Soapstone Round Dome Incense Burner For Cones & Tea Light Candle Holder (jl606)

Soapstone Round Dome Incense Burner For Cones & Tea Light Candle Holder (jl606)

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Soapstone Round Dome Incense Burner For Cones & Tea Light Candle Holder (jl606):

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One Soapstone Incense Cone Burner
Tea Light Candle Holder

Size: 3" tall, 3" wide, 3" deep. Incense and candles not included.

You will receive one burner. Please choose a color from the drop-down list above.
Available in many shades of soapstone. Please choose a color from the drop-down menu above.

This beautiful carved stone burner is both an incense cone burner and a tea light candle holder. Carved from solid soapstone rock, this two piece burner is carved and decorated with intricate floral patterns and vines. To use, remove the round top dome and then set your lit incense cone or tea light candle onto the stone base. Place the round dome lid back over top the incense or candle, careful not to let the lid touch them, and enjoy as the incense smoke rises up through the carved lid or as the glow of the candle light radiates and illuminates. Caution: The dome lid gets hot during use. Soapstone makes for great burners because it is fire proof, sturdy, and easy to clean. To clean, wash gently with warm water and soap. Do not scrub, use the gentle side of the sponge. Soapstone is soft rock and may scratch if you scrub too hard. Please note, soapstone is unique natural rock, no two pieces will be exactly the same and the coloring may vary slightly from the picture. Because each piece is different from the next we were unable to photograph each and every piece, so we've done our best to group them into similar color categories and have described them a bit more below.

Light Soapstone: The light soapstone is close to an ivory-gray color with little or no additional shades of color mixed into the stone.

Gray Soapstone: The gray soapstone is mostly light gray in hue with tones of gray-purples and sometimes patches of roseswirled throughout the stone.

Rose Soapstone: The rose soapstone is our most diverse color. Rose soapstone tends to have warmer color combinations that may include shades of gray, ivory, purple, and/or orange swirled throughout the stone.

Purple Soapstone: The purple soapstone in mostly shades of light and dark purple mixed with shades of pink, gray or ivory tones.

Caution: Dome lid gets hot during use.

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What is Soapstone?

Soapstone is natural rock and cool to the touch and some consider it to be theraputic. Soapstone is unique, and often no two pieces are exactly alike, the color will vary slightly from item to item, and from the picture. Soapstone is created by nature, composed of talc, quartz and various minerals that has compressed over millions of years. Soapstone has many properties that make it desirable for carving, including its softness, which makes it easy to work with. Soapstone is also resistant to heat, making it a good choice for fireplaces, wood stoves, and cookware.

About Dhoop Cone Incense

Cone incense is pure incense shaped into a cone. There is no stick inside. Cone incense comes in formed in various sizes and degrees of shape, traditionally incense cones stand about one inch tall and the base of the cone is slightly smaller than the circumfrance of a dime. Incense cones require a different type of burner than incense sticks, the burner should be metal, soapstone, or wooden with a metal surface on which to place the cone. Be careful, incense cones get hot and they may heat up the incense burner as well. Always place your incense burners on a protected surface. View more Incense Cones >>

How to Light Cone Incense

Before you begin, be sure to have your incense cone burner ready and place it onto a protected surface. Make sure your table top is protected, the burner may heat up and damage the surface. To light your incense cone, hold the wide end of the cones in your hand or tongs, and use a lighter, match, or candle to light the tip of the incenes cone. Let the fire burn for about 10-15 seconds, then blow out, or fan until the flame goes out. The tip of the cone should burn red hot, but should not have a flame. View Incense Burners >>

Like all the other incense, the cone should begin to smolder, letting out a fragrant smoke. The cone MUST smolder, or you will only get a charcoal/fire type of fragrance. This is the main reason people complain that the incense smells bad, or only burns for 3 minutes, because they allow the incense to burn rather than smolder! If you let your dhoop incense smolder, your incense will probably burn like this for about 30 minutes. This will depend on the type of dhoop incense and the size.

Set the lit incense cone, wide side down, onto your cone burner. Make sure the area is clear of all materials that may catch fire. Allow the fragrant smoke to rise and relax you. Allow the incense to burn completely out in the burner. If you wish to exhaust the incense early, either tap or press the tip of the cone into the fireproof area of the burner until the glowing tip has broken off or gone our, or you can extinguish the incense by running under water. Make sure the incense is absolutely cold and exhausted before discarding it.

Fire Safety

Incense burns slowly, so it is easy to forget that it is still a live flame that must be treated with care and respect. It is important to always be conscious of where your incense is and what it might come in contact with.

Always make sure that no part of burning incense comes in touch with wood or other flammable materials. Never burn incense with anything directly above it, as the rising smoke can cause discolorations and possibly fire. Incense burners themselves can also get very hot, so be careful not to place them on wooden surfaces or to touch metal burners after you have been burning incense in them.

Never leave burning incense unattended. As with candles, don't leave the house while incense is still burning - if you need to put a piece of incense out, turn it upside down and bury the flame in sand or ash. This will allow you to continue using the incense in the future.

In general, always keep in mind that when you are burning incense you are working with fire, which is both a beautiful gift and a potentially hazardous force that must be treated with care and respect. Always be conscious of your incense, both as a wonderful scent and a smoldering flame. And be sure to keep in mind what type of incense is appropriate for what type of burner and where these burners can be placed for maximum safety. If used with a little bit of care and respect, incense is very safe and a wonderful tool for daily use!

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Soapstone Round Dome Incense Burner For Cones & Tea Light Candle Holder (jl606):

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