Six (6) Guatemalan Worry Dolls In Box With Description For Sale

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Guatemalan Worry Dolls
Six (6) Dolls in Box
with Description

Please Note: Photo is a sample.
Individual patterns on boxes do vary/

According to legend, if you tell one worry to each doll before going to bed at night, and then place the dolls under your pillow, by morning, the dolls will have taken your worries away.

Each order includes six (6) Worry Dolls, one round box, and description/instructions. Each Worry Doll measures approximately 1 inch tall and comes packaged in ahand-decorated box that measures approximately1 & 3/4 inch wide by1 & 1/2 inch tall.

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Six (6) Guatemalan Worry Dolls In Box With Description

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Six (6) Guatemalan Worry Dolls In Box With Description: