Sous Vide Magic Controller Free Worldwide Shipping

Sous Vide Magic Controller Free Worldwide Shipping

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Sous Vide Magic Controller Free Worldwide Shipping:

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4GEN Model (Note:First generation model SVM 1400A was introduced in December 2007)

SousVideMagic™ TM-1500D is the 4th generation temperature controller with dual display and 0.1 resolution/+- 0.1 accuracy/stability for high precision sous-vide cooking. It makes rice cookers, slow cookers/crockpot, and many other cookers instantly into constant temperature baths for professional sous vide cooking. It is magic!


This is the 4th generation of SousVideMagic series of temperature controlles with many improvements:

  • Dual 4-digit LED display to show bath and set temperature concurrently.
  • Improved temperature stability/accuracy to +- 0.1%
  • The power handling is 15A (110V to 240V). It matches the maximum current limit of the household 120V AC socket (NEMA 5-15R).
  • A high quality heavy aluminum extrusion chassis that gives you better ergonomics and more efficient bottom heat venting. The controller can run at maximum current for longer period (90 minutes).
  • Auto-tuning (also called self-tuning) function is available for sous-vide cooks who do not have to learn how to set the PID parameters when pairing with different cookers.
  • An output power limit function is available to control larger pot upto 35L can be used without having controller overheating.
  • Timer alarm buzzer is available for timer expiry, low temperature and high temperature alerts.
  • Two high temperature (200C) sensors included with 12 month replacement program.

SousVideMagic (SVM) is a PID temperature controller using precision fast response thermistor technology and is designed to control water bath temperature of commercial rice cookers to 0.2% accuracy (i.e., +- 0.1 degree Centegrade).To operate SVM, simply plug the power cord of your cooker to the socket of the SVM at the back, drop the sensor into the pot filled with water, close the lid, turn on the power of SVM controller and the cooker, and set the cooking temperature and timer. It will then control the temperature of the bath, so any vacuum-packed food pouches immersed in the water bath will be cooked to your exact desired core temperature and time.SVM unlike the other general purpose PID temperature controllers, is designed with you in mind, the demanding sous-vide practitioners. All the required electronics and machanical components are packaged in one compact enclosure for top performance, reliability, ease of use and safety.One important advantage of our thermistor sensor is its precision and stability of control. Thermistor sensors are at least 10 to 100 times more sensitive than RTD and thermocouple sensors. It can detect minute temperature changes and react with responsive actions. The result is much better precision control and stability on water temperature.Because of its unique immersion heating application, the SVM sensor is specially designed and built with high-tech materials (see note 1) for flexibility, high strength, high heat resistance, food safe and waterproof. The thin cable can be placed directly in the water bath with cooker's lids tightly closed. This allows optimal thermal heat distribution in a closed insulated vessel, just the ideal Environment for cooking high-quality sous-vide food products.Conventional thermocouple sensors with their usual brittle wiring and other inherent properties can not deliver the same performance. Likewise, RTD sensors because of the thin wiring requirement will add too much resistance for accurate performance.SousVideMagic works its real magic here: for $169.50 and if paired with an appropriate rice cooker (Note 2), you can cook professional quality sous-vide style dishes.

Note 1

The sensor cable of SVM uses multi-strand high strength alloy wires jacketed with FEP (aka Teflon) that is safe for food processing and durable for high temperature application. The sensor tip is sealed in stainless steel housing with proprietary medical grade epoxy sealant that is certified by USP class VI test.

Note 2

Not all rice cookers will work with SVM. Cookers with fuzzy logic, microcomputer control and electronic relay switches will not work with SVM. That's why we recommend commercial rice cookers which with their big water pots and bottom heating and simple cook/warm machanism will always give you consistent sous-vide cooking capability. SVM works well with most slow cookers and crockpots too, if they are the non-intelligent types.

Note 3

For international orders outside the North American continent, the input power cord is not included due to its weight and different plug requirements. SVM has standard IEC 320 C14 socket. Users can use a power cord (IEC 320 C13) that meets the local standard to power it. Please make sure the wire gauge can carry the maximum current required. In addition, an adaptor that can convert the output socket (NEMA 5-15R) to the socket of local standard is needed.


Input voltage: 110 to 240 VAC 50 /60 Hz; Transformer is never needed.Output voltage: Same as the input.Maximum Current: 15A.Controller Mode: PID, PI, PD or P. Auto tuning capability.Output switching device: Built-in optically isolated solid state relay with zero voltage crossing switching and power output reduction featureSensor tip dimensions: 3 mm dia. x 23 mm long (4 segment tapered design).Sensor cable length: 38 inches (1 m)Timer Range: 99.59 (hh:mm) with alarm. It can be turned off by userTemperature resolution: Dual 4-digit LED display in 0.1 °C or 0.1 °FTemperature display unit: Celsius or FahrenheitTemperature control range: +5 °C (°F) from room temperature to 100 °C (212 °F)Temperature accuracy: ±0.1°C (±2°F) 0.2% accuracy/stabilityDimension: 6.5 x 3 x 5.2 inch. (170 x 80 x 135 mm) W x H x D.Weight: 2.2 lb (1.0 kg) without power cord.CE Listed.

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