Small Sand & Steel Pit Pendulum In Slate - Great Gift

Small Sand & Steel Pit Pendulum In Slate - Great Gift

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Small Sand & Steel Pit Pendulum In Slate - Great Gift:

Grand Illusions - SmallSlatePlatedSand Pit & Amazing Gift You'll Watch For Hours - Perfect For Decorating Tx Rooms, Waiting Areas, Desks& More

Grand Illusions - SmallPit & Pendulum In Slate TexturedPlateQuick Facts12" Tall
5.5" X 8" Base
4 Pounds
SlateTextured Plating
Sand Included
Moves Through 360 Degrees
Creates Thousands Of Patterns
Brand New

Detailed Summary

The conical pendulum, or a free swinging weight on a line anchored on a hook, has been studied for centuries. Watching its circular movements have brought greater understanding to the movements of the planets and the theory of gravity. A French physicist created a conical pendulum so large, once it was set in motion, it moved through 360 degrees of motion in 24 hours creating a timepiece accurate to within a few seconds per day.

Unlike normal pendulums, like you find in grandfather clocks, two external forces are operating on the pendulum: the downward action of gravity acts upon the mass of the pendulum, and the tension on the line between the mass and the anchor point. It is the interplay between these two forces that, primarily, describe the patterns in which the mass moves.

It's a beautiful dance, but it's difficult to see just how elegant and complex the movement is until you find a way to see the movement in context. By sharpening the mass to a point and having it describe its path through a shallow dish of sand, you can see the track the pendulum takes on its regular rhythmic cycle. Back and forth, to and fro, the pendulum swings into gorgeous elliptical loops and whorls. This slate Pit and Pendulum, while not as sinister as the version Poe wrote about, belongs on your desk, creating art out of science - beauty out of mathematics.

Weight ~4 Pounds
Color Slate
Dimensions Height 12", Base5.5" X Grand Illusions

Grand Illusions Designs manufactures and distributes high end decorative itemsthat are made out of resin, wood and slate. They are distributed world wide, and are used as ornaments for desks, credenzas, offices, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, spas, and more. They areknown for their craftmanship, attention to detail, and fair pricing. Their premier item, theconical Pit & Pendulum, has generated hours of enjoyment, and left people wondering how they workasamazing designsappear right before their eyes while watching the sand.It is truly mesmerizing, and unfortunately,Grand Illusions won't give away the Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Small Sand & Steel Pit Pendulum In Slate - Great Gift:

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