Seth Thomas Sonora 4 Bell Original Westminster Chime Shelf Mantle Clock Runs Vgc

Seth Thomas Sonora 4 Bell Original Westminster Chime Shelf Mantle Clock Runs Vgc

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Seth Thomas Sonora 4 Bell Original Westminster Chime Shelf Mantle Clock Runs Vgc:

Seth Thomas Sonora 4 Bell Original Westminster Chime Shelf Mantle Clock Runs VGC


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Manufactured by

Seth Thomas Clock Company, Thomaston Conn. U.S.A.

Circa 1911

Seth Thomas Model:Chime Clock No. 1 Special

This clock is as shown in the Seth Thomas Tran Duy Ly Book

Original5 inch Seth Thomas etched convex silvered dialwith theSeth Thomas stampings on the dial. Dial is original and in untouched condition

Third winder located on the numeral three that powers the Sonora Chime unit, there isa brass shutoff lever on the right side of this clock for this unit

This clock is equipped with the Seth Thomas no 89 movement and the Seth Thomas no. 90 movement for the resonated bells

This clock also retains its original convex beveled glass and compression fit brass bezel to protect the dial.

The original darkrosewood adamantinecabinet is in very good condition there are no signs of abuse or neglect to this well built cabinet. Other than that it is amazing the clock's condition after 100 years. The clock case has that wet shine vibrant appearance as that is how these clocks looked when they left the factory. This one has 100 years of natural aging to it.

Brass Square feet

This clock measures 13 1/4 inches in height by 15 1/4inches in width at the base

The clocks movements are in very good operating condition

The movement is the famous 89 modelthis is aspring wound eight day movement thattrips the Sonora chime movement every fifteen minutes on the quarter hours to play a tune leading up to the hour where it plays the tune andcounts the hour on the deep toned resonated Seth Thomas bells they installed in these high quality clocks. Both movements have the Seth Thomas stampsand have been serviced. This clock will require someminor adjustment in the setting up of the clock as this is common and normal. The separate movement for the Sonora Chime is stamped "90"

The original Seth Thomas pendulum weight and Seth Thomas original chime clock key will also be sentas well

These are a highly sought after SethThomas clockbecause of the Sonora resonated bell strike and its Westminster chimealso

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Seth Thomas Sonora 4 Bell Original Westminster Chime Shelf Mantle Clock Runs Vgc:

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