Singer Model 66 Red Eye Antique Sewing Machine,stunning Show Piece,cherry Case

Singer Model 66 Red Eye Antique Sewing Machine,stunning Show Piece,cherry Case

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Singer Model 66 Red Eye Antique Sewing Machine,stunning Show Piece,cherry Case :

Singer 66 Red Eye– the perfectly engineered stunning show piece ! with Hand crank inside of beautiful refinished carrying case ,Serial # G66608646 , manufactured on January 2 1919 @ Singer's Elizabethport, New Jersey plant. The Classic sewing machine Singer Red Eye boasts swirly designs in vivid colors of red, green and gold.

The elaborate and colorful design with ability to sew very heavy fabrics, high arm clearance, worm gears, drop in bobbin, simplicity in treading ,quite yet powerful performance makes this machine a truly one of the most desirable collectors items . As per very well known expert Mr. Alex Askaroff ( “…The 66 arrive after nearly half of century of improvements and developments. It ran from 1900 till 1939 with almost no changes. The singer 66 was the first sewing machine that produced a near perfect stitch. When sewing well the 66 will out-sew nearly any modern machine through a huge variety of fabrics from linen to lace and a horse blankets . It is simply near perfect engineering but this came at the price. The 66 was one of the most expensive sewing machine on the market costing several months wages”.

The 1900 advertisement said about Singer “66” Model – “…built like a watch at the largest and best organized sewing machine factory in the world “. Yes, indeed, this Singer 66 Red Eye is rightfully making the claimto be a “Patek Philippe” of sewing machines from either mechanical, aesthetic or reliability prospective .This model became fondly known as The Red–Eye or Red Head for obvious reasons - “…The machine does look like it has exotic eyes. The beautiful decoration made it sought after by enthusiasts and collectors”.

It is my opinion that this beautifully decorated machine looks like a peacock tail which contains spectacular beauty because of the bright, iridescent colors and intricate eye patterns that has a high degree of brightness and precision . It contains an extremely high level of optimum design. According to a theory of sexual selection, the peacock's tail has gradually evolved because the peahens selects only beautiful males for mating. However, there is no satisfactory explanation of how the sexual selection cycle can start or why the peahens should prefer a beautiful features. But we are, the sewing machine collectors, sure prefer a beautiful features on the antique sewing machines we want purchase…This 94 years old beauty-of-the-sewing-machines is Highly collectible due to the very fine cosmetic conditions . I personally would like to relate to it in the Cognac terms - it is most definitely equal to XO Grande Champagne .So,what possibly could be better - "Patek Philippe" from reliability and engineering stand points and Grande Champagnefrom the amount of pleasure one would experience just to look at this machine !

The painted surface and decals are amazingly crisp and retained almost intact with only a few hardly noticeable at a first glance very minor blemishes . All chrome plated parts shines like a brand new ones.And in addition to all those vibrant colors and theunparalleledability to sew - you have a complete package of beautiful extremely well functioning machine, equally beautiful antique cherry carrying case and the set of rare back-clamp attachments.The machine has been taken apart , checked and serviced : all internal parts has been lubricated with grease , all moving machine parts has been oiled, stitch adjusted . Then machine has been tested to sew both thin and multiple layers of heavy fabrics by using slow and high speed . Machine now sews very well and guaranteed to be fully functional .Just look again on the pics #2 and # 3 - it sews 6 layers of denim or the thick leather belt .This machine comes with complete set of back clamp pressure bar attachments . Those attachments are indeed the collectors item by itself (routinely being sold on for $59-65 per set ) and unlike the common produced at later years short shank style that clamps from the side.

- 1 1919 Singer 66 Sewing Machine with RED EYE pattern
- 1 Hand crank ,attached to the machine

- 1 Carry-on cherry case with Singer emblem on the cover

-1 Base, cherry, with functioning latches ,hinges

-1 Key ( antique item) for the functioning lock

-1 side compartment with antique brass Singer pull.

- 1 Bobbin Case ,Singer # 45750 inside rotating hook ..
- 4(four) bobbins , Singer # 45785
-1 Presser foot # 45321

-1 Foot narrow hemmer raw edge .

-1 Rufflerattachment, Vintage Singer # 1261, for gathering and plaiting

-1 Quilting attachment ,Vintage Singer

-1 Binder, Multiple slotted , adjustable ,Singer # 160359

-1 Hemmer , adjustable , vintage Singer

-1 Tucker attachment , vintage Singer

-1 Cloth guide , vintage Singer

-1 Quilting plate, Vintage Singer

-3 Thumb screws , vintage Singer

-5 Needles , sizes 11-14

-2 felt pads , red

-1 Singer Tin oil can - the collectors item by itself

-1 Manual book for Singer 66 . Downloaded and printed

-1 Copies of advertisement literature from Smithsonian collections

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About Myself :I am aretired textile engineer andsewing & knitting machines has been one way or another a part of my job. My background in mechanical engineering combined with some nostalgia, passion to collect antique sewing machines ,plenty of time on my hands and desire to keep up with medical bills has made the great implication on my current activities – the antique sewing machine restoration.


In order to retain the authenticity of original time-honored design and those fine details which once embellished the antique sewing machines I am trying to avoid, unless it is really required due to the extremely bad condition, the repainting of machine metal parts , steel legs and treadles.Hereis the brief description ofmy process: If required, I am soaking all moving parts in WD-40 to get rid of that stubborn solidified whale oil,clean surface with Murphy’s oil soap,high speed polishchrome plated parts and apply a thin coat of a mixture of Boiled linseed oil & turpentine on the originally painted parts and re-assemble machine. Thegear driven machines are being properly cleaned, greased and oiled, the timing is being checked , bobbin case or shuttle are being taken apart, cleaned and oiled for smooth thread draw, stitch adjusted to be equal on both sides. If appropriate for that particular model/class, machine is being tested to sew at slow and fast speeds and in reverse on numerous layers of denim to assure it is sewing with ease. For machines with motor /light /foot pedal control the following steps are being taken to assure that machine is electrically safe to operate: the motor, pedal, light wires, are inspected for electrical safety and replaced (if necessary) from the coils to the connector.The foot pedals are being cleaned and adjusted for smooth speed control. The machines I offer for sale are electrically safe and fully guaranteed to sew very well. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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I will pack all items with a great care. I will appreciate your input prior the sale on how you want machine to be packed and I will try to satisfy your requirements . As the rule ,I will place the sewing machine’s head into the double-box and will use bubble wrap or rags inside the first box . If it would be a treadle or cabinet sewing machine , I will double-box machine’s head separately . I will disassemble cabinet / irons legs (if appropriate), then I will write the instruction with photo attachment of step-by-step assembly process to avoid any possible confusion during assembly . Or if it would be required, I could even crate the cabinet and will place and secure machine head in the double carton underneath. Please be aware thatONLY in that particular casesome reasonable handling charges would be added to cover the cost of a pallet and wooden boards . I want to assure you I will do everything possible in accordance with your requirements to make sure that your purchase would be safe along the way. I put a lot of effort , time and quality materials into cabinetry restoration process and it would be extremely upsetting to me if the finished piece would be broken during transportation ..

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Singer Model 66 Red Eye Antique Sewing Machine,stunning Show Piece,cherry Case :

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