Scott No 218 Early Us Stamp Used Fault Free Crisp Cat $ 240.00

Scott No 218 Early Us Stamp Used  Fault Free Crisp Cat $ 240.00

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Scott No 218 Early Us Stamp Used Fault Free Crisp Cat $ 240.00:

American BankNote Co. Issue of 1887-88

Scott No. 218

2008 Scott Cat. Used $260.00, PSE Cat Spring 2011 Grade 80 Used $210.00

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CONDITION: Used, Fault Free Crisp Paper Very Well Centeed


CONDITION: Determined using a 5x hand magnifying glass, held up to a bright light source, any and all faults determined are mentioned. Minor faults, such as a worn perf or slight discoloration may not be, but a pulled perf below the hole will be mentioned as a major fault. Centering and perfs best determined by photos. Hinge remnants may or may not be mentioned, generally best seen from the photo anyway.

PHOTOS: Photos taken indoors under sunlight type artificial lighting. This often produces a light yellowish color tinge that may look like stamp yellowing or discoloration. If you have a question about a stamp, please email me. Rarely, I may INCREASE the contrast of an additional image to ensure the viewer can see a grill, or to accent a fault, but there is no alteration of photos taken for sharpness, color, etc.

IDENTIFICATION: Stamps are identified first by major features including image, perforations, grill and grill size, secret marks, and watermarks. In a few circumstances, secondary identifiers are required, including paper type and color. All stamps are guaranteed with full money back on all purchases.

SHIPPING: Shipping is FREE by USPS First Class Mail to the US and Canada. Items shipped well protected in glassine envelope with card and plastic. If you want tracking number or insurance you will be charged actual postal cost. International shipments also sent at actual cost.

PAYMENT: By Paypal Only.

RETURNS: ALL items have a 14 day full money back return policy. No questions asked, no reason needed. It can be hard to really gauge the quality of stamps from photos alone, so if an item does not meet your expectations, send it back.

QUESTIONS: Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. I always respond to questions within 24 hours. Dont wait till the last day however.

Scott No 218 Early Us Stamp Used Fault Free Crisp Cat $ 240.00:

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