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Sideshow Species "sil" Maquette Statue_13/750_hr Giger_aliens_predator_beautiful For Sale

Sideshow Species

SDCC 2009 Exclusive

Sideshow Collectibles

"SIL" Species Comiquette -  H. R. Giger

#013 of only 750 Pieces

Polystone Collectible Statue

This particular statue was safely on display  and appreciated behind glass in a curio cabinet. This collectible statue is now  Sold Out and Retired. Safely stored with care in a smoke-free home by an  adult collector. Item is damage free and includes original Art Box,  original Styrofoam packaging and original brown shipper. An additional shipping box will be used and I always package my  items carefully to ensure  safe travel.

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Stock Description

The Species Maquette is cast in high-quality polystone, and features all the fearsome details that went into designing the full-sized creature in the film, from the mind of legendary creature designer H. R. Giger. Each piece is hand-cast, hand-finished and hand-painted to exacting standards, then individually hand-numbered for authenticity. Crouched for attack and ready to spring into action, the Species Maquette is the perfect addition to any display. In 1974, an elite group of scientists leads the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), sending a transmission that outlines human DNA into the reaches of outer space. Years later, SETI gets an answer: an extraterrestrial DNA sequence and instructions for how to splice it with human DNA. The result is Sil, a female hybrid who looks like a normal human but is able to morph into her alien form - a biped creature with tentacles on her shoulders and back. Sil develops at an alarming rate, and her regenerative abilities, incredible strength and heightened intelligence are a threat to the SETI scientists. When Sil escapes the facility, a government team is assembled to track and destroy her before she can fulfill her desperate urge to mate with a human male. License:  Species Product Type:  Maquette Product Size:  12" H (304.8mm) x 14" W (355.6mm) x 15" D (381mm)* Box Size:  16.00" H (406.4mm) x 20.00" W (508mm) x 20.00" L (508mm)*

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I am a serious collector and treat all my items with  care. I also tried to take pictures to show exactly what you would be  buying. Some pics have the flash enabled and others don't in order to  best show what the item looks like.

I will combine shipping if the size of the  items allow it and do not exceed size restrictions or present any packaging  difficulties.

Domestic Shipping determined  based on buyer's location

International Shipping  - due to too many issue, no longer available

Check my response, trusted seller. I ship  quickly and securely.

See my other listings here

NOTE: Please please  please only offer if you are serious about winning and then paying for the item.  I am very wary and hesitant of ZERO response buyers and would block them  entirely if it was an available option. I have to pay listing fees as well  as final value fees when the item sells and it's incredibly rude and  disrespectful to offer on and win an item, and then never be heard from again.  It costs the seller wasted time and money. Please don't be a dick and only  offer if you plan on paying for the items.

I try my best to describe the  items I'm selling and take pictures to show what you'll be receiving. I  also package all items in another brown shipping box when possible and not  constrained by size restrictions. I  encourage you to check all my response as a seller. I'm a reasonable person who enjoys  collecting and will do my best to resolve any REASONABLE requests. I am  not a business and items are sold as is. I will always disclose any known  issues with the item being sold. I prefer to sell domestically (within the  US) because of problems I've had with international buyers and shipping  services. Fragile items (statues) will be insured, NO EXCEPTIONS, and paid  for buy the buyer. I use UPS or USPS Parcel depending on costs, and may  upgrade to USPS Priority at my discretion if cost difference is negligible.  If you have specific shipping requests, please make those known when making  payment.

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Sideshow Species

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Sideshow Species "sil" Maquette Statue_13/750_hr Giger_aliens_predator_beautiful:

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