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Shi Daredevil Honor Thy Mother (1997) #1 Vf For Sale

Shi Daredevil Honor Thy Mother (1997) #1 Vf

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Shi Daredevil Honor Thy Mother (1997) 1 VF
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Shi Daredevil Honor Thy Mother (1997) 1 VF

Publisher: Crusade/Marvel
Published: January 1997, Original Cover Price: $2.95

Continued from Daredevil Shi (1997) #1. The year's coolest crossover concludes as Daredevil squares off against the deadly and beautiful Shi. Little does he realize that Ana has been recruited by renegade ninja members of the infamous sect known as The Hand. By their dark ninja sorcery, they've given Shi more than enough occult power to destroy the Man Without Fear. It's a searing test of Faith and Spirit for Ana Ishikawa and Matt Murdock. Hanging in the balance is the fate of someone very near and dear to Ana--Detective Peter DeNyse, on trial for murder...with Murdock as the prosecutor! Written by William Tucci and Peter Gutierrez. Pencils and cover by William Tucci. Plus: a TCB flip-book preview by Tucci, Gary Cohn, Christopher Golden and Val Mayerik.

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Shi Daredevil Honor Thy Mother (1997) #1 Vf

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Shi Daredevil Honor Thy Mother (1997) #1 Vf:

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