Sheaffer Intrigue Fountain Pen#614 Silken Bark 14k Gold Medium Nib White Dot

Sheaffer Intrigue Fountain Pen#614 Silken Bark 14k Gold Medium Nib White Dot

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Sheaffer Intrigue Fountain Pen#614 Silken Bark 14k Gold Medium Nib White Dot :

Sheaffer Intrigue White Dot Fountain Pen

"Silken Bark"

You are offerding on a Sheaffer Intrigue Fountain Pen.

This sale is for a fountain pen with a sizemedium nib.

This fantastic writing instrument is, pristine, brand new, unfilled, un-dipped.

Comes with all the original Sheaffer packaging and paperwork. Included are 2 "Script" ink cartridges, a piston ink converter, for filling from an ink bottle, full instructions and a written Sheaffer lifetime warranty.

The decor of this breathtaking Intrigue features contrasting shades and textures of black and silver gray.Thecap is highly polished glossy black lacquer. The barrel is finished with a chain like pattern in matte black and gray A polished gloss black accent band continues the cap's gloss black onto the barrel, repeating and reinforcing the continuity of the cap'sbrilliant black finish.

The pattern used on the barrel is called "Silken Bark" and replicates the bark pattern found on a variety of the ornamental Mimosa Tree, famous because its leaves are "touch sensitive," one of only a very few plants that can initiate a rapid response. All of this is executed in fine lacquers on an underlying solid brass construction. The lacquer finish is applied using PVD technology. (Physical Vapor Deposition). The finish is not on the surface but rather is actually molecularly integrated into the surface. The pocket clip isfinishedin brilliantly polished stainless and carries Sheaffer's iconic White Dot logo.The nib is of solid 14K gold clad in pure palladium (A precious metal in the platinum metal group. The nib size medium and is a very smooth .

The Sheaffer Intrigue:

In 2000 Sheaffer Pen introduced a newly designed fountain pen called "Intrigue."

The earliest promotional copy asserted:

‘"SHEAFFER Intrigue - Born in fire"
"Once in a generation a design icon is born that inspires and intrigues."

"Born in Fire" and "Intrigue" may be closer to the truth than anyone cared to admit.

Sheaffer Pen was founded by Walter A. Sheaffer in 1912. The company's foundation in the back room of Walter's jewelry shop in Fort Madison Iowa was based on W.A. Sheaffer's patent for a revolutionary innovation, the lever operated filling mechanism. From this humble beginning, the W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company grew to become the world's leading pen manufacturer. When most of the other fountain pen manufacturers save Parker had relented and purchased rights to produce lever fillers themselves, Sheaffer innovated again and introduced a piston filling mechanism(1934) and then, a pneumatic filling system called "Touchdown"(1949) and then introduced the pinnacle of fountain pen filling mechanisms, the complex Snorkel filler(1952). Sheaffer was the first of the major pen producers to introduce celluloid plastic to replace hard rubber(1925).

At one time Sheaffer employed upwards of fifteen hundred skilled workers and was one of the earliest large companies to embrace employee profit sharing. The company encouraged employee suggestions and participation in improving operations.

When Craig Sheaffer, Walter's son and protege left the company to become Assistant Secretary of Commerce in the Eisenhower administration in 1953, Walter A. Sheaffer II took over the company reins. The company passed out of family control in 1966 when Sheaffer Pen became part of Textron Corporation and latter was merged with Eaton Paper, another Textron owned company.

Many great classic and innovative fountain pens continued to be produced. Imperial, Nostalgia, Connoisseur, and Targa

In 1997 Sheaffer Pen came under control of the Bic Corporation. We all know and associate Bic with disposable ball points, razors, lighters and other blister-card merchandise.

Walter A. Sheaffer is noted for saying: "We are not competing on price: We are competing on Quality." It is not surprising that this corporate "marriage" led to misunderstandings!

Under Bic, the reintroduced oversized "Balance 2" was discontinued, the "Legacy 2" was replaced with "Legacy Heritage", sans "Touchdown" filler system.

Early in the transition to the Bic merchandising style, Bic asked Sheaffer to design a pen that would appeal to: A young affluent market. Young executives and professionals. Those starting out, wanting to express themselves with a innovative high tech writing instrument that reflects the pace and direction of the future, and retained the substance and tradition of quality that Sheaffer represents.

In producing such a pen Sheaffer succeeded far beyond expectations. The innovation was there in abundance, as was the quality. But quality comes at a price and sadly the price was too high for the target market of their promotions. A misdirected advertising campaign failed to find a market for what is perhaps the highest quality, most innovative and misunderstood writing instruments of the new millennium. What could and should have been the vehicle that reintroduced the pleasures of the quality fountain pen to a new generation unfamiliar with them, instead was directed at an uninterested market that could not afford it.

The Intrigue production was discontinued in 2003. This great fountain penis so loaded with innovative and quality features, one can only be dismayed that it has died in fire before it was truly born.

The Intrigue was born in the fire of Sheaffer’s demise. Bicpermanently closedthe Fort Madison factory in May of 2006 and operations were moved overseas. The Sheaffer name will remain but the roots of its foundation are to be severed.

If ever a pen was destined to become a classic collectible this is it. Its production run was short and its quality high. This is the combination that makes a collectible.

Here are just some of quality features you'll find onthis Sheaffer Intrigue fountain pen:

  • 14K solid gold palladium clad inlaid nib. The 14K gold inlaid nib was introduced on the legendary "Pen For Men" in 1959. On the Intrigue this design has been given enhanced flexibility to suit any writing style. The decision to use 14K rather than 18K gold for the nib was made to take advantage of 14K gold's superior performance in providing the essential nib qualities of flexibility and strength. All the great classic pens of the "Golden Age" were equipped with 14K nibs.

  • A brand new patented filling system that provides the choice of using disposable Sheaffer Script cartridges or a piston converter. Either cartridge or converter are simply installed into a integrated sliding holder tray. When the converter is installed, the pen is easily filled usingthe actuator knob at the rear of the barrel. Far easier to operate than to describe, I assure you. The pen is filled without any need to remove the barrel. There are no removed parts that can be lost!

  • Finishes are applied to an underlying construction of solid brass. Precious metals and fine lacquers are utilized to enhance the high tech appearance of each unique design. Stainless steel and chromium plating are utilized to assure durability.

  • Physical Vapor Deposition "PVD" technology provides for the technical reality and superb quality of the high-tech appearance.

  • Overall length, both capped and posted is a nearly identical 5.5 inches. This is the result of the precision fit of the cap on either end of this pen. The pen feels exceptionally balanced whether you prefer to mount the cap or set it aside. Its equally well balanced appearance is especially pleasing to the eye due to a well executed combination of a symmetrical profile and asymmetrical decor.

  • All metal barrel and cap assures the impression of substance is fulfilled. This pen fills the hand comfortably. Its weight is appropriately moderate for prolonged writing comfort.

  • The Sheaffer white dot logo is mounted on the extremely sturdy pocket clip to assure a lifetime warranty is yours. I am an authorized Sheaffer dealer and the written warranty included with each pen is valid.

  • Each pen comes with a complete and comprehensive instruction guide. No other pen made anywhere in the world has utilized the universal piston converter as an integrated component of its filling system as Sheaffer has done with the Intrigue. These instructions make using this remarkable filling system a snap. Be sure to review these, as the Intrigues filling system is truly unique and the instructions are well written and useful.

  • A hard plastic case, with stylish gull wing lid, removable velveteen tray, piston type ink converter and two Script ink cartridges are included. All the protective plastic envelopes, foam insert and outer box are included. This pen is complete, brand new! Never filled, never dipped. Exactly as it left the factory.
  • This pen left the landmark Sheaffer factory in FortMadison Iowa USA two years prior to the facilities 2006closing.
  • No Intrigue was ever produced outside the Fort Madison
  • NONEof BIC/ Sheaffer's current production models are produced in the USA. The last, the greatest and the most innovativeof Americanfountain pen companys, hashad its entireproduct line outsourced to China, Eastern Europe, SouthernEurope and where ever production costs can be minimized. Recently, (October 2014) BIC sold its interest in Sheaffer Pen to A.T. Cross. Cross has agreed to honor all Sheaffer warranties.

Here is the perfect opportunity to acquire one of the greatest unheralded fountain pen classics of all time, at a price commensurate with its obscurity. Whether you purchase one for its fine writing qualities or as a collectible investment, I am certain you will be pleased.

I want you to be satisfied with your new Sheaffer Intrigue. If you are not delighted, please return it un-filled, un-dipped, as received, for a full sale price refund.

*Please read the instruction the are included with your Intrigue!

The unique design of the Sheaffer Intrigues is unlike any other fountain pen. its filling mechanism allows the option of using a removable, replaceable ink converter without opening the barrel of the pen. A simple twist of the filling knob at the end of the barrel actuates the converter's internal piston. Because of the Intrigue's unique design some people quite familiar with other fountain pens have been confused as to the proper operation, care and maintenance of the Intrigue. Complete instructions are included with every Intrigue and it is strongly advised that these be read carefully before using your new pen. Once you're familiar with your new Intrigue's unique mechanism, a new world of writing pleasure awaits you.

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Sheaffer Intrigue Fountain Pen#614 Silken Bark 14k Gold Medium Nib White Dot :

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