Soft66lc4 With Case,software Defined Radio

Soft66lc4  With Case,software Defined Radio

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Soft66lc4 With Case,software Defined Radio:

YEN rate is going down now. This is new price at USD rate. Soft66LC4 is Software Defined Radio front end for HAM radio, BCL equipment.
PCB is assembled and tested. TAKACHI blank case is including.
It takes about one week to 10 days for ready shipping
  • AD9834 of AnalogDevice
  • 75MHz internal clock
  • 0.5MHz to 70MHz receiving range
  • easy control with PC via USB interface
  • Free source code written by VisualBasic.NET for XP and Vista
  • Full assembled and tested PCB
  • low cost
Soft66LC4 is almost same with Soft66ADD. PLEASE VISIT MY PAGE for details before offerding.
There is not a hole in case. You have to drill it by your hand.

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    sample wav file1 -> 2009.05.31 center frequency 21.2MHz 192kHz sampling

    sample wav file2 -> 2009.06.08 center frequency 7.1MHz 96kHz sampling


    1. install FTDI driver from here

    2. install newest NET Framework.
    3. install control soft from .

    4. Change PC locale to English. Soft66 control does not work another locales.
    5. Plug MINI USB cable with your PC.

    6. Plug stereo jack into sound card LINE IN.

    7. connect to antenna with SMA jack.

    8. Launch control soft first. select M(Soft66AD) or H(Soft66ADH*) button. Input frequency* which you want to receive and click Tune button. If you have new Soft66LC2, LED will be blinking, when the control soft is raunched.

    9. Raunch SDRadio or Rocky. Select soundcard and select LINE IN on recording mixer.You need to click start icon on Rocky and Winrad. also need Rx button on SDRadio. Please read instructions each software.

    *If you fails install, please check you have permission of administrator.

    *Please note for Europian users, This control soft use "." as decimal point.

    "," does not work on this soft. You need to change locale to English.

    *Look your PCB, Soft66ADI is written by FT245RL USB interface.

    Soft66ADD use same H mode on DDS34 control.

    Please note Soft66ADD users, Soft66ADD does not have BPF unit for over 30MHz.
    also turn trimmer for suitable position. If trimmer is placed wrong position, you can not get sensitivity or get much noise.

    Please look instruction for Soft66ADH(kit).

    Soft66ADD,Soft66LC must select H.

    BPF checked is NO BPF mode. No checked BPF is auto BPF mode.

    For Soft66LC2 users,

    LED indicater -> plug USB cable, green led is lighting. running DDS34 control , blinking red led every 1 sec. When you change frequency, red led is blinking. This is normal status. Your Soft66LC2 is working.

    DO NOT USE PRE AMP. Newer Soft66LC2 has ESD diode at top of antenna input.

    Soft66ADD Schematics

    Known problem(This problem is almost resolved at Soft66ADI.)

    Please note for DELL PC user. If your PC does not recongnize FTDI driver of Soft66AD,
    try pulling the USB plug and placing it. do it 2 to 4 times.
    If USB bus power is weak, it is not enough to charge capacitor of ripple filter.
    There are some noise of USB interface. 4MHz,8Mhz,12MHz,etc

    There is cross modulation same as direct conversion receivers.
    If tere is cross modulation, try to adjust RF gain by trimmer.

    • There is bad USB cable . If GND and outer shield does not connected of your USB cable, it ,must be changed.
    • Auto installed FTDI driver may not work. Please install by your hand.
    • Change sound input to LINE IN on your PC. set sound level to 1 or 2 from bottom.
    • Creative sound card must be controled from creative soft not sound mxer.
    • control soft is written for English locale. "," for decimal does not work. Please use ".".
    • Be careful SKYPE users, SKYPE change sound mixer setting forcely to mic input.
    • .NET Framework must be newre than 3.5.
    • Soft66AD is work by USB bus power. Not working on USB hub without bus power.
    • Some user can not receive only launch Rocky ,Winrad,SDRadio. You need to click start button.
    • If you get high noise floor,adjust trimmer on PCB for suitable RF gain.
    • Some ANTI VIRUS Soft delete DDS34 control soft.
    • 64bit OS is difficult to run Winrad, Rocky. also Vista.
    • If you just connect to antenna with center of SMA jack, it does not work. You need adjust impedance with balan or tunner.
    • If you use RF pre-amp, it may not work. Because Soft66LC2 has RF amp inside. It is too much gain for receiving.
    • If you use long wire antenna, you may receive mixed modulated signal. Please use antenna coupler or pre-selector.
    • If Soft66ad does not work, please e-mail me about details.

    How to question by e-mail. For answer your question, I need details of your setting. I can not help you with only "not work" .

    Please write about details of your condition.

    • Your OS and PC
    • Did you change PC setting to English locale? "," does not work as decimal point.
    • USB is recongnized or not. check with this tool from FTDI. LED is blinking or not on New Soft66LC2.
    • Sound card setting
    • using software, Winrad or Rocky

    Soft66lc4 With Case,software Defined Radio:

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