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Seiko Super Oyster 22mm Bracelet Strap Band Skx007 7s26 For Sale

Seiko Super Oyster 22mm Bracelet Strap Band Skx007 7s26

*** CONGRATULATIONS !!! - you finally found this sale item ---> the infamous popular Seiko SUPER OYSTER (TYPE llc) BRACELET with SOLID END LINKS !!!

*** Discussed and Reviewed on various watch forum sites and popular with SEIKO enthusiasts / collectors - '... best quality / value watch bracelet on the market today for SKX007 !'

*** LIMITED QUANTITIES - read details below and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


wjean28 (SeikoNut and Professional DESK diver)

BRAND NEW - Seiko SUPER OYSTER 22mm BRACELET ( TYPE IIa ) with custom SOLID END LINKS (SEL) for SEIKO 200m diver – SKX007 / 7S26 modern diver variant (see listing below to see if this bracelet fits your watch)

Key Highlights

SPECIAL NOTE - this sale INCLUDES SEL bracelet with 3-hole SPORT CLASP upgrade and tapers from 22mm to 18mm at CLASP For longer 4 hole clasp, add style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt 72pt; line-height: 27pt; text-indent: -18pt; mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; mso-list: l2 level2 lfo3; mso-outline-level: 1; mso-add-space: auto;" Inferior bracelets and even the OEM bracelet does not have the side push buttons which are often found on mid and high level watches

Note: this sale (TYPE llc) includes the 18mm SPORT CLASP (i.e. bracelet tapers from 22mm at ends to 18mm at the centre (CLASP area)).

Previously only available on the internet watch forums for SEIKO enthusiasts, now finally available here on for all to enjoy !!!

“…best bracelet available for you SEIKO 200m divers (i.e. SKX007…) period !”

*** EXCLUSIVE OFFERING – not available anywhere else !!! ( LIMITED QUANTITIES), There are inferior bracelets, this is the original !!! ***

· Upgrade your classic Seiko 200m diver with a NEW solid quality 316L stainless steel oyster bracelet

· Replace your old / used Z-22 / GL-831 rubber strap / leather / metal band

· Add a sophisticated look to your Seiko diver (for a fraction of the price of a new watch !). I get more comments on my SEIKO divers watches with bracelets then my Rolex Submariner !!!

· Accessorize your watch (and yourself) - rubber strap is for weekends, bracelet is for the office / social events

BONUS - includes TWO SEIKO fat / heavy duty spring bars ($8 VALUE FREE !!!) - (spring bar size: 24mm x 2.50mm x 1.1mm) to fit your 22mm professional divers watch

TIP – check and replace your spring bars every few years as even SEIKO OEM stainless steel spring bars are known to show wear and rust with time and use. Salt and water causes the spring bars to rust and seize and makes it difficult for maintenance / strap removal !!!

Spring bar and screwdriver also available here:

Reviews by the SEIKO collectors / enthusiasts:

Seiko Super Oyster Bracelet Review (By Ross On September 4, 2011


Are you looking for a high quality oyster bracelet for your favorite Seiko diver? You have come to the right place. This review covers William Jean’s super oyster bracelet. This bracelet is clearly marketed to a Seiko audience, but can be ordered with a straight end piece and then would fit most other watches.


The pictured bracelet is 22mm at the ends, tapering to 20mm at the clasp. William Jean also offers this bracelet is 20mm with no taper, and 18mm. He also offers a 22mm size that tapers to 18mm. I highly recommend either the 22mm tapering to 20mm or the 20mm no taper versions. The links are 3.30mm thick.

Fit and Finish

The materials are clearly superior to other after-market bracelets of this type. The bracelet is brushed everywhere except the sides. It uses screws to secure the removable links. The screws are very smooth and none were stripped and they held up very well to resizing and stress. The clasp is a Seiko clasp copy that feels as smooth if not smoother than the OEM Seiko clasp. William Jean offers the clasp in 2 or 4 hole micro-adjust version. This version is the 4 hole microadjust version and is very easy to adjust. There is no diver’s extension. The clasp is a fold over push button with safety lock. The end links are solid, but cut so they fit the Seiko divers’ cases. William Jean can provide end links for most, if not all, of the Seiko divers.


Wow, this guy is comfortable! The micro adjust allows for a very precise fit. The links are standard oyster style, being a bit longer makes them less flexible overall, but this shouldn’t be an issue for most and is simply a style preference than a comfort concern. I highly recommend this bracelet. It is designed for comfort and quality and performs both perfectly.



*** Super Oyster bracelet (Type II) also available in 22mm STRAIGHT END configuration (which takes SEIKO fat / heavy spring bars). Great for your SEIKO PROSPEX tunas !!! – see other sale items

*** Warning - there are cheapo & inferior DIVERS bracelet options available for your SKX007, but buyer beware – do your research and don’t get stuck with a cheapo version and the nightmare of cheapo / inferior bracelets, bent spring bars, broken bracelets and dropped watches. Don’t put your classic SEIKO 200m cushion on a cheapo bracelet – do your homework ***

Research and Development - NEW improved Super Oyster ( Type II ) was researched and developed (R&D) by Watch savants (WIS) / Seiko watch fans & enthusiasts from all over the world. We all wanted a quality bracelet option for our classic SEIKO 200m divers and the SEIKO Super Oyster (Type II) is the combination of R&D and response from many SEIKO enthusiasts around the world.

Note: SEIKO company finally took notice of the demand for a stainless steel bracelet option for their divers. They released its new SEIKO Tuna Prospex diver (SBBN015) in 2009 for the first time (+30 years) with a metal stainless steel bracelet. Seiko enthusiasts have been enjoying this look of Tuna with stainless steel bracelet for years.

New SEIKO Tuna bracelets alone sells for +$325 USD (for BRACELET ONLY)


sale - PACKAGE INCLUDES the following:

· sale is for one SEIKO Super Oyster BRACELET (Type IIa) ONLY, includes 4-hole SPORT CLASP (20mm)

· Seiko watch is NOT INCLUDED

· Bracelet includes one pair of SOLID END LINKS (SEL) for SKX007 (7s26 modern divers)

· Package includes 2 x NEW fat spring bars (24mm x 2.50mm x 1.1mm) ($8 VALUE!!!)

*** Solid End Links (SEL): modeled to fit the new SEIKO 200m 7s26 modern divers - specifically using the 7s26-0020 / 7s26-0029 movement and case – SOLID END LINKS fit with NO MODDING / DREMELING / FILING required!!! (end links fit right in, easy to install – plug and play)

7s26 modern SEIKO 200m Diver variants include:

· SKX007K and SKX007J (black insert)

· SKX009K and SKX009J (pepsi insert)

· SKX171

· SKX175

· SKX173

· SKX399K

· SKX401

· SKX011K and SKX011J (orange diver)

· SKXA61

· SKXA63

· SKXA35 (yellow diver)

· SKXA53 (bullet)

· SKXA55

Some other examples of Seiko watches which MAY fit the 22mm curved end link bracelet (however - modding / filing / dremeling WILL be required – please, inquire if you have any questions):

· 7002-7000

· 7002-7001

· 7002-7009

· 7002-700A

· 7002-700J

· 7002-7020

· 7002-7039

· SKX403J SKX403 (7S26-0160)

· SKX403K (7S26-0160)

· SKX405 (7S26-0160)

· SKX021K SKX021 skx 021 (7S26-0050)

· SKX421 skx 421

· SKX423 skx 423

· SKX023K2 SKX023K SKX023 7S26-0050

· SND255P1 7T92-0CF0


· SKX007 SKX007K SKX007J


· Seiko 5 SNZF13 SNZF13J SNZF13K SNZF13J1 SNZF13J2










Example of the modified end links on my SEIKO 6309-7040 cushion case diver - see picture

- approx. 0.5 - 1.0 hr. with a dremel to modify the end links to fit. Skill level required is medium and just need a dremel tool

May fit other brands - 22mm lugs with curved heads (modification WILL be required – inquire within):

· Anonimo

· Bell & Ross

· Breitling

· Casio G-Shock

· Debaufre

· Favre-Leuba

· Fortis

· Glycine

· Hamilton


· Kobold

· Officine Panerai

· Omega

· Oris

· Rolex

· Seiko, Citizen & Orient

· Sinn

· Steinhart

· Suunto

· TAG Heuer

· Tissot

· Zenith

· Ball Watch Company


· Jorg Schauer & Stowa

· Korsbek

· Kremke Watch Co

· LACO by Lacher


· OCEAN7 & AirNautic

· Prometheus Watch Company

Other sale items:

· 20mm / 19mm - 6105 8110 / 6105 8119 bracelet - rare classic 150m diver

· 22mm curved SEL – SKX007 / SKX009 / SKX031 / SKX033 / 7002 / 7548 / SKXA35 / SKXA55…

· 22mm – straight end super oyster – Seiko 300m 600m Tuna 7549 / SBBN007

· 22mm – straight end super oyster (BLACK) – Seiko Tuna 1000m Darth Tuna SBBN011

· 20mm / 19mm straight end – 6217 / 6138 / 6139 UFO (20mm / 19mm) straight end bracelets

· SEIKO genuine 300m Marinemaster strap (20mm) modern waffle

· 20mm or 22mm MESH bracelets – black or silver finish (Seiko Tuna or Seiko Black / Orange


SHIPPING - Quick & Safe shipping from honest seller:

· Fast shipping, generally within 24 hours of payment

· Canada – 3 to 10 business days

· US / INTERNATIONAL – 5 to 20 business days

· Shipping in SEALED PACKAGE (i.e. no tampering)

· Shipping in SIMPLE / DISCRETE package using Canada Post / USPS / local Post (i.e. NO “ADDITIONAL COSTS” / HASSELS (i.e. from wife !))

*** NOTE: SHIPPING - no tracking information, but INCLUDES INSURANCE (no additional cost), so no risk / worries to the customer (GUARANTEED) !!! USPS tracking is $15 from Canada

· …OUR GOAL is to make each of our transaction - the safest / easiest and worry free transaction available !

*** LIMITED QUANTITIES *** - Good Luck!

Customer Comments

…I just got the bracelet and installed it on my watch: beautiful! Thanks! MS

…the bracelet received today and I already fixed on the watch, all perfect, thanks for all. Best regards TM

…I can't thank you enough! Your bracelet has turned my old Seiko diver into a wearable ADULT watch... finally, no more rubber straps. Wow, it fits so snugly on the case. I'm so glad I didn't end up buying the jubilee bracelet available from another seller on ; those solid links look so good with that case. What a great deal! It's been a pleasure doing business with you, and 5-Star Positive response has been left. Thank you very much, B

...Got it! And I love it! T

*** LIMITED TIME – SAVINGS / DISCOUNTS to fellow watch forum members (WIS) ***

WIS Discount available ! – (Click the – “Ask Seller a question” button and inquire for more details) Qualify for members of:

· Timezone



· Watchuseek

· GMT +9

· Risingsunwatches

· Oriental watch forum

· timefactors

· The Asian watch forum

· tz-uk

· orientalwatchsite

· rolexforums




· mwrforum

· thewatchboard

· timetechtalk

· chronocentric

· equationoftime

· watchnet


Additional options available:

· $ 5 - for ONE (1) additional oyster link and screw

· $ 4 - for additional pair of SEIKO spring bars (2 pieces), size 24mm x 2.50mm x 1.1mm, also available in 20mm

Multi purchase SAVINGS / DISCOUNTS available

· 2nd bracelet – upto 20% SAVINGS DISCOUNT !!!

· 3rd bracelet – upto 25% SAVINGS DISCOUNT !!!

Feel free to inquire to me directly if you have any questions



(Fellow WIS / watch enthusiast, er since Oct 1999, +10,000, 100% response)

Seiko Super Oyster 22mm Bracelet Strap Band Skx007 7s26

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Seiko Super Oyster 22mm Bracelet Strap Band Skx007 7s26:

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