!!! It really does work! Wow!!! Excellent!

I am so pleased with your product. I spent the day restoring several old designer pieces. They were in such bad shape that I was going to throw them away. After using your product, they look like new and have been given a second life. The last two pictures are examples of using "foil paint"

This stuff really works! Took it out as soon as I got it and tried it! WOW!!!!Thanks so much for offering your product on .

WOW, this stuff is amazing-just love it. A+++++

It Really, Really, Really Works!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it, love it, love it!!! Works awesome, Fast shipping as well!


There are many more, and you can check my response if you are curious. For refills on the mixing medium please see item 251466157454

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thanks!

I will gladly combine shippingfor sales wonwithin a reasonable period of time. If the time period isextended, I will make arrangements upon request. Payment is expected within three days after closing unless you contact me - Iam very flexible.


Whatever the reason, if you are not satisfied with your purchase - I will refund your entire payment including shipping AND unlike most sellers, I will pay your return shipping costs also. No questions, no fine print, no conditions, no silly rules. If you are not happy, I am not happy and youdon't lose a nickel! Thanks for looking!

Be sure to check out my other sales for vintage rhinestone jewelry and other unusual vintage pieces.Necklaces, ChokersBracelets Brooches etc. I sometimes list vintage lots or repair lots and Ipost new listings at leastonce a week depending on my inventory.Thank you for looking!

Iwill ship internationally to those with good response ratings. Usually the rate is the same for the US, especially for the small packages of rhinestones or individual pieces of vintage jewelry. The rate will be adjusted slightly or accordingly for large lots, high cost countriesor heavy items.But normally, for the kits the shipping is the same for the US. If you have any questions regarding shipping please email me. Thanks!

Save Money Combo Gt & St Replating Kit Combo

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