Sodastream Soda-club Co2 Internal Paintball Tank Adapter

Sodastream Soda-club Co2 Internal Paintball Tank Adapter

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Sodastream Soda-club Co2 Internal Paintball Tank Adapter:


For Sale is our CO2Doctor brand FreedomOne-PBI Adapter. Our adapter, when combined with a standard commercially available Paintball Tanks or our very own Beverage Grade Tanks, can eliminate the need for booby-trapped proprietary Sodastream ALCO2JET CO2 Tanks or expensive Sodastream CO2 refills. Paintball Tanks are easily and inexpensively refilled at most Sporting Goods stores for less than $5 on average.

BEWARE of other copycat imitators from Czechoslovakia offering cheap aluminum unfinished knock-offs or others claiming to be the "original". Our ONLY business is Soda Machine products and have been on since 2007 serving the Soda Machine market. If you are not happy with your purchase from Czechoslovakia, it is going to cost you more to ship it back than the cost of the scrap metal is worth. Don't be fooled.

Works with ALL Sodastream Soda Machines and allows normal operation without any permanent changes.

Paintball tank size you can use will vary depending on the soda machine model.

  • Machines that utilize ONLY the 14.5oz Sodastream tanks will accept only a 9oz or 12oz Paintball Tank.
  • Machines that use the Sodastream 33oz tanks can use any size Paintball aluminum CO2 tank from 9oz up to 24oz.

Included in this sale is ONE CNC Machined Solid Brass Paintball Tank adapter, ONE Allen Wrench L-Key to adjust center pin if needed. Our FreedomOne-PBI Adapter comes with a LIFETIME Warranty* and 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee*.

  • LIFETIME Warranty*
  • Money-Back Guarantee**
  • Adjustable to fit all Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tanks
  • Includes Allen Wrench Hex Key for adjustment
  • CNC Machined Quality Construction
  • No Seals to Leak or Fail
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • No Parts to Wear Out or Fail
  • 24/7 Online Support Forum & Technical Support

Easy to Install

You install the adapter on the Paintball Tank, adjust the center pin with the provided tool (some paintball tanks need a minor adjustment), screw-in the tank and adapter inside your Sodastream Soda Machine, either the Penguin; Pure; FountainJet; Edition1; Dynamo; Fizz; Revolution; Source; Crystal or Genesis, and start enjoying real inexpensive soda! Refilling your Paintball Tank can be done at most Sporting Goods or Paintball Stores at a fraction of the Sodastream price, usually around $4. With our solution there are NO licensing issues and YOU own the CO2 Tank to do as you please! Same safe, consumable CO2, but with the freedom of choice and freedom from the Sodastream Gas Monopoly. It's easy and safe as long as all Installation Instructions and common sense Safety Precautions are followed. This system will bring your per liter cost down to the true low prices you expected when purchasing your Soda Machine.

Warranty* Terms: Our FreedomOne-PBI comes with a LIFETIME Warranty. During the lifetime of the product by the original purchaser, the FreedomOne-PBI is warranted to be and remain free of defects. If at any time the product fails, you may return it to us for repair or replacement, our option. Product must be returned to us in its original unmodified condition for repair or replacement. Your only responsibility will be for paying of shipping/handling charges (both ways).Guarantee** Terms: If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you may return it to us within 14 days of purchase for a refund (you pay for return shipping). Upon receipt and inspection of the returned item, as long as the item is not damaged or modified in any way, you will receive a full refund (minus the original shipping charges). Before ANY refund is issued, you MUST agree to cancel the transaction through since we have to pay a commission and fee for the listing. If you do NOT cancel the transaction, no refund will be issued.

Other cost saving products for Soda Machines available on our site (google CO2Doctor), including systems for refilling as well as adding larger external tanks to your Soda Machine.

Past Customers have commented:

  • "Excellent product. Flawless. Worth every penny."
  • "Works like a charm! What a world of difference."
  • "Awesome seller. Product worked perfectly!"
  • "Great purchase, Sodastream is so much cheaper now!"
  • "Two words come to mind: Out-friggin standing!"
  • "Excellent product, great instructions, extremely easy to convert."
  • "You have solved a great problem for Soda Club equipment users."
  • "Fast Shipping! Perfect fit! I have already saved money!"
  • "Item Worked as Advertised on First Try!"
  • "Item as described, great seller! Highly recommended!"
  • "High quality. Quick delivery thanks!"


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Sodastream Soda-club Co2 Internal Paintball Tank Adapter:

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