Sea Glass ~ Antique White (paint?) Button ~ Intact Loop ~ Embossed Duck Or Quail

Sea Glass ~ Antique White (paint?) Button ~ Intact Loop ~ Embossed Duck Or Quail

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Sea Glass ~ Antique White (paint?) Button ~ Intact Loop ~ Embossed Duck Or Quail:

~~~~Welcome to DavenportSeaGlass ~~~~

Sea, Ocean, Beachand/or RiverGlass

* * *About This Piece * * *

This isa great piece. It is an antique glass button which we found on the bank of a river where a Shoddy Mill once stood. This site pre-dates the Civil War. Color of the glass is a pretty WHITE! Embossed on the front of it is a duck or quail or some other type of bird. Upon the face of the button appears to be blue and red(?) flecks. I cannot tell if these flecks are IN the glass or ON the glass. On the body of the bird, the flecks are blue. Where the feet are, the flecks are red. I can SUGGEST that the bird may have been hand painted at some point long ago and that it is now worn off. This is only a THOUGHT, not a FACT.The glass is semi~translucent. The button has a slight chip along the circumference, where the bird's feet are. The chip does not affect any part of the bird decoration. Thread loop is intact.Notice the size comparison to the penny. It measures roughly 1/2" diameter. Fine satin patina. Jewelry quality and an excellent size for a ladies brooch or pendant. Could also make a nice tie tack for the gents. There are no sharp areas. I have used nothing but natural sunlight & water to display this piece. This would surely be a great addition to any collection! As with ALL of my pieces,this is100% surf tumbled sea glass.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Over the years, we've founda bunchof sea glass whilevisitingmany differentwaterfronts around the world. The "boss" now says to get rid of it!

Some of it comes from the "Sea Glass Capitol of the World" -Davenport Beach, California.Up the hill from the beach is theLundberg Art Studio, where handmade glass has been manufactured since 1970. Due to heavy flooding in a storm thatoverflowed the San Vicente Creek, large bins of the ?end of day? glass stored behind the studio spilled downhill, washing through the creek and ending up in the ocean. These pieces of glass are what tumbled in the waves, becoming the much sought-after sea glass now considered the most rare and beautiful in the United States because of their colors and patterns. Some of our finds come from the New Jersey, Cape Cod& Gulfof Mexico coasts. Others were found in the Caribbean, or trips abroad. New Jersey, in the early days,was considered the "Glass manufacturing Capitol of the World",due to it's fine sandy features & excellent port locations. Furthermore, some of our finds come from rivers, bays or marshes.

Many lovely & beautiful colors, some hard to find, unusual and rare! Various shapes & sizes, no two are ever alike! Tumbled by thewater's currents & waves! This is truly, honest to goodness natural, "as found"sea glass!

~Below, aresomeTRUE FACTSof genuine Sea Glass~

*Sea Glass is really nothing more than bottles & tableware, etc. It could also be from shipwrecks, industrial, structural or household items lost in natural disasters, etc. Mostly it's any glass that people carelessly threw into the ocean some time ago,often up to 100+ years ago. It has tumbled in the surf for years and washed up onto the shore looking like a little gemstone.

*Quantities of some colors are severely limited. Colors such as orange, red, yellow, cobalt blue, purple, turquoise, black, and "Vaseline" are very rare and very desired. Orange and yellow are really the most rare, but red and cobalt are probably the most desired, due to their beauty when set in jewelry.

*Sea glass is often hydrated and may have a "frosty" or ?sugared? appearance to the surface. Hydration is a slow process where the lime and soda within the glass is leached out by the constant contact with water, leaving pitting on the surface of the glass. The soda and lime can combine with other elements to form tiny crystals in the surface of the glass. Many good pieces of sea glass will sparkle in the light. It is impossible to duplicate this process without actually allowing nature to take its course over many years. Sometimes it can take 50 to 100+ years. River glass, which is a sub-category of sea glass, will very often have a silky smooth surface with little, if any, of the "frosty" or "sugared"effect.

*Small "C" shaped patterns may emerge on the surface of the sea glass and small hairline cracks may develop in some pieces. This is natural and very desired. Like metals, rocks & minerals or wood; glass comes in different hardnesses too! Some glass will display these "C" shaped patterns more prominently than other glass. Generally, the "softer" the glass, the more "C" patterns. The "harder" the glass, the more resistant it is to these patterns, as it is more likely to break upon impact with another object like rocks or seashells. The Universal Mohs Hardness Scale for Common Objects is used for determining specific hardness.

*Natural tumbling is often uneven on rocky shores, where a piece of sea glass got stuck with a portion of it still exposed. Thisoccurrence frequently producespieces that are a triangular shape, and yet in some areas such as sandy beaches, the tumbling may be very even making them well rounded and nearly uniform in shape.

*Sea glass may frequently be composed of identifiable bottle necks, bottle bottoms, lettering and other unusual shapes or distinguishing features such as mug handles, trademarked shapes, etc.

* "End of Day" glass refers to any items made by the glassworker in their own time at the end of the day, using up the remaining molten glass in the pots. It tended to be a mixture of all sorts of colors. Sometimes these were "fun" items, like walking sticks or animals, etc. Sometimes they were items for use around the glassmaker's own home. At other times, the remaining molten glass was just poured into a container or onto the ground and left to cool. As this could yield any variety of shape or size, they came to be called "Friggers".

*"Flashed" glass is a specialty glass of two or more layers. It usually consists of a thin layer of colored glass fused to clear glass. Glassmakers used this process because it was cheaper for them to fuse a thin layer of colored glass on clear glass, still giving the appearance of more costly & thicker colored glass. It was an illusion; a way to keep their costs down, while still charging full price to the buyer. Flashed glass was mainly used in the art trades. Ironically, today, flashed glass costs more to make because of the time & labor involved in the process!

*Genuine sea glass is NEVER cut, tumbled or processed in ANY way! The true "artist" in making genuine sea glass willonly & always beMother Nature...

This itemis NOT recommended for young children, as it poses a choking hazard, may break and may have sharp edges. Common sense is STRONGLY encouraged!

As always, my items are from a smoke free home.

We also pride ourselves on"GOING GREEN"by using recycled packing materials whenever possible! Just trying to do our part in keeping Mother Earth alive a little longer!

* * * * *BONUS!* * * * *

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Sea Glass ~ Antique White (paint?) Button ~ Intact Loop ~ Embossed Duck Or Quail:

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